Tomb Raider achievement in Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light

Tomb Raider

Collect all relics, artifacts and weapons

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How to unlock the Tomb Raider achievement

  • ToddardToddard148,238
    30 Aug 2010 25 Aug 2010 30 Aug 2010
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    Here's a link to as complete of a guide that I can find, and includes embedded videos to get you through most of the tricky spots. Note: all credit goes to the author of that post, Tyger7.

    P.S. MysticWeirdo reports in the comments (and I can confirm) that you do not need to get the health or ammo upgrades for this achievement.

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    Impdaddyzer0+1 for providing the link. It made getting the items I didn't get on my initial playthrough much easier. Maybe I've just gotten used to deciphering terrible descriptions (directions?) over the years, but I didn't have any problems following his guide. I wish I could give Tyger7 a +1, because that's one hell of a guide. toast
    Posted by Impdaddyzer0 on 16 Mar 15 at 21:25
    Desi ShinobiCan you get this achievement in co-op?
    Posted by Desi Shinobi on 18 Jul 18 at 14:20
    count023So is this a particularly difficult achievement to do? Seems like the only hard parts are the speedruns and maybe a few score runs.
    Posted by count023 on 16 Dec 18 at 12:01
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  • L0k0hL0k0h411,109
    16 Jan 2014 16 Jan 2014 16 Jan 2014
    49 13 2
    Here I leave a video-guide with all the collectibles and challenges of this game. In the description below there is a timeline with every thing you can do or pick up by order of appearence. At the beggining of the video I speak in Spanish but it's just and introduction and I don't say anything relevant. Every thing in the video and in the timeline is marked in English as well as in Spanish.

    Here I leave a playlist of the game and you'll find also all the video below.

    If anyone make a negative vote please tell me why, so I can improve my future videos.
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    PunderstatementThanks for uploading these mate, they were really helpful for helping me find the last few things I was missing. Cheers.
    Posted by Punderstatement on 29 Jan 14 at 10:45
    GS13 ERGO PROXYThanks for the great guides L0k0h helped me get my last few trickey ones keep up the good work clap
    Posted by GS13 ERGO PROXY on 30 Jan 14 at 18:42
  • T0per HarleyT0per Harley740,843
    31 Jan 2014 01 Feb 2014
    30 1 3
    In addition to all video guides here, there is an easy way to fulfill for each level the target score.

    Just play the level and when you are hit, just presst start & quit. then press start & continue.

    You will go to the last checkpoint. The point is that the game will also remind the level of your
    extra bar.

    By doing this, you can mangae to keep the extra bar full for the entire level & earn bonus points for each kill.

    Getting the necessary score becomes then a piece of cake.

    Also, for the time attack challenges, doing this in coop is much more easier than doing this alone.
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    JeffGOMESnice tip clap
    Posted by JeffGOMES on 11 Oct 15 at 21:27
    T0per Harleythanks dude :D
    Posted by T0per Harley on 12 Oct 15 at 19:42
    HolyHalfDeadAnd as karlgschaefer points out, this tip also works for time trials, wiping out all the time up to the point you died.

    Both of these solutions took the frustration out of getting an achievement that I couldn’t get back in 2011.
    Posted by HolyHalfDead on 22 Feb 18 at 18:25
  • Plasma SKXPlasma SKX473,913
    22 Apr 2011 04 May 2011 24 Oct 2011
  • karlgschaeferkarlgschaefer376,097
    30 Apr 2015 29 Apr 2015 13 Jul 2015
    8 1 5
    A quick tip for speed runs: if you die, simply exit the game and then restart and continue. This will save you ~15 seconds over simply going on without reloading.

    zsoltee53 reports that this tip will also save you ~5,000-10,000 points during score challenges.
  • BlackTiboBlackTibo487,474
    18 Nov 2015 19 Nov 2015
    6 0 1
    Just to add a few tips on other solutions :

    The best way to be quick is to avoid enemies but sometimes you just can't. So, you have to be quick to kill them. Best weapons to achieve this are :
    - Rocket launcher : Use it to remove shields or kill later golem enemies (throwing lava balls) or against T-Rex.
    - Golden shotgun : Kill everything in max 2 shots.

    Rocket launcher is awarded during gameplay in the level Belly of the Beast and golden shotgun is awarded when you score 240 000 points in the level "Stronghold passage".

    So I suggest to do as I did :
    - Do a normal playthrough without worrying about scores and challenges. Just enjoy the game wink
    - When you have finished, redo the Stronghold passage, taking your time. Just do the 240 000 points. It's really easy if you take your time. I achieve this after killing the 3rd key keeper and I have been hit a lot in the process. It's easily doable smile
    - With these two weapons, you can redo every level twice : once for doing score and challenges and the last one to do the time trial challenge.

    I did like that except I didn't have the golden shotgun. Despite that, using chain gun or normal shotgun, I did every time trial with no need to retry. With golden shotgun it will be a piece of cake smile

    Having a relic resupplying ammo is a good idea. But it's not mandatory
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