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Something Very Special

View the fourth ending.

Something Very Special-0.2
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How to unlock the Something Very Special achievement

  • rastal66rastal66149,049
    12 May 2010 11 May 2010 21 Jun 2011
    24 0 0
    Ending D: First off, make a save on any playthrough before you destroy the Aerie if you havent collected eagle eggs to use if you haven't gotten the upgrade all weapons achievement and plan to get it- you cannot get eagle eggs anywhere besides the Aerie collection spot under the chief's house. (Update: the may 12th DLC has eagle eggs in the third section of it that I got 2 out of 3 runs through it. the DLC is basically like playing the game on mind altering drugs and fighting stuff way more brutal than anything in the main game. it's not very long, and I didn't know what to expect going into it, but now, even without it directly having any achievements, it was worth the money for the fun it provides. the different armor models you can choose are interesting and also change the rest of your party members armor, and also uh,.... turn all the red orb projectiles into emil's head. I'm not even kidding. i just dont know what to say about that.)
    Now then: the best way to go about triggering ending D is to make a separate save at the mailbox on the roof of the Lost Temple before you break the final seal on your way to get Ending C. This will save you an extra part II playthrough. Here's how to do it. Proceed to complete your run and get Ending C (do NOT choose the sacrifice option for ending C, and for ending C you need all weapons collected for the alternate execute option to be available- SEE THE ENDING C GUIDE below for further details- if you mess this up you could be SEVERELY screwed). Again, the execute option will only be available if you have all the weapons collected. Otherwise you only have the choice that leads to ending D which will wipe your data, so it's easier to do C first.

    If you are missing weapons, refer to the solution I wrote up for the "Weapons Collector" achievement here:
    NIERWeapons CollectorThe Weapons Collector achievement in NIER worth 66 pointsFind every weapon.

    After watching Ending C, *DO NOT SAVE OVER YOUR PRE-BOSS SAVE* that you made on the roof of the Lost Temple (don't save over your Aerie save either if you haven't backed it up yet and need it). Save to the other slot and exit back to the main menu at which point your ending C achievement will pop. Now, load up your pre-boss save and just run the last area again and choose the sacrifice option at the end to trigger ending D.

    Ending C procedure:
    NIERSecret AchievementThe Secret Achievement achievement in NIER worth 236 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement

    side note for the time trial for the boss involved in ending C and D:
    NIERThe Strongest BondThe The Strongest Bond achievement in NIER worth 75 pointsDefeat a certain boss within three and a half minutes.

    WARNING: CHOOSING THE OPTION FOR ENDING D WILL ERASE ALL YOUR SAVES!!! Dont have your back-up memory stick or whatever plugged in either, when you make the final decision, just to be safe. It makes a BIG point of wiping everything out- you'll see what I mean.

    Soo, unless you don't care about losing all your data, you need to back up your saves on a separate memory unit before watching ending D. If you back them up you'll be able to finish the harder grind achievements that you probably did not finish yet like Man of Means and Fully Upgrade all weapons. If you want to get 100% completion and haven't finished everything else, then you'll have to play the game all over again to tie up those loose ends if you didn't back your saves up.

    Further step by step Ending A,B,C, and D guide: (HIGHLY recommend you read this)
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  • Al SoureAl Soure297,128
    12 Jun 2010 30 Sep 2010 09 Oct 2010
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    On this solution, I'm not going to write about the details of the achievement, but mention about one issue most gamers will be worrying about, the deletion of save data. As widely known, choosing this ending will erase all your save data of Nier. Exactly speaking, the game deletes all save data of this game on the storage device you're currently using. So if you have another storage device, you don't have to worry much about the data.

    Here is how to get this achievement safely. For the sake of simplicity, I assume you are already able to see Ending C (collected all weapons). If not, please check some solution for that achievement.

    First, copy the save data AND system data to your alternate storage device. I recommend copying only the save data you need to that device, not all three data. By copying only one data, you can easily know in-game that you're surely using the alternate device.

    Then, start the game and select the alternate storage device at the title, load the save data and play through the end to make the final decision. If you are worried, plug off the storage device where your original data is.

    [Re-posted after The Site Crash.]
  • Misha LinGhanMisha LinGhan346,432
    27 Sep 2010 28 Sep 2010
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    After seeing ending B, collecting all weapons and beating the Shadowlord and the secret boss, you will be given a choice. The lower choice will net this achievement.

    ***WARNING*** This option will delete your game, every save. EVERYTHING ! If you don't have every other achievement at this time, you better copy your save to a memory card and just to be safe remove the card. Or you will regret it. Hugely.

    It pops after the credits. I wandered around the house for a bit and still caught the last half of the credits....

    **note** You could have played thru the game again after ending C but the easiest way to get this is to load up the save you made at the mailbox on top of the Lost Temple before going for ending C, whack everybody once again and choose the second option. Took me 17 or 18 minutes for the full run.
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