Financially Independent achievement in Greed Corp

Financially Independent

Win a match before the supporting funds go up (Skilled/Expert)

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How to unlock the Financially Independent achievement

  • Danny DreamsDanny Dreams90,050
    01 Dec 2010 01 Dec 2010
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    Create a custom match against one skilled opponent. Any of the maps will work, however, I like Pioneer's Peninsula. Whichever map you choose, you're going to want to go first. If the computer has the first turn, restart the match.

    The supporting funds can be found in the top left corner. They begin at "10", so if you see them go above that, restart. They increase as more tiles are destroyed. Therefore, building more than one or two harvesters is not advised.

    An infantry rush works well for this achievement. First turn, build an armory on the tile closest to the opponent. Advance your walkers towards the enemy's base. Each turn, build the maximum amount of walkers and continue to advance. Try to trap the enemy within their base. If they expand and start building harvesters, your chances of getting the achievement drop dramatically. Build a second armory when you're six tiles away from your initial armory and continue to buy walkers.

    If you need some quick funds to make the final push into your opponents base, you can build a harvester. Build it on the lowest tile you own, to minimize the damage it does. If you win before the supporting funds increase, the achievement is yours.

    Taken from Shelton's guide on

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    DROGTURISTThis tip worked great, thanks to Shelton and Danny for posting it!

    Just want to add that, basically, I found it easier to wait two turns to build my first armory, then I'd build more armories than I thought I needed to and just spammed the board with walkers. On top of that, it's a good idea to move 2-3 walkers out to each side of the "middle" to cut the opponent off. He often sneaks a couple through, ruins the "bridge" and starts building a second base. If he does, just start over and try again until he doesn't.

    When I got the achievement, I bumrushed him like a crazy and he didn't manage to sneak out of his opening part of the map at all and I won within like 10 rounds. That's how aggressive you want to be with pushing forward, building armories and recruiting walkers. :)

    (I only had two harvesters, btw. Both on strategic parts of the middle bit, none in my home base.)
    Posted by DROGTURIST on 18 Feb 12 at 21:01
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  • Removed Gamer
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    I find the method Outinthedark posted to be very good. great guide btw.

    I'd like to add one thing only, as I tried several times to place first Armory during the third round. with this method I never really stopped enemies to expand to both south and north side of the island. I only stopped the CPU either on the south or north part of the island making the game last too long and also impossible to finish befor the funds go up.

    the AI places his first Armory on his very first round thus making more and more walkers way before you, when you place your first Armory on he very 3rd round. so in order to take advantage of the initiative you have to place the Armory on the very first tile you conquer. that means placing the first Armory in the first round. due to this you are able to place every further round 5 additional walkers and thanks to them you can easily outmaneuver the enemy and stop him from going to far either souh or north the island.

    when you are clear that the AI cannot expand his lands build additional Armory on the closest +1 tile to the border and two Harvesters on both left and right side of the very central tile of the island. thanks to this you can raise money quickly to build a Carrier and destroy the border tiles preventing the AI before conquering additional lands and assuring you he is left with only 4 tiles and no cash to buy the Carrier.

    hopefully if his tile with Armory consists of less than 16 walkers and no walker on the adjacent tile(s) then just fly over to it with your 16 walkers and execute the rest of his army which should be a breeze. if you do this with right pace there is no way the funds go up before finishing the game.

    just remember do not possess by any means more than two Harvesters throughout the game and don't wander too much to either south or north side of the island as you simply will loose valuable time. just stick to the center of the island and prevent the enemy before expanding too far and you should be ok.
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    Gh9stI just wanted to add that if your harvester is going to knock out a load of tiles you can self destruct it to prevent it destroying too many. Both above guides seem good though, hopefully I'll get this later. =]
    Posted by Gh9st on 17 Sep 10 at 07:43
    Epsilon ThetaWho is this Outinthedark you are referring to?
    Posted by Epsilon Theta on 22 Jan 11 at 11:11
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