One at a Time achievement in Greed Corp

One at a Time

Win by fighting all enemies 1 at a time (4P, Skilled/Expert)

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How to unlock the One at a Time achievement

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    This achievement is fairly straightforward to unlock once you understand the requirements.

    On the official boards they clarified the achievement requirements somewhat in that you have to declare an attack on each opponent, the CPUs cannot kill each other without your intervention.

    KMetalmind and JORAX further clarified in the comments below that the CPUs must be eliminated by you. The CPU cannot be eliminated by suicide (such as his last harvester falling into the mist) or by other CPU players.

    You will need to set up a custom game, 4 players, using skilled or expert AI opponents. It may help to choose opponents all at the same difficulty, as that way they will react the same way making this achievement a little more controllable.

    For map, I chose Morana Base (which is the map that is used as the first map in the Empire Campaign). In it, each player starts out with a cannon which comes in quite handy for this achievement.

    On this map the CPU opponents will generally place harvesters such that they soon end up on islands with nothing but the cannon they started with and 2 or 3 additional territories. You should do the same. I carefully placed my harvesters so that I was left with 4 territories - eliminating the possibility of a 3 carrier invasion.

    What you want to be doing is building up a large supply of walkers and place at least one ammo into your cannon. The CPUs will eventually get into a 'cold war' of carriers. You will be a bit behind them because of your troop buildup as well as buying the ammo - that is okay. When possible you want to build up carriers as well.

    When you see that a CPU is likely to be eliminated - if he has only two territories left, for example - then use your cannon ammo to shoot the CPU who is likely to die. This will declare an attack on him per the achievement requirement. As long as you do not shoot or kill units from any other player before this declared opponent is eliminated, you are in the clear. Other players can attack this CPU but based on comments below it appears you have to be the player that eliminates the opponent.

    Given this, if you see an opening for a kill - go for it. In my game at one point I had two carriers and one cannon ammo. I shot the cannon at a CPU's lone cracked territory putting it in the mist, then I used my two carriers to take over his last two spots. For my trouble I received his two carriers letting me keep up the press on the remaining two players.

    Repeat this for the next opponent. When it is down to you and one other CPU, you can eliminate him however you choose.

    Note, you are allowed to defend yourself against enemy attacks however on this map, that means they have flown over to your land and will likely result in a loss without you being allowed to attack the invader.
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    KMetalmindI have done this twice now without earning the achievement. I think there´s another hidden requirement that I´m not meeting. I´m nearly sure each CPU must be killed, suicides dont count at all. If you declare war against a player but he ends up dying by his own harvester, the achievement won´t pop up.

    At least it´s the only thing I can think right now... I always attack just one CPU, until he´s dead, then, I start to attack the next. But for some reason, the achievement doesn´t pop up. I think in both matches one of the CPU died by his harvester, so I think that´s a requirement too. I´ll try to confirm this by actually obtaining the achievement...
    Posted by KMetalmind on 21 Mar 10 at 18:03
    KMetalmindI did exactly the same, but this time I was sure no CPU died by his harvesters, and unlocked at first try. Personally I killed each of them one by one, although I don´t think that´s required.
    Posted by KMetalmind on 22 Mar 10 at 17:04
    KabuKiArcadeUpdated the solution with your info, thanks Kmetalmind.
    Posted by KabuKiArcade on 23 Mar 10 at 00:44
    JORAXI followed this guide exactly and made sure no CPUs died via harvester/suicide, but the achievement did not pop. The first 2 CPUs were finished off by other CPUs, wondering if the player actually has to strike the killing blows?
    Posted by JORAX on 12 Apr 10 at 06:34
    JORAXTried again, same result (no achievement). Then I tried a 3rd time, this time making the conquering move myself each time for all 3 CPUs and it did unlock.
    Posted by JORAX on 12 Apr 10 at 08:03
    KabuKiArcadeThanks JORAX, clarified the solution again.
    Posted by KabuKiArcade on 12 Apr 10 at 14:59
    RaivinPoeYou might mention that it helps to be the first to move. If you are second, third or fourth the AI will take out an opponent before you get a chance to attack and take them out. If you are first it makes it easier. I got this achievement the first time I was the first move. I had tried 5 other times and the AI took out another AI when I was all set to do it.
    Posted by RaivinPoe on 28 Aug 11 at 07:46
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