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Deathsmiles Virtuoso in Deathsmiles

Deathsmiles Virtuoso1,061 (80)

Clear Deathsmiles Version 1.1 with all maps at Lv3! (No Continues, Ex Map included)

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Forward notes:
I first played Deathsmiles in summer 2011, earning the 46 "easier" achievements rather quickly. I gave up on the remaining four after a few weeks of frustration when I came to the conclusion that they were beyond my ability. After a couple of years away from the game, I started playing again to try to earn this achievement, and I practiced a couple of hours daily for a few weeks. As I'm sure you know, this achievement is extremely difficult, yet it is the easiest of the four truly hard achievements in the game.

I played as Windia and almost exclusively used trigger fire. In rare occasions, I would use lock-shot, and for Jitterbug's final phase I used both bumper and trigger fire. Note that I did not worry about score, so I largely did not use the correct attacks on enemies to maximize item drops. My goal was strictly survival for the achievement.

The path I used was Forest, Volcano, Lake Shore, Graveyard (half life powerup), Port Town (two half life powerups), and Swamp (bomb powerup). I found Forest and Volcano to be the hardest of the six stages, so I felt it was best to get them out of the way early.

Depending on how efficiently I powered up, I'd get the 2nd life extend anywhere between Graveyard and Swamp (in my achievement run I got it in Port Town). I think it would be awfully hard to make it all the way to the end of the game without hitting 1 billion points, though.

There's only so much help that I can offer through explanation. The only real way to get this achievement is to practice enough so you know how every enemy appears and behaves. You should be able to play through every part of the game consistently without taking damage (well, except maybe for Tyrannosatan- damage is pretty much inevitable here).

Level breakdown:
Forest: I powerup about halfway through at 1000 when spiders drop from the upper right. Then refill to 1000 and powerup when Whroon is almost dead.

Volcano: Still powered up at the start. I mostly powerup immediately throughout the level. Bavaria's 1st and 3rd bullet volleys are the tricky part- be sure to practice avoiding them. I powerup again as he is about to die.

Lake Shore: Easiest level, nothing really specific here. Powerup as needed. Mary is the easiest boss IMO. Try to be at 1000 by the end, powerup before Mary dies if you are.

Graveyard: First half of the level is pretty straightforward. Powerup immediately- you can get huge points during the first leg of the level. The big cyclops about halfway through drops a half life powerup. Try to time it so your powerup wears off shortly after destroying the house for an instant refill. Powerup again as this last leg gets tricky with the green beholder guys coming from both sides. Jordan is another easy boss.

Port Town: Nothing really specific here. Powerup constantly/as needed. Both big cyclops drop half life powerups. Deathscythe has three phases, with the first two being easy. Lock shot the first phase to add to item counter. The third phase can be tricky, but just take care to avoid the big scythes and bullets and he should die easily.

Swamp: Powerup as needed. Be sure to destroy the car near the end for a bomb powerup. Sakura is relatively easy, just be sure to destroy the ceramic pot things during her 2nd phase so you have room to maneuver.

Gorge: This was the hardest part of the game for me. The entire stage is absurdly dangerous and must be played with extreme care, as you really want three bombs for the end of this stage (you got a second in the swamp and a third from the mini-boss about 1/3 of the way through this stage).

For the first (upwards) leg, you want to time your powerups for when the red beholder guys come, ideally wearing off around when you kill them so their massive torrent of bullets is wiped out.

The next part is where you encounter the mini-boss. Just stay at ground level and powerup- you won't get hit by him or his bullets and he will die very fast. Powerup often during the 2nd half this horizontal part, as there are a lot of enemies and bullets.

The next part (moving down) is also very difficult. You MUST know where all of the enemies come from. You also MUST time your powerups properly so they wear off at ideal times (to wipe out dangerous bullet scenarios) and also to get back to 100 items immediately to powerup again immediately.

The last leg (when you reach bottom and start moving horizontally again) is by far the most dangerous part. I'd generally reach the spider room with about 200 items, and I'd start at the bottom in the middle, then powerup when the spiders appeared, moving all the way to the left, then up to the top of the room. Powerup would ideally wear off quickly to clear all the bullets. As the screen starts moving to the right, bullets will be everywhere. I'd use a bomb right around here, then carefully move along the bottom, powering up as soon as I could. Honestly, you need to get lucky with this part as it's just insane.

You really want two bombs for the twin dragons, using them both pretty much immediately (during the dual bullet volley phase), then hanging out on the bottom near the right and blasting the right-side dragon during the 2nd phase, praying that they die before you get hit.

The Castle is also very difficult. I found it safest to powerup at the start when the third Deathscythe appears. I always had 1000 items from the twin dragons, and being able to wipe away all bullets with reapers coming from both sides was very helpful. For the first leg of the stage, I'd generally powerup whenever I could, as reapers sometimes come from all sides and big blue eyebats spew out tons of bullets. The green dragons are also very dangerous- especially the third wave, so you absolutely must know where they come from and how many there are. I'd always save 1000 items for the third wave of green dragons and powerup around the third one to wipe out all their bullets (also, the cow will die almost immediately while powered up).

The remaining part of the stage (up to the ballroom) is somewhat straightforward. I'd pretty much powerup as often as I could. You need to know where enemies are coming from, as they constantly come from all directions. It gets a little crazy after the third big cyclops (big blue eyebats and their friends), but powering up constantly is the key.

The ballroom is pretty tame. Try to stay powered up so the dancer enemies don't hurt you if you accidentally touch them.

Jitterbug goes through two distinct phases. For his first phase, I just trigger fired in his direction, staying as far to the left as I could, and did my best to weave through his crazy bullet patterns. Towards the end of this phase, he makes a "humph!" sound and shoots out a huge volley of bullets that you have to be very precise to steer through.

His second phase is a complete joke when you know what to do. It's a repeated pattern of a screen full of bullets appearing, pulsing slightly outwards, then contracting towards you. You want to move to the top of the screen so your heart is aligned with your Bomb symbol. When the bullets pulse outward, you want to move straight down towards the bottom of the screen, which, if done correctly, will avoid all of the bullets. As you move past Jitterbug, shoot him with bumper fire, then with a brief trigger fire so your familiar hits him. Repeat this from bottom to top with each volley of bullets. It will take a few minutes of repetition to whittle away the rest of Jitterbug's health but is completely safe.

Tyrannosatan will then grab Jitterbug, and if you didn't use bombs (why would you?), a two life powerup will appear. If you have more than three life, let the cake float around so you can have more than five bombs for Tyrannosatan.

There's not much I can say about Tyrannosatan. I could very rarely beat him with fewer than four bombs. Depending on how many bombs you have, it's a tough balance of avoiding his bullets for as long as you can and not getting hit while you have a bomb. In my achievement run, I had full health at Jitterbug and got hit once, so I started Tyrannosatan with four life/bombs and the floating cake, so I was able to bomb immediately, then avoid damage with no worries, finally getting hit and grabbing the cake to return to full health with five bombs. This made killing him almost trivial.

FWIW, I don't even understand the other solution's pause trick or what it does. *shrug*

Good luck. You'll need it.
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