Stick Man Slaughter achievement in Darwinia+

Stick Man Slaughter

Kill 65,536 Enemy Multiwinians

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How to unlock the Stick Man Slaughter achievement

  • SnapDragonSnapDragon1,580,025
    11 Feb 2010 11 Feb 2010
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    Here's a good way to rack up kills with little effort.

    - Start a Single Player Game.
    - Choose the Rocket mode.
    - Choose the Stairway to Heaven 2-player map.
    - Go into Advanced Settings.
    - Set Crates to 0, Reinforcement time to 10, Reinforcement numbers to 100, max Armour to 1, max Turrets to 5, Turret spawn to 1.
    - Start the game. If you're on the left (looking at the island from outside), restart. You want to be on the right.
    - Click X on one of your guys right outside your portal to promote him to officer. Move to the CPU's portal and press X again, directing all your men there.
    - The CPU will ship one load of Multiwinians out by Armour, but don't worry about that. It can't win with just that group.
    - When your army has gained a little ground, create 5 Turrets (press RB to select a Turret, then press A to place it) directly in front of the CPU's portal area, as close as you can build them. Make sure your guys activate them.
    - Your army should be easily controlling the enemies coming through the portal every 10 seconds. The CPU will try to escape with his Armour, but your turrets should destroy it automatically.
    - Go do something else while the kills roll in, at about 100 every 10 seconds. :)

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    ThePootermobileJust want to throw out for anyone else trying this that while it does say "little effort" in the solution, it does require some effort (not NO effort). I found the best way to keep the computer from eventually winning (even on easy) is to put 3 turrents outside the opponents spawn, 1 very close to the opponent rocket (with 100 darwinians) and 1 in the path between the opponent spawn and the opp rocket to keep him from sending reinforcements. This way he will claim most of the energy on the map but won't be able to populate his rocket, keeping the game going as long as you want it to.

    When I was blindly putting all 5 turrents directly outside the opp spawn, he was eventually getting his rocket off anyway, after about 5 - 6k kills. With this method I see no end to this match in site (until i end it).
    Posted by ThePootermobile on 10 Apr 11 at 17:17
    KungFuMonk3yThis map/method worked great for me thanks, but it didn't matter which side I started on honestly. The point is to incircle the enemy and create a kill circle. I was able to not pay close attention to this, but I did have to come back and make sure to reestablish a turret if it blew up. The armour blowing up near your turret is like a bomb and 2 or 3 of them will kill a turret. If I didn't catch it then they would get an armor full of darwinians past my wall of death. I just sent a troop of guys up to wipe them out. Oh and I took over all of the solar panels and maxed out my ship. the effect this has, is instead of the enemy going for the solar arrays they target destroying your ship, so it makes it easy to ensure while your off doing something else you have a bit of extra time to recover should things go a little south.
    Posted by KungFuMonk3y on 18 Aug 11 at 20:06
    Vince989I don't know if this is due to a patch or whatnot, but when I tried rushing him, he would ALWAYS get a full armour out first, so that implies getting powered up and launching very quickly. What I had to do to "freeze" him up is set up a turret by his rocket, damaging it (un-fueling it) and killing armors and reinforcements. With 3 turrets around his base and 2 turrets by his rocket, he couldn't do a thing, and it was actually pretty damn hard letting him win!

    Thus, as soon as you have 1-2 turrets blocking him on the left, send 50-100 darwinians up top to prepare a sweet red carpet in front of his rocket. =)
    Posted by Vince989 on 11 Jul 12 at 18:45
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  • cnirvanacnirvana1,541,026
    20 May 2011 20 May 2011 21 May 2011
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    Here is an alternate solution as I had trouble setting up SnapDragon's effectively

    - From the Main menu select 'Multiwinia'
    - Select 'Single Player Game'
    - Select ' Rocket Race'
    - Select the Map 'Heart Of Chaos'
    - Change CPU to 'Easy' put pressing 'A' on each one twice.
    - Select 'Set Advanced Options'
    - Change the following Settings
    Crate Drop Period <0> (No Crates)
    Reinforcement Timer <10> (Spawns every 10 seconds)
    Reinforcement Count <100> (Spawns 100 Multiwinians every spawn cycle)
    Max Armour <1> (Every team will only have 1 Armour at a time, It will respawn if destroyed)
    Press 'B' to go Back and 'A' to Play


    - Promote a Multiwinian on the right of your portal to an Officer (Press 'X' on the Multiwinian) this will bring out a guide line. Direct the path directly in front of the enemy portal on the right (Move the line with the cursor and then press 'X' again to confirm waypoint)

    - Do the same on the left side of your portal to the enemy portal on the left (This should split your Multiwinians roughly 50/50 as they spawn)

    - As Multiwinians get attacked they retreat, if you get a group starting to form away from the enemy spawn portals promote another Officer and redirect as needed.

    - Once you get your Multiwinians directed press your 'RB' (Right Bumper) to select your Armour unit. This is effectively a nice little bomb you get every 10 seconds. Once selected it brings up a guide path. Press 'X' to set a way point where there is a nice cluster of enemies. After setting the waypoint, press 'RB' again to "prime" your bomb. Once your Armour unit is over the enemies, press 'Back' to destroy the Armour. When it explodes, it takes surrounding Enemies (and friendly if too close) Units with it. Very easy to rack up 100-250 kills per Armour unit.

    - The computer will finish the game fairly quickly (5-10 minutes) but you should be able to rack up 5,000-8,000 kills per game.

    - Remember, since you are playing a "custom" game, it will not track your kills on the leaderboard, but they do count.

    I would also recommend you go for the other Multiwinia achievements first as they will net you a few thousand kills towards your goal.
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    InfomouseBest guide I have found by FAR! Quick question, do the kills from the singleplayer missions count for the achievement as well?
    Posted by Infomouse on 19 Jan 12 at 18:19
    cnirvanaThank you. Sadly they do not. The game tracks the stats as two separate games (Darwinia+ & Multiwinia)
    Posted by cnirvana on 19 Jan 12 at 19:31
    SveinpusGreat solution, 10 years ago, but still works ;)
    Posted by Sveinpus on 24 May at 20:54
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