Crush GOODMAN achievement in NeoGeo Battle Coliseum


Defeat GOODMAN(Story Mode, Default Setting only).

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How to unlock the Crush GOODMAN achievement

  • st1zzast1zza208,473
    15 Jun 2010 15 Jun 2010
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    To have Goodman appear as the boss you must CONNECT with 6 D-Assaults (default QCF+RB) and you CANNOT continue. Once you reach the boss, you may continue all you like. If you have trouble defeating him, continue and choose to have 1/4 opponent life.

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    qManballinI'll have to agree with ClownTastic. I did like 9+ in 5 different fights but almost lost in the last bout so I didn't attempt to do a D-Assault in that one. I ended up facing with Neo-Dio again... sad. 2nd time through, was able to do 1 in EACH fight (only 6 total) and now facing Goodman. Give that a shot if anyone is having any issues getting to Goodman.
    Posted by qManballin on 23 Jul 17 at 23:43
    KashThePriestFor anyone struggling against Goodman, select Chonshu as a character, span projectiles, quarter circle forward and punch. Beat him first time like this
    Posted by KashThePriest on 24 Dec 18 at 13:42
    Legohead 1977Good solution, but the one D-Assaults comment per match needs to be added!
    Posted by Legohead 1977 on 07 Jan at 11:48
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  • TranierxTranierx489,186
    19 Mar 2018 19 Mar 2018
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    The Setup
    First off, you must be on default settings.
    Next select "Story Mode" from the menu and choose your characters.
    You will fight 6 matches with 12 random opponents. They don't repeat, but they include the characters you chose. During the 6 matches you must meet these criteria:
    1. Connect at least 6 D-Assaults (AKA Double Assaults)
    a. They are performed by doing Quarter-circle Forward + cn_RB (QCF is cn_down cn_downright cn_right is your opponent is on the right side and cn_downcn_downleftcn_left if they're on the left)
    2. You must not win by a timeout
    3. You must win with your team's average health above 50%

    Once you finish your sixth match, a cutscene will play depending on which boss you get.
    Goodman is a really cheap with his attacks. You will want to die the first time and then hit cn_start at the continue screen. It will then give you a list of debuffs to apply to your opponent. Select "1/4 Opponent Life" and Goodman will start will 1/4 of his health. You can continue as much as you'd like once you get to Goodman.

    My Experience
    Go to "Practice" from the menu and choose Yuki and Ai (the two in the top middle) and then two random fighters. I then went to "Command", "Edit", deleted (DEL) everything in there and then inputted D, FD, F, SP (D is down, and F is forward). Go to "END", "EXIT", and select "YES" when asked "COMMAND CHANGE?" Then change "EXIT GAME" to "YES" and press cn_A.

    Then select "Story Mode" and choose Yuki and Ai and always started with Yuki as the 1st Player. I would then spam cn_LT which would play the command we made. The move sends a projectile forwards. If the enemy got to close, I would try and chase then off with Quarter-circle Back (opposite of QCF) + cn_X or try landing a D-Assault. I would switch to Ai (QCB + cn_RB) to let Yuki regenerate health (red health can be regenerated) and then switched back.

    When I got to Goodman, I applied the 1/4 health debuff and then used Yuki's QCB + cn_Y to close the gap and then QCB + cn_X when I was close. When Yuki was low health, I would switch to Ai and then run up to Goodman and spam cn_right + cn_Y and cn_down + cn_Y until Ai had no health left. Then I would try Yuki's move until I died or succeeded.
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