A/D Assault Maniac achievement in NeoGeo Battle Coliseum

A/D Assault Maniac

Use all A/D Assault attacks(Story Mode, Default Setting only).

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How to unlock the A/D Assault Maniac achievement

  • Zenn PZenn P498,977
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    NeoGeo Battle ColiseumA/D Assault ManiacThe A/D Assault Maniac achievement in NeoGeo Battle Coliseum worth 91 pointsUse all A/D Assault attacks(Story Mode, Default Setting only).

    For this achievement, you must execute and successfully connect with all 14 A/D Assaults moves in the game against the CPU in Story Mode (under default settings). A/D Assaults are team-based super moves that can only be done with specific Tag Team combinations and they each have their own unique inputs. You must perform the A/D Assault Move with each member of these teams, totaling up to 14 different Assaults moves for you to do. If the CPU blocks the move or if it misses, they will not count; make sure the A/D assault connects before moving to the next character! Also, this achievement does NOT need to be done in one sitting in order to unlock; you are free to work on it through numerous sessions.

    Listed below is every character (and team) with A/D Assaults for the entire game:

    1. Yuki & Ai
    2. Kyo & Iori
    3. Kaede & Moriya
    4. Terry & Rock
    5. Haohmaru & Genjuro
    6. Mr.Karate & Robert
    7. Hanzo & Fuuma

    Unfortunately you cannot get this achievement in Practice or Versus Mode. However, if you go into Practice Mode, you can use the COMMAND feature from the pause menu to record the A/D Assault by assigning it to any button through computation. This is known as a macro; a single instruction that expands automatically into a set of instructions to perform a particular task. In this case, you're assigning a super move input to a particular button. Using these macros, this will allow you to perform the Assaults in Story Mode more easily simply by the touch of a button. This method is strongly recommended.

    Getting Started:
    1. From the main menu, select Practice Mode and choose the team that you need to perform the A/D Assault with. We will use Yuki and AI for an example.

    2. Once Practice starts be sure to press Start and set GAUGE to DA-MAX so that you don't have to keep getting your meter up to do moves.

    3. Now, Yuki's A/D is done like so:

    (Down, Down + cn_X, Down, Down + cn_A, Down, Down + cn_LB) then QCF, HCB + cn_X + cn_RB

    Throughout this solution, the prerequisites to do the A/D Assault will be displayed in (parenthesis). Make sure you wait a few seconds before inputting the move after doing the prerequisites for each A/D assault. If done correctly, Yuki and AI will form a heart and send a NeoGeo Superhero flying towards the screen who will then be playable for several seconds.

    4. Once you learn how to do that, hit pause and go to COMMAND. Then go to RECORD, this will send you back to Practice. Hit cn_back button once you're ready to perform the A/D Assault and it will record the full move for you once you perform it! If you mess it up simply hit Back button again until you pull it off. Once the move has been recorded(lasts 10 seconds) you will be back in the COMMAND settings. Go to CHECK and once you're back in Practice hit cn_LT to try out your "saved combo". Go to exit under COMMANDS and it will ask "Command Change?", choose yes and it will save that move to cn_LT.

    5. Now you can exit and do it in Story Mode, provided that you get your meter up first of course. You'll be able to do an A/D assault once your meter is full and says, "D-Assault OK". You may need to wait a few seconds for the Auto Charge to fill up before doing one.

    cn_X- LP
    cn_A- LK
    cn_Y- SP
    cn_B- SK
    cn_RB- Change, Switch
    cn_RT- LP + LK
    cn_LB- Taunt
    cn_LT- Macro Command

    There are 14 total A/D Assaults equating to 2 per team. So be sure to switch and use the other team member's assault after doing one with the primary character. Just keep hitting up Practice and save that fighter's Assault to them and keep trying to hit it on the CPU in Story Mode until you connect with it. Afterwards win or lose on purpose and make sure it SAVES before hitting up Story again and getting the rest. If you have trouble hitting some of your Assaults on the CPU then lose the match and use the CPU LEVEL DOWN Continue Service feature to tone the difficulty down. This should make it easier to land the A/D Assault on the CPU without them attacking or jumping around. If you're having trouble understanding the video I have provided the inputs to all 14 A/D Assaults in the clickable spoiler below. Also, please see Chucklestyle's inputs in the comments below if you continue to struggle with landing these assault moves.

    Note: Inputs for these A/D Assaults can also be found in the Command List for each character under the Pause Menu.

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

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    CryptCoreI finally understood what Chuckstyle was referring to as far as the manually inputting the commands. I didn't realize that's what they were, haha. I was trying to pull off the moves myself, and I couldn't figure out why there were numbers involved in his move list. Thanks for the help! I achieved what I thought was going to be impossible for a fighting game newbie like myself. :)
    Posted by CryptCore on 31 May 18 at 02:50
    Legohead 1977The macros in the comments are what makes this possible!
    Posted by Legohead 1977 on 07 Jan 21 at 11:45
    Ixtab Lullaby@Chucklestyle Thanks a lot for the macros. That helped me soooooo much for some I struggled with.
    Posted by Ixtab Lullaby on 01 Jun 21 at 03:15
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  • LeechXBLLeechXBL379,255
    02 Jun 2021 02 Jun 2021 02 Jun 2021
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    This video explains everything you need to know for the achievment

    This for anyone doing these achievements in 2021. The first guide is way to complicated to do, so I linked a video of "VidGamiacUnlocked" guide. He tells you the commands to type in and how to execute all of the A/D Assault attacks.

    Credit to: "VidGamiacUnlocked" on youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKubVBCp1inOyl4-A8ue5lw
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    Clutch RinoThis video made this so much easier. Haohmaru & Genjuro were the most annoying ones to do
    Posted by Clutch Rino on 02 Feb at 08:57
  • NotAnother8obNotAnother8ob564,092
    19 May 2018 20 May 2018
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    If anyone is having any trouble pulling off Haohmaru and/or Genjyuro's A/D Assault attacks, try going to controls, select RT, and assign LP+LK+SP to it. Then edit the command to only do the 2nd half of their moves (DF, DF+LP+Change for Haohmaru, F, B, F+SP+Change for Genjyuro). Then when facing the CPU, build your meter to 3, stand far away enough so the rage won't hit them, press RT, then mash LT. It worked for me on the 1st try, after 30 or so attempts using the command for the entire move sequence. I hope this helps anyone stuck on these guy's moves!
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    Bk LuCKY ChaRMSGood tip took got haohmarus done on first try and genjyuros only took me 3
    Posted by Bk LuCKY ChaRMS on 21 May 18 at 11:23
    ViniBTNice tip! Made it easier for me. Thanks!
    Posted by ViniBT on 11 Aug 21 at 01:46
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