Devotindos Defiler achievement in Rocket Knight

Devotindos Defiler

Completed Arcade Mode on Hard in a Single Playthrough

Devotindos Defiler+1.3
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How to unlock the Devotindos Defiler achievement

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    In order to finish Arcade Mode on Hard, you'll need to start on Hard, and then use 3 "special techniques" on the bosses of world 1, 2, and 3. (Otherwise it will automatically drop you into Normal difficulty after the boss.) You'll hear a distinctive sound effect after doing the "special technique".

    World 1 boss (giant lumberjack machine): sometimes he'll toss sets of dynamite at you. You need to knock it back into his face. I recommend standing on the second platform and whirling with B.

    World 2 boss (wolf king): Pretty easy, you just need to knock the floor out from under him. Go up to the second floor and wait until he joins you. Then drop down on the side and hopefully he'll run over the floor block; destroy it as he's running over it.

    World 3 boss (Axel Gear): This boss is tough on Hard, and the "special technique" is hard too. Good luck. :) When he fires a little purple homing orb at you, you need to circle around so it ends up hitting him. Tricky! Thankfully, lives aren't a problem as long as you restart whenever you die.

    It's not hard at all to finish "in a single playthrough" and get this achievement, because you're still allowed to restart levels if you lose too many lives. (Aways, always restart if you die to a world boss!) Just don't ever exit to the menu. Expect the playthrough to take 3 hours or so, depending on how good you are.
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    Minots59Do you have to kill the bosses with each special technique or just hit them once?
    Posted by Minots59 on 14 May 10 at 14:03
    SnapDragonJust hit them once anytime during the fight.
    Posted by SnapDragon on 14 May 10 at 14:31
    Ellie MoooooI just want to ask, does the game let you know you have to do this 'Special Technique' on these three bosses otherwise you will go to Normal? Just unlocked the game after enjoying the demo so excuse my ignorance :)
    Posted by Ellie Mooooo on 16 May 10 at 10:56
    SnapDragonThe only place I've seen it mentioned is in one of the tips that appears while loading a level. It goes by really quickly. :)
    Posted by SnapDragon on 17 May 10 at 20:45
    MaskedMongrelI got this achievement even though I quit out and shut off the console twice.
    Posted by MaskedMongrel on 18 May 10 at 05:15
    ArenazombieI think the game tells you to use the special techniques, when you start a playthrough on hard. However it doesn't tell you what the techniques are
    Posted by Arenazombie on 08 Sep 13 at 13:52
    TS GhostI too got this Achievement despite not doing it in one sitting. I played the first level, stopped, came back, played to the last level, stopped, came back and did the last level and final boss. Achievement surprisingly popped.
    Posted by TS Ghost on 19 Sep 13 at 00:15
    Eric FiltroSame here. I got this achievement while working on the 60 Minute playthrough. I did it over the course of 3 days, with multiple quits and loads. I think the achievement refers to finishing the game without using any continues.
    Posted by Eric Filtro on 26 Mar 14 at 14:29
    HolyThugRabbitSounds like a way to tell us. Do not try to play world 1, 2 and 3 on normal and then do world 4 on hard. I had that option on my first run. So it is possible. But it will most likely not unlock the achievement. Although I did choose normal for world 4 that run. So can not for a fact verify that it does not work. The achievement description just makes alot more sense that way.
    Posted by HolyThugRabbit on 20 Jun 18 at 07:45
    KJer25^ This is what it means. As long as you make the Hard mode requirements, it doesn’t have to be in one sitting.
    Posted by KJer25 on 16 Nov 21 at 17:32
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