Redoubtable Runner achievement in Rocket Knight

Redoubtable Runner

Completed Arcade Mode on Hard within 60 minutes

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How to unlock the Redoubtable Runner achievement

  • Astute VagabondAstute Vagabond783,695
    14 Apr 2011 15 Apr 2011
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    Not much of a solution can be offered for this one but I can list some tips and my level times and hopefully it helps =)

    *General tips*
    1- Even if you have completed hard before this run the special technique is still required on the worlds 1,2 and 3 bosses.

    2- You can restart a level if you feel it took too long however if you die and come back at a checkpoint the timer does not return to when the checkpoint was hit.

    3- If you feel comfortable that you have enough lives to spare a couple and think you could rush a tricky part and reach a checkpoint try it and even if you die after the checkpoint you will be returned and will have saved time

    For anyone looking for estimated times for each level here is a list of my level times including the total time at the end of each world and the end of the run.

    1-1 = 3:51
    1-2 = 5:01
    1-3 = 4:15
    1-4 = 1:07
    Total time by the end of World 1 = 14:14

    2-1 = 2:56
    2-2 = 4:11
    2-3 = 4:28
    2-4 = 1:27
    Total time by the end of World 2 = 27:16

    3-1 = 6:34
    3-2 = 6:19
    3-3 = 2:21
    Total time by the end of World 3 = 42:30

    4-1 = 4:11
    4-2 = 7:18
    4-3 = 2:54
    Total time = 56:53

    Good luck
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    Eric FiltroYou don't have to do this in one playthrough. What I did was I played a level. If I got a really good time I quit to the Menu and did a backup save of that file, then came back to the game and played another level. If I got a good time on that one, I would exit again and do a backup save. This way, if you mess up or end up not having enough time at the end, you can go back to your backup saves and load a game with a good time on it. You can always restart during a level, as Astute suggests, if you think you are not doing very well. This will not affect your time.

    Also, if you reach a checkpoint and you are very low on health try to die right away, so that when you spawn you'll be close to where you died and would not have lost too much time.
    Posted by Eric Filtro On 26 Mar 14 at 14:46
    HolyThugRabbitThanks for the times. Was very helpful knowing what times trying to shoot forsmile
    Posted by HolyThugRabbit On 20 Jun 18 at 07:51
    KJer25For those doing this on XO back compat, if you don’t like your time at the end of a level, simply close the game out and start again. It only saves when you hit A to continue. This is cake after playing Golden Sparkster mode, though.
    Posted by KJer25 On 15 Nov 21 at 18:36
    MattiasAndersonI wonder how you get that heart on top of the level vs Axl Gear?

    I had a backup save! Practiced one of the last levels and died all life. The game asked if I wanted to continue and I dash boarded. Went back to the game but then without knowing I was using my continue starting from the beginning of the level and the time I lost on the previous attempt was still counting. So be aware of this!

    If anyone else wonder! I figured out how to get that heart when I did the sparkster mode or whatever it is called. You have to hang on the rope to the right and press RB I believe to spin and then jump upwards and in the air press B for extra height to reach it.
    Posted by MattiasAnderson On 01 Oct 22 at 18:11
    Astute VagabondIt has been so long Mattias I basically don't remember any of the details sadly
    Posted by Astute Vagabond On 01 Oct 22 at 19:06
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