Tower Champion 3 achievement in Zeno Clash: Ultimate Edition

Tower Champion 3

Complete Tower Challenge Number 3.

Tower Champion 30
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How to unlock the Tower Champion 3 achievement

  • StarshadeFPSStarshadeFPS569,720
    01 Jul 2011 01 Jul 2011 01 Jul 2011
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    Stage 1: Bunch of grenaders on top floor. Pick up the fish pistols and skull grenades and start throwing at the groups then shoot the rest. Sprint away if they start throwing. Difficulty: Easy.

    Stage 2: Many ground level fighters. Take em' out one by one, sprint around if your hit or surrounded (press Y to un-lock then sprint). Throw grenades at the pillars and run around so they get hit (but you stay far away from blast radius). I found the sprint to punch worked well. Difficulty: Easy/Medium

    Stage 3: Ground level fighters, bow-gunner and some crabs. Start by taking out the Bow-gun guy then sprint around shooting the brawlers (preferably the runner first). Then there's the crabs, just shoot them with the bow-gun. Diff: Medium. (1 restart).

    Stage 4: 2 Elephants. Sprint and pick up the hammer straight ahead. Sprint sideways to avoid the charge then attack (you can make them charge into each other then hammer them). Watch out for the rocks so they don't charge them into you. You can find a sword like weapon too. Use this to beat up the final guy. Difficulty: Hard (4 restarts).

    Stage 5: 3 invisible dudes. 3 skull grenades on the floor. Stay close to the walls going in circles backwards. Sprint to punch one by one going backwards and avoid the other 2. These guys takes a real beating before they go down so take it with patience. Sprint to punch to get them dizzy then punch them out or throw a grenade nearby the enemy. Diff: Medium/Hard (1 restart)

    Final time 10minutes 35sec. I finished this solo in 6 restarts. Took approx. 45 minutes to do. Good luck!
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  • CincaidCincaid245,221
    12 Sep 2011 12 Sep 2011
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    One move that I found making the towers and pits a LOT easier when playing alone is the super punch. I didn't even know how to do it until I accidently pulled it off.

    What you do is move slightly backwards with LS, then hold in LT. Your character will charge up a punch, at which point you can move in whatever direction you want. If it hits it sends almost every mob (except big brutes and Mother+Father) flying, knocking down anyone in the way. Works very well in crowded areas, or in the pits to send someone flying down floors.

    I recommend mastering that move, as it helped me a lot with the challenges.
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