Body Launcher achievement in Zeno Clash: Ultimate Edition

Body Launcher

Throw an enemy into another 30 times.

Body Launcher0
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How to unlock the Body Launcher achievement

  • Doomed SatsumaDoomed Satsuma36,715
    13 Nov 2010 13 Nov 2010 06 Jan 2011
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    I found the easiest place to get this was on the 3rd pit challenge. Start and run all the way to the bottom without hurting any of the enemies. Try to drop down the the next level everytime so you don't lose too much health.

    When you get to the bottom there should be a load of the golden guys with masks. This area is perfect to just keep knocking the enemies in to each other. A good way to knock an enemy into another one is to run at him and tap the left trigger so you do a running elbow move, they fly backwards regardless of their health and I knocked one into seven other enemies doing this.

    It took me a few tries as I didn't really launch any enemies in story mode at all. Just keep doing this level if the achievement doesn't unlock, and restart if you kill all the golden enemies with the masks.

    *added by lord verh*
    keep moving in circles and pick the ones that DO NOT run at you, the always hit you first, also don't pick guys that are blocking, so you circle like a vulture and when you see two or more enemies on 1 line doing nothing; run to them while evading guys running to you that's what I noticed. Just running at them doesn't seem to work.
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    Doomed SatsumaGlad I could help, I added your advice to the solution. I was just happy to see someone wanting the achievements for this game, as not many people played it.
    Posted by Doomed Satsuma on 06 Jan 11 at 16:33
    Infamous GeezerAfter all these years I finally got this achievement! The description is deceiving. It says "throw" the only way you can throw is if you have the enemy in a hold and you press a direction and RT. Thanks your running LT is an elbow attack and it works just great.
    Posted by Infamous Geezer on 05 May 13 at 12:53
    EarthboundXI've been doing the back power move, the power punch where you hear Ghat grunt, then he launches he fist forward. I think I'm getting close to 30, but I do this if I don't get it before this point.
    Posted by EarthboundX on 06 Jul 13 at 08:59
    CrippleThreat8I think this makes sense. Only question I have is, this is cumulative across games, yes?
    Posted by CrippleThreat8 on 05 Oct 13 at 06:37
    YinI can confirm that dying after defeating a majority of the enemies continues to count across games. Thank you for the solution!
    Posted by Yin on 02 Feb 14 at 06:14
    EggBigotYep just use LB to run at them and LT to use the elbow on the ones that are not blocking. Thanks this one was getting on my nerves!
    Posted by EggBigot on 21 Apr 15 at 04:43
    Diesel Foleywhy am I struggling so on my 5th attempt at this crappy game.The elbow move doesn't seem to hit players into each other.Even in big groups it tends to just hit one...
    Posted by Diesel Foley on 28 Jul 16 at 23:15
    Diesel Foleyok,i managed to do this with just super LT punches.i would walk away slowly and charge up my LT. Then knock the standing ones into others.
    Posted by Diesel Foley on 28 Jul 16 at 23:56
    Posted by Maxterfeak3 on 27 Oct 17 at 08:18
    TheOnlyMattoi actually got this achievement while falling down on the level you suggested. i guess when the platform drops if they land on a guy it counts for you. plus one, ty.
    Posted by TheOnlyMatto on 26 Apr 19 at 20:05
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