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You will automatically get this while going for the:

Legend of the GuardiansGold, Shard, Gold!The Gold, Shard, Gold! achievement in Legend of the Guardians worth 152 pointsGet a Gold ranking in all story missions

The requirements for the silver are easier than those for gold, but I have pasted my below solution for the gold to help with silver - if you are going for those first. You should get gold on almost all of these first time out though.

Desert of Kuneer
An Ally in the Sand (Rescue Streak in 4:00 Minutes)
- Kill all enemies as fast as you can, and remember to use your wingman. Once you actually free Streak you will have to fight off several more enemies. After this, the mission is over and the timer stops. Basically complete the mission in under four minutes.

Desert Eagle (Find the Bat Hideout in 8:30 Minutes)
- Again complete the mission in under eight and a half minutes. It's pretty straight forward, just remember to hit your goals and fight only if you have to.

Thieves in the Night (Rescue the Owlets in 6:30 Minutes)
- You will have to rescue a baby owl from a bat, and then do it two more times. Lock onto him with LB and when you get close press A to snatch the owlet. Use the currents above, and get back as fast as you can. After the third owlet is rescued, you will have to fight. Mission ends after the fight.

Into the Hideout (Flush out the bats in 3:30 Minutes)
- There will be two braziers with hot coals. Pick them up with A, and fly to one of the caves. Press LT to stop in front of the cave, and use both coals. Do this seven more times for a total of eight. Don't fight until you are forced to after all eight caves have been destroyed.

The Chieftain Strikes (Defeat the Chieftain with no lives lost.)
- Simple, don't die during the mission. You are in the same area as the previous mission. Just pick up the coals, lock onto him with LB, and fire. Repeat until dead. There is no time limit.

Forest Kingdom of Tyto
Pure One's Pursuit (Reach the headquarters in 7:00 Minutes)
- Follow the birds at the beginning of the mission. In the lower left corner of your screen is an indicator if you are Safe/Too Close/Too Far. Once you are forced to fight, free the other owls, and get back to their hq. Again, don't fight... just fly to your objective.

Resistance Evacuation (All carriers survive)
- This one gave me fits. I would get them all down, and then one bird would always get through. You start the mission defending hq. After you kill the birds, lightening strikes the base, and you have to evacuate. The first set has one carrier to defend, and is easy. The second set has two and is easy as well, because of the placement of the carriers and the incoming enemies. The third set sucks. There are again two carriers, but they are spread apart and the incoming enemies come in close. Remember to use combos and your wingman A LOT! It took me many tries, and I got the Put the Win in Wingman & As the Crow Flies achievements here as well.

Lighting the Way (Light all the torches in 6:00 Minutes)
- Grab coals from the carrier, and launch them to the torches. Ignore all your enemies, and just counter when necessary. You will actually fly right through this one... pardon the pun.

Fire Fight (All carriers survive)
- This one is similar to the evacuation mission, except this time you are protecting water carriers as they put out fires in the forest. This one is a lot easier though, just remember your combos and your wingmen.

Pure Retaliation (Destroy the fort in 9:00 Minutes)
- This is the boss fight, and you have to complete the mission in nine minutes. Take out the turrets, fight off the enemies, and then cut the wires on the fort. Again, combos and wingmen, and mind the rather small flight area.

Glauxian Brothers Retreat
Race to Retreat (Finish the race in 3:00 Minutes)
- Make sure you equip the Diamond Dash battleset for this one. The bird you are flying against is the three minute marker. If you overtake him, you have your time beat. Your path is marked by rings you must fly through. Miss five of them and you are starting over. It may take a couple runs to get the course down, but it's not too difficult.

A Curious Convoy (Survive the assult in 8:00 Minutes)
- Follow the bats until you are forced to fight. Combos and wingmen help out here, but you should have plenty of time to get this one.

Shard to the Rescue (Rescue the monks in 8:30 Minutes)
- Annoying but very doable. You must take out the Hagsfiends with only the X attack. Do not use the Y bash attack as their armor has Fleck in it. There are three sets similar to the evacuation mission, but you must kill the each set guarding the carrier before you can attack him to free the monks.

Battle at the Mine (Destroy the facility in 6:00 Minutes)
- You are forced to fight at the beginning. Once these enemies are down, grab some coals and knockout the Fleck towers. Each tower take three coals to bring it down. Just ignore fighting at this point, and counter when you have to.

The Queen's Game (Defeat the Queen with no lives lost)
- Again, don't die. She has Fleck armor so no Y attack. To make this easy, lock onto her with LB and stay locked. When your recticle turns red, attack with X, and continue with multiple chain attacks. At a certain point, bats will fly a fleck barrier over her. Knock the bats (three) and then attack her as before. Rinse and repeat until she is dead.

The Beaks
No Owl Gets Left Behind (Escape the Beaks in 5:00 Minutes)
- Start the mission and fly to the waypoint. Once there you will need to free a wingman from a fleck barrier similar to the Queen fight. Klll all the Fleck bats (3-4), and then kill the remaining enemies. Remember to use combos and your wingmen.

Defense Destruction (Destroy all defenses in 7:30 Minutes)
- Use the coals to destroy the turrents in the first area, and kill all the enemies. In the second area, there is only one coal brazier and it's in the middle. Before moving to the second area grab two coals from the first, and take out the first turrent in the next area to speed things up. Fly in and out of the mountain gathering coals and kill all catapults and turrets. Ignore the other flying birds unless you need to counter.

Breaking the Signal (Destroy the tower in 4:30 Minutes)
- Similar to the previous mission with the Fleck towers, knock down all four with three coals each. There are two coal braziers at the beginning, so just bounce back and forth until all four are down. After this, the signal tower at the top becomes targetable, and requires three coals to destroy. Ignore all the enemies, except for countering, and just go for your goal.

Clawing Towards the Forge (Reach the forge in 7:00 Minutes)
- Say good-bye to your wingmen, as you are on your own for the next two missions. You will fly through the caves on your way to the forge. After going through a door, you will be forced to fight some bats/crows/armored pure ones. Take them out quickly, and move on to the next area where you are forced to fight again. After these are dispatched, you fly a little ways to the next area. Don't fly to low, or you will catch on fire.

Allomere's Fury (Defeat Allomere with no lives lost)
- This final fight and mission are broken into two sections, and use the Iron Fortitude battleset to make it easier since there is no time limit. In the first section you have to destroy several furnaces with coals. There are two braziers sitting on opposing out croppings, and each furance takes three coals. There will sometimes be steam coming from them, and you cannot hit them while there is steam present. Wait for it to pass before launching the coals. After all of these are destroyed, one more will become targetable on the center spire. Destroy this to move to the next area. Again, ignore the enemies, and you will need to counter a lot.

The next area consists of you following Allomere through the collapsing forge. Following his trail is the easiet way to get through this. On the way you will notice braziers with coals. Grab them if you can, and chuck them at him if you get a good lock. This will help take out his armor and make fighting him quicker and easier. Don't lock on him too long as it may mess you up. Once you reach the exit, you will be forced to fight him. I found the best way to beat him is to use a charge attack (Y), followed by several chained X attacks. Don't get greedy. Fly off, circle back and rinse and repeat. Make sure you counter as he will take more health away from you than normal enemies. Once he is down, fly towards the exit and the end of the mission/game.

Btw... if you leave negative feedback, please explain why so I can adjust this. Thanks.
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