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Forge 10 items

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How to unlock the Craftsman achievement

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    If you want to get all medals you can´t miss this achievement. It´s very easy. Go to a workshop (hammer symbol) and complete the minigame ten times. You need 2 of the same items otherwise you can't forge an item.

    If you want to get all medals you have to combine ALL epic armor parts together. So you have to play this minigame about 50 times to get the last achievement for it.

    Here is the list for every ultimate armor (thanks to graph1k):

    Epic Totemic Helm--------------Skullheim
    Epic Circlet-------------------------Band of the Wise
    Epic Beast Helm-----------------Lionshead
    Epic Spiked Helm----------------Helm of Pain
    Epic Imperial Helm--------------Legion Helm
    Epic Hunter's Helm--------------Helm of Darkness

    Epic Scale Armor----------------Scales of Z'Ora
    Epic Tribal Armor----------------Hide of K'Ogar
    Epic Studed Armor--------------Fist of K'Thun
    Epic Spiked Armor--------------Spine of L'Hal
    Epic Chain Armor---------------Chains of K'Lune
    Epic Plate Armor----------------Ban of Set'Al

    Epic Rock Boots-----------------Stoneskins
    Epic Marsh Boots----------------Plagueskins
    Epic Nether Boots---------------Daemonskins
    Epic Miner Boots----------------Goldskins
    Epic Imperial Boots-------------Ironskins
    Epic Jungle Boots---------------Snakeskins
    Epir Desert Boots---------------Duneskins
    Epic Hob Boots------------------Boots of Flame

    Epic Belt of Might--------------Monolith
    Epic Belt of Knowledge-------Glimmer
    Epic Belt of Truth---------------Verity
    Epic Belt of Speed-------------Zephyr
    Epic Belt of Law----------------Justice
    Epic Azure Belt-----------------Indigo
    Epic Ogryn Belt----------------Giant's Belt
    Epic Jade Belt------------------Celadon

    Epic Mace-----------------------Gargoyle
    Epic Great Axe----------------Dark Angel
    Epic Broadsword--------------Phoenix
    Epic Warhammer--------------Hand of God
    Epic Falchion-------------------Vyper
    Epic Trident---------------------Kraken
    Epic Khopesh------------------Scavenger
    Epic Kuttai----------------------Ryno
    Epic Spear----------------------Bloodthief
    Epic Morning Star------------Bonecruncher
    Epic Greatsword--------------Slayer
    Epic War Pike-----------------Dragonlord

    Epic Spiked Shield------------Tiger's Claw
    Epic Great Shield--------------Tower
    Epic Buckler--------------------Dreamcatcher
    Epic War Shield----------------Griffin
    Epic Kite Shield----------------Widow
    Epic Scale Shield--------------Dragonshield

    Epic Ring of Water-----------Waterbearer
    Epic Life Ring------------------Purist
    Epic Ring of Light-------------Lightbringer
    Epic Swamp Ring------------Serpentine
    Epic Chaos Ring--------------Daemonist
    Epic Aura Ring-----------------Magister
    Epic Deep Ring----------------Delver
    Epic Thieves' Ring------------Skulltaker
    Epic Ring of Earth------------Earthwalker
    Epic Ring of Fire--------------Flammifer
    Epic Desert Ring--------------Nomad
    Epic Ring of Pain--------------Paingiver

    Epic Amulet of Fury-------------Devourer
    Epic Peace Rune-----------------Mediator
    Epic Platinum Coin--------------King's Coin
    Epic Ashurin Harp---------------Protector
    Epic Manacles-------------------Slavemaster
    Epic War Rune-------------------Lifetaker
    Epic Imperial Harp--------------Dominator
    Epic Healing Rune---------------Life Giver
    Epic Snake Harp-----------------Corruptor
    Epic Serpent Tooth--------------Missran Fang
    Epic Wind Harp------------------Stormbringer
    Epic Khazrimi Harp--------------Eruptor
    Epic Chaos Skull----------------Dervish
    Epic Lucky Coin-----------------Trebloon
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    Mid way through act four - in the third of the rescued villages a witch has kidnapped a girl. Part way through this segment there is a workshop which was guarded by a hell-hound which you have to unlock as it's a story quest.

    Use this workshop to craft 10 items and you will get the achievement. It may be possible to get this on an earlier act if you have bought duplicates of lower level items but by this point you will be able to make Epic items and it will be much easier to use your collection to craft.

    As there are story achievements after this point there is no reason to grind for the achievement though so if you don't have enough duplicate items just come back later.

    The easiest way to gain extra items is by repeating the treasure mini-games or using a harder difficulty to get more gold and buying them.
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