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Play all episodes in the Predators vs. Prey series.

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Here are all the easy Predator vs. Prey episodes. Don't copy my work without my permission.

Episode “Crocodiles and Alligators”

Which of the following species is known to venture far out to sea?
Saltwater Crocodile

What do crocodiles and alligators use their “egg tooth” for?
Breaking out of their egg

How do female crocodiles know their eggs are ready to hatch?
The babies chirp from inside the egg

What do crocodiles use to propel themselves through the water?
Their tails

What happens to alligators when they get cold?
They lose their appetite

How many species of alligators are left on the planet?

What two species of alligator are the only ones left on the planet?
Chinese and American

How many American Alligators are estimated to remain in the wild?
Over a million

What type of environment do American Alligators prefer?
Freshwater marshes

What do you see?
Baby Crocodile – Crocodile – Hippo – Alligator

Episode “Lizards”

What distinctive feature does the Jackson’s Chameleon possess?
3 horns

Which of these is the State reptile of Texas?
Texas Horned Lizard

What do you see?
Jackson’s Chameleon – Komodo Dragon – Spiny-Tailed Iguana – Nile Monitor Lizard

A Gecko’s feet are covered in setae that allow them to do what?
Climb vertical surfaces

Some species of Chameleon have horns on their heads like which prehistoric animal?

Lizards have existed since what geological period?

What type of movement are Collared Lizards famous for, according to the clip?
Bipedal locomotion

Collared Lizards are named for a strip of colour found around which part of their body?

What do Collared Lizards normally eat?

Aside from insects, what type of animals do Collared Lizards sometimes prey on?
Small mammals

Episode “Bears”

What is the number one cause of death to bears?

Because of their fondness for eating bee hives, what is the sloth bear also known as?
Honey Bear

Why do bears stand on their hind legs?
To get a better view or sniff

Although bears have good eyesight, which sense do they seem to rely on most?

Which of the following is a type of food a black bear eats in the wild?

What is the name of the bear mentioned in the clip?

What other type of bear is a Kodiak roughly the same size as?

Where are Kodiak Bears found?
Kodiak Archipelago

What two food items are mentioned in the clip?
Fish and berries

What do you see?
Polar bear – Spectacled bear – Giant panda – Black bear

Episode “Man-Eaters”

What was the name given to the lions that, in 1898, attacked railway builders in Kenya?
The Tsavo Man-eaters

Rumoured to be a man-eater, the Giant Mekong catfish is critically endangered due to ...
Overfishing by humans

What colour were the lion’s eyes?

What sort of shark is in the final scene?
Great White shark

What type of lion were the famous man-eating lions in Kenya in 1898?
African lions

What was the name of the famous hunter who killed reputed man-eating tigers and leopards?
Jim Corbett

What group of these animals belong to? “Snake”

What group of these animals belong to? “Piranha”

What group of these animals belong to? “Bear”

What do you see?
Jaguar – Bear – Lion – Wolf

Episode “Ferocious Felines”

What is the ocelot also known as?
Painted leopard

The marbled cat is about the size of a ...
Domestic cat

Which Asian cat looks like a miniature leopard?
The leopard cat

Which big cat is also known as the mountain lion?

Where can the African golden cat be found?

What is most recognisable characteristic of the lynx?
Tuft of black hair on ears

Relative to a housecat, how big is an Ocelot?
Twice as large

Ocelot have patterns on their fur similar to what animal?

What word is used to describe the Ocelot’s predatory ability?

Unlike many other cats, Ocelots don’t mind ... ?
Swimming in water

Episode “Arachnids”

What material do spiders use to create their webs?

Which species of spider sees in colour?
Jumping spider

Which country are spiders NOT found in?

Most arachnids are ...
Cold blooded

Fear of spiders is called ...

What do you see?
Grasshopper – Tarantula – Scorpion – Dust Mite

What type of Bird-eating Spider mentioned is considered one of the largest spiders in the world?

Where is the Goliath Bird-eating Spider found?
South America

A Goliath Bird-eating spider is roughly the same size as a ...
Dinner plate

Which of these does a Goliath Bird-eating Spider NOT hunt?

Episode “Australian Predators”

What do Nail-tailed Wallabies grow at the end of their tails?
A sharp Spike

What does the Black Widow spider look like?
It has a red spot on its back

What is a Goanna?
A monitor Lizard

What kind of animal is the White pointer?

Facts: I am often 5m long – I am a reptile – I often kill my prey with a “death roll” – I live in saltwater – I am know for sometimes attacking humans
Saltwater Crocodile

Where are Cane Toads from originally?
The Americas

Why were Cane Toads introduced to Australia?
As pest control

Why have Cane Toads become a pest?
They breed very quickly

What creature mentioned in the clip do Cane Toads often poison?
Freshwater Crocodiles

What do you see?
Funnel-web Spider – Wolf spider – Black Widow – Tarantula

Episode “Ancient Predators”

Phorusrhacids, also known as terror birds, were large ...
Carnivorous flightless birds

Which of the following animals was recently suggested to be a carnivore?

What was the Smilodon als known as?
Sabre-toothed tiger

It has recently been suggested that Sabre-toothed cats were ...
Social animals

Big cats with giant canines were known as ...
Sabre-toothed cats

The megalodon was a giant ...

Where did Dire wolves live?

Approximately how long ago did Dire wolves become extinct?
16,000 years

Which other type of wolf is mentioned in the clip?
Gray Wolf

What part of a Dire wolf was much larger than that of a Gray Wolf?

Episode “Arctic Predators”

Some marine mammals use a layer of fat to store energy and insulate themselves from the cold: what is it called?

Which of these statements it true?
Arctic Wolves hunt lemmings

Which of these animals is the largest land-based carnivore?
Polar Bear

Which of these statements about Polar bears is definitely true?
They swim in a doggy-paddle style

What colour is a Polar bear’s skin?

What colour is the coat of an Arctic Fox during winter?

What, according to the clip, do Arctic Foxes like to eat?
Birds and rats

What word is used to describe temperatures in the Arctic?

Arctic Foxes’ coats help them keep warm and ...
Camouflage them

What do you see?
Polar bear – Snowy owl – Arctic wolf – Arctic fox

Episode “Cute Predators”

What is another name for Galagos?

What is a Ferret?
A small carnivorous mammal

The term ‘puppy’ refers to the young of which animals?

Galago – Ferret – Kitten – Puppy

Which of these are Ferrets NOT used to hunt?

What do you see?
Harp Seal on its back – Harp Seal underwater – Harp Seal smiling – Harp Seal mother and put

Nagapie ithe Afrikaans word for the South African Galago; what does it mean?
Little Night Monkeys

Generally, Galagos, daily interactions with each other can be described as ...

Which of these statements about “ferreting” is untrue?
Ferreting in Britain is illegal under the Hunting Act 2004

Which of these Fox hunting methods was banned in 2004 in Britain?
Hunting with hounds

Episode “Dangerous Dogs”

The fennec is the smallest species of all ...

Which dog also eats fruit?
Side Striped Jackal

Which mammal was introduced in Australia in the 19th century?
Red fox

Which species of fox mostly eats insects?
Bat-eared fox

Which of the following is known as the tree fox?
Gray fox

What do you see?
Fennec Fox – Coyote – Domestic Dog - Wolf

What colour of fox is mentioned in the clip?

Red foxes are renowned for being ...

According to the clip, where can Red Foxes sometimes be found?

What is another name for the fox’s tail?

Episode “Colourful Defences”

Many species of Butterflies have patterns on their wings that look like ...

What do you see?
Hover Fly – Mimic Octopus – Common Wasp – Blue Poison Dark Frog

Mimicry – Predators – Colours – Prey

Hoverflies have the ability to do what?

Despite its appearance, the Hoverfly is not actually ...

Why does the Chameleon change colour?
As camouflage

A Stick Insect’s colouration allows it to camouflage itself as a ...

Which of these are bright-coloured birds found in Eastern Indonesia and Australia?
Birds of Paradise

The Hoverfly’s colouration is designed to imitate the appearance of which other creature?

What is a startle reaction a response to?
An unexpected event

Episode “Scavengers”

What is an animal that feeds on already dead animals called?

Which of these statements is false?
Vultures are the only scavenger bird species

Scavengers are important in nature because they ...
Aid the decomposition of dad animals

Which of the following primarily eat the carcasses of dead animals?

Which of the following scavengers is associated with the word “laughing”?

What do you see?
Fungi – Raccoon – Carrion Flower – Carrion beetle

Aside from scavenging, what are Hyenas good at?

What are Hyena jaws specialised for?
Bone crunching

Where are Hyenas flesh-cutting teeth in their jaws?
At the back

The Hyena’s bone-crunching teeth are what type of teeth?

Episode “Speedy Predators”

How fast can a hyena run while chasing prey?

Which of these is a cheetah slower than?
A bullet

Which is the fastest predator on land?

About how fast can a Grizzly bear run?

What category does the fastest land animal fit into?

What can many other Big Cats do that Cheetah’s can’t?

What do Cheetahs frequently lose to other predators?
Their kills

Why do Cheetahs lose their prey to other predators?
They are relatively small

What do the Cheetah’s semi-retractable claws help them with?

What do you see?
Grizzly bear – gray wolf – cheetah – male lion

Episode “King of the Jungle”

What is the name for a group of lions?

How can male and female lions be distinguished from each other?

Which are the only continents lions be found in the wild?
Asia and Africa

Lions are the only cats to have a tuft on hair on ...
Their tails

Which of these would best described the life of a lion?

What is a female lion called?

Where do lions normally hunt?

How do lions normally take down their prey?
As a team

The biggest portion of the kill is known as “the lion’s ...”

What do you see?
Tsavo lion – Mountain lion – Asian lion – Lioness

Episode “Endangered Predators”

What animal group is the Siberian tiger part of?

What colour is the coat of an Iberian lynx usually?
Tawny with dark spots

Which of these groups does the Snow leopard belong to?
Big cats

Which of these animals is causing the African wild dog to become endangered?

How many African countries are believed to still have population of wild cheetahs?
Less than 15

Which of the following causes more predators to become endangered than anything else?

Destruction of what makes predators more likely to become endangered?

Illegal hunting is known by what other name, which is also a cooking method?

Mentioned in the clip, the list on which endangered species are recorded is known as “The IUCN ... List”

What do you see?
Lion – Narwhal Whale – Cheetah – Leopard

Episode “Leopards vs. Jaguars”

What landscape feature do jaguars normally live near?

Like the tiger, the jaguar is good at ...

What is the main reason leopards and jaguars have been hunted?
Their fur

Which is the odd one out?
Male lion

Leopards and jaguars have rosettes in order to ...

What do you see?
Snow leopard – Jaguar – Lion – Tiger

According to the clip, Leopards are great at ...

Where, according to the clip, do leopards store their prey after killing it?
In trees

How many times their own weight in prey can a leopard lift?
Three times their own weight

Why do leopards drag their prey up into trees?
To store it for later

Episode “Night Stalkers”

What is the term used to describe animals that are only active at night?

What do a wombat’s teeth never stop doing?

Hedgehogs are covered in spines, similar to what other animals?

When threatened by a predator, what do hedgehogs do?
Curl into a ball

What best describes the method that kangaroos use to move around?

Why are many desert animals nocturnal, and only come out at night?
To conserve water

What method does the nocturnal Bengal tiger use to hunt down its prey?

The kangaroo rat gets its name from its unusual method of what?

What do you see?
Kangaroos in long grass – group of curious kangaroos – kangaroo leaping – kangaroo fighting

What best describes the eating habits of kangaroos?

Episode “Slithering Snakes”

What type of animal is a snake?

Which of these is not a method employed by snakes to kill their prey?

Which snake rattles its tail to warn of its presence?

Why do snakes flick their tongues?
To smell

What is special about the viper’s fangs?
They are hinged

Where do snakes store their venom?
In their venom glands

Rattlesnakes are a type of ... Viper?

When do Rattlesnakes gain a new part from their rattle?
When they shed their skin

What type of Rattlesnake can be more dangerous than others?

Why can young Rattlesnakes be more dangerous than adults?
Less control

Episode “Tigers”

Which of these groups do tigers belong to?
Big cats

What are baby tigers called?

Why do tigers have stripes?
As camouflage

Order from smallest to biggest!
Domestic cat – jaguar – lion – tiger

Which is the odd one out?
Domestic cat

Facts: I’m a member of the most numerous tiger subspecies – I have blue eyes and pink nose – I have problems with camouflage – I’m a very distinctive colour – I am not a separate subspecies
White Bengal Tiger

What do tiger stripes help them hide in?
Long grass

Which tiger subspecies has thinner stripes than the rest?
Sumatran Tiger

Tiger stripes are ...
On their skin

Where do Sumatran Tigers live?
On a island

Episode “Wolves”

What animal group does the wolf belong to?

Which of the following is not a colour of wolf’s hair?

Based on its diet, the wolf is classified as a ...

From head to tail, around how long can a Gray wolf grow?

Wolves live and hunt in groups called ...

According to the clip, what environment is the Gray Wolf an expert in?

How many layers does a Gray Wolf’s coat have?

What is the undercoat layer of the Gray Wolf’s coat used for in the winter?

What adaption helps Gray Wolves move around on the snow?
Slightly webbed paws

What do you see?
Red Wolf – Gray Wolf – Indian Wolf – Arctic Wolf

Episode “Insect Nation”

How many legs does a true insect have?

Which type of insect is wrongly believed to crawl into human ears to lay eggs in their breains?

Why is the Mantis is known as “praying”?
It’s unusual prayer-like stance

How did the fire ants get their name?
From the burning sensation of their stings

Antlions are known for hunting which prey?

What do you see?
Ladybird – Blowfly – Beetle – Centipede

What do ants normally live in?
Ant Hills

What formation do Army Ants take when on the move?

Soldier Army Ants have powerful ...

How many Army Ants normally form in a column?

Episode “Birds of Prey”

What is a bird of prey?
A carnivorous bird that hunts prey with its claws

The Bat falcon is so called because ...
It occasionally feeds on bats

Where is the American kestrel native to?
The Americas

What are birds of prey generally well-known for?
Good eyesight

What is a bird of prey’s main tool for catching prey?
Their talons

What colour are Golden Eagles?
Dark Brown

What type of Golden Eagle prey is mentioned?

How long do Golden Eagles keep their partners for?
They mate for life

According to the narrative, what do Golden Eagles sometimes line their nests with?

What do you see?
Peregrine falcon – bald eagle – barn owl – Andean condor

Episode “South-American Predators”

Which of these is South America’s largest predator?
Orinoco crocodile

Which of these is a small predator fish found in South America?
The Oscar

Which is the odd one out?

In which animal group do I belong? “Leopard/Jaguar”

In which animal group do I belong? “Crocodile”

What do you see?
Arapaima – Giant otter – Spectacled bear – Giant anteater

What conservation level is the Orinoco Crocodile currently at?
Critically Endangered

Where do Orinoco Crocodiles normally reside?

In what two countries can Orinoco Crocodiles be found?
Colombia and Venezuela

What is one thing Orinoco Crocodiles do when water is scarce?
Dig a burrow
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