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Here are all easy episodes of the Amazing Planet. Don't copy my work without my permission.

Episode “The Oceans”

What percentage of the Earth’s surface do the oceans cover?
About 70%

El Nino is a periodic shift of warm waters that operates in which ocean?

Which is the biggest ocean basin in the world, occupying about one third of the Earth’s surface?

What are ripples on the surface of the ocean caused by winds called?

What do coral reefs help protect the shoreline from?
Storm damage

What do you see?
Algae – Seaweed – Whales – Oil rigs

What continent is on the southern edge of the Pacific Ocean?

What splits the Pacific Ocean into the North and South Pacific Oceans?
The Equator

What area could easily fit into the waters of the Pacific?
All Earth’s land

What continent is on the western edge of the Pacific Ocean?

Cryptic Clue: Travel to the most tornado prone area in the world to find this episode
Episode "Natural Disasters" is found in America under the great lakes.

Episode “Natural Disasters”

The middle of a Hurricane is called the …

The Richter scale is used to measure the intensity of what?

Which hurricane hit New Orleans in 2005?

If forced to weather a storm which safety tip should you follow?
Get inside a safe building

Which of these is not a natural disaster?
Oil spill

What do you see?
Tornado – Earthquake – Wildfire – Tsunami

Which potentially disastrous event is not mentioned in the clip?
Tidal waves

Where can destructive events cause the most damage?
In populated areas

What preparation can sometimes help when a natural disaster occurs?
Early warning system

Which of these effects of natural disasters is not mentioned in the clip?
Crop destruction

Episode “Dangerous Weather”

What is a severe winter storm also known as?

Which of these is not a type of lightning?
Spiral lightning

Thick, pollution-laden fog in London was often known as…
Pea Soup

What is it called when water freezes into a thin transparent layer which doesn’t have many air bubbles trapped inside it?
Black Ice

What causes hypothermia?

What do you see?
Lightning strike – Tree in a storm – Rescue Workers – Overflowing river

What type of dangerous weather is mentioned that can cause power outages?

Which disaster can hot weather bring?

Which of these weather conditions is mentioned?
Torrential rain

What is dangerous weather described as in the clip?
Nature’s Fury

Cryptic Clue: Find this episode at the bottom of the famous waterfall on the Zambezi River.
Episode "Waterfalls" is found in Africa

Episode “Waterfalls”

Who is Angel Falls named after?
James Angel

Which of these is the highest waterfall in the world?
Angel Falls

What was Annie Edson Taylor the first person to do at Niagara falls?
Go over the edge in a barrel and live

What happened to Niagara Falls in the winter of 1848?
It stopped flowing due to an ice jam

Which is the biggest waterfall in North America?
Niagara Falls

What waterfall is mentioned in the Clip?
Angel Falls

Where is Angel Falls?
South America

After whom is Angel Falls named?
James Angel

What was James Angel’s Profession?

What do you see?
Niagara falls – Lake Baikal – Volga River – Lava Tubes

Episode “Extra Terrestrial”

What’s the name of this natural satellite?
The Moon

Which star is the closest to the Earth?
The Sun

What is the Moon?
Earth’s natural Satellite

What do you see?
Mars – The Moon – The Sun – A Meteorite

The Sun is a star?

The Sun is the only star in the solar system?

What is said to be “pulled by the moon” in the clip?
The sea

According to the clip, what are we constantly being bombarded by?

According to the clip, what could a meteor strike on Earth potentially do?
Wipe out life

What is the name for when a meteorite hits the Earth?

Episode “Swamps”

In the south-east United States, swamps are known as…

What plant is commonly found in African swamps?

A swamp is a commonly used term for a …

Which one is the odd one out?

What do you see?
Bog – Cypress Tree – Quicksand – Airboat

Manatee – Crocodile – Alligator – Hippopotamus

Which of the following is the odd one out?

Which of the following are found growing in acidic bogs?

Hammock – Mangrove – Everglades – Alligator

A tree island in the middle of a swamp is called a …

Episode “Life”

What is the most important element produced by plants?

What is the estimated percentage of the Earth’s oxygen that the Amazon produces?

Which of these are plants NOT responsible for?

What is the name of the process used by plants to create Oxygen?

One function of water is to …
Absorb carbon dioxide

On what continent, mentioned in the clip, can Sequoia trees be found?
North America

What famous reef is mentioned?
Great Barrier

Where is the Great Barrier Reef found?

According to the clip, what do forests and coral reefs provide homes for?

What do you see?
Bacteria – Star – Snow flakes – Algae

Episode “Canyons and Valleys”

Which of these is the name of a famous canyon in the United States?
Grand Canyon

Where is the Yarlung Zangbo Canyon (Tsangpo Gorge) located?

What is a deep, long and narrow valley with steep sides called?

A canyon can also be called a …

Canyons are formed by what natural process?

What do you see?
Tsangpo Gorge – Copper Canyon – Antelope Canyon – Colca Canyon

Which famous canyon is mentioned in the clip?
Grand canyon

What massive underwater trench is mentioned?
Mariana Trench

Where is the Grand Canyon located?

What causes canyons to be formed?

Episode “Mountains”

What is the name of this mountain?

Mountains are mainly formed…
At the boundaries of tectonic plates

What is the tallest mountain in the world, measured from sea level?
Mount Everest

What do you see?
Forest – Hiker – Mountain – Valley

What is the highest point on a mountain called?
The summit

Order from largest to smallest, base to summit
Mauna Kea – Mount Everest – Mount Kilimanjaro – The Matterhorn

Which New Zealander was the first person to scale Mount Everest?
Edmund Hilary

Who accompanied Edmund Hilary when he successfully scaled Mount Everest?
Tenzing Norgay

Mount Everest is the highest mountain, but what is the second?

In which year did Edmund Hilary successfully scale Mount Everest?

Episode “Ice”

At what temperature does water freeze?
0° C

What are rocks and boulders that were carried by, then deposited by glaciers called?

What do you see?
Icicle – A snow crystal – glacier – iceberg

What happens when water freezes?
It expands

What happens when ice forms on water?
It floats

What would happen if most of the glacial ice in the world were to melt?
The sea levels will increase

What is ice?
Frozen water

According to the clip, what can ice turn driving into?
A dangerous ballet

What shape are most ice crystals?

In what phenomenon can you sometimes see ice crystals?

Episode “Climate Change”

Which theory states that the Earth is gradually getting hotter en hotter?
Global warming

Which of the following is NOT a form of renewable energy?
Fossil fuels

What is the name for gas, liquid or solid waste that damage the environment?

What is the form of power generated by dead plants and creatures?
Fossil fuel power

What causes global warming?
Greenhouse gases

Which of these is one of the expected effects of climate change?
Rising sea levels

What animal mentioned might be speeding up climate change?

Which of these is not a renewable resource?
Fossil fuel

What part of the planet will climate change affect?
All of it

What do you see?
Skyscrapers – Oil Rig – Forest fire – Train

Episode “Canada”

What is the name of the ocean on the west coast of Canada?
Pacific Ocean

Name the world heritage site near Fort Macleod, Alberta?
Head-smashed-in-Buffalo Jump

Canada is the…
Second largest country in the world

What is Canada’s highest mountain?
Mount Logan

Canada’s most northerly point is …
Cape Aldrich

Canada’s longest river is …
Mackenzie River

Which of these is one of the Great Lakes?
Lake Superior

Which of these is a province in western Canada?
The Yukon

Which bay has the Labrador Peninsula to the east of it?
Hudson Bay

Yukon – Ontario – Nunavut – Quebec

Episode “Atmosphere”

What is a unit of atmospheric pressure also know as?

Which former Vice President is famous for campaigning for awareness of the dangers of climate change?
Al Gore

Which of these damage the atmosphere?

The Aurora Borealis and Aurora Australis are caused by particles from which celestial object hitting our atmosphere?
The Sun

What is frozen moisture in the sky commonly known as?

What do you see?
It’s a buoy – it’s a meteor – it’s a weather balloon – it’s a kite

What is the atmosphere made up of?
Layers of gases

How does the atmosphere help life on our planet survive?
Holds in heat

Which layer of the atmosphere protects us from a lot of dangerous solar radiation?

What is the name of the famous layer within the stratosphere that absorbs much of the dangerous radiation?
Ozone layer

Episode “Deserts”

Which of these is the largest hot desert in the world?

Which of these is NOT a type of desert?
Shady Desert

Which of these is NOT a desert?

Rainshadow desert are so called because…
Mountains shield them from the rain clouds

How tall is the tallest sand dune in the world, from base to top?

What do you see?
Flower – Cactus – Lizard – Snake

Where is the Sahara Desert?
Northern Africa

Which continent is the Sahara Desert almost the same size as?

What temperature does the Sahara sometimes get at night?
Below freezing

What type of desert is the Sahara?

Episode “Creation”

When did the solar system form?
Around 4.5 billion year ago

What is the Sun made of?

Which of these shapes does the Earth most resemble?

What is the Moon made of?

What does Earth’s inner core consist of?
Iron nickel

What do you see?
Sun – Saturn (has ring system) – Jupiter (red spot) – Lava

Which of these is another name for Earth?

What two things that protect the Earth are mentioned?
Atmosphere and Magnetic field

The Earth is said to be what colour of planet?

How does the Sun help our planet?
Keeps it warm

Cryptic Clue: Find this episode by searching the giant African river that flows into the Mediterranean Sea.
Episode "Rivers" can be found in Egypt by the Nile.

Episode “Rivers”

What is the point called where a river empties into a large body of water?
The mouth

What is the longest river in Europe?

What is the beginning of a river called?
The source

What river is widely regarded as the longest river in the world?

What is the name for the sides of a river?

The Amazon River is the largest river in the world when measured by what criteria?

What ocean does the Amazon River flow into?

According to the narrative, what does the Amazon River reportedly not have?

Which of these animals is not mentioned in the clip?

What do you see?
Pacific Ocean – Lake Superior – Niagara Falls – Mississippi

Episode “The Equator”

Which of these oceans does the Equator NOT pass through?
Arctic Ocean

Which of these countries is NOT found on the Equator?

Which of these lakes is located on the Equator?
Lake Victoria

The latitude of the Equator is how many degrees?

Which of the following is Earth’s longest line of latitude?

At what time of day is the sun directly over the Equator?

How many times each year does the Sun pass vertically over the Equator?

In which months does the sun pass vertically over the Equator?
March and September

What are the vertical crossings of the Sun over the Equator known as?

Seasons along the Equator tend to be divided into which 2 categories?
Wet and dry

Cryptic Clue: This new episode can be found near the biggest lake in Africa.
Episode “Lakes” can be found on the big lake in Africa.

Episode “Lakes”

Lakes most often contain what type of water?
Fresh water

What Scottish lake allegedly has a monster living in it?
Loch Ness

Which is NOT a true fact about lakes?
They are part of an ocean

Which of these is NOT a type of lake?

Where are the Great Lakes?
North America

Which of these is the name of a saltwater lake?
Dead Sea

Which of these is the name of a freshwater lake?
Lake Victoria

Lakes are different from seas because they are surrounded by what?

Which of these is not a method by which lakes can be created?
Forest fire

What do you see?
Lake Victoria – Niagara Falls – Hoover Dam – Lake Huron

Episode “Natural Wonders”

What is the highest mountain in the Alps called?
Mont Blanc

Which of these is the largest coral reef system in the world?
Great Barrier Reef

What colour are the Cliffs of Dover?

Uluru can be found in which country?

Which South African mountain is named after its incredibly flat top?
Table Mountain

What colour are the cliffs mentioned in the clip?

Near which English town are the White Cliffs situated?

What material gives the White Cliffs of Dover their distinctive colour?

What are the corals in the Great Barrier Reef?
Living organisms

What do you see?
Fairy Chimneys – Sand Dunes – Redwood National Park – Giant’s Causeway

Episode “Volcano’s”

What is molten rock known as when under the Earth’s surface?

What is a dormant volcano?
One that could erupt in the future but is currently inactive

When a volcano can no longer erupt it is called…

A volcano that erupts often is called…

Which of these is a supervolcano?
Yellowstone Caldera

What do you see?
Iguana – Paraglider – Volcano – Man in a hazmat suit

Where are volcanoes generally found?
Alongside tectonic plates

Which volcanic eruption killed 57 people in 1980?
Mount St Helens

Mount Etna is a …
Active volcano

There are more than 500 …
Active volcanoes

Episode “Wild Russia”

How many continents is Russia on?

Kamchatka’s Brown bears like to feed on …

Which one is the odd one out?
Asiatic Lion

I’m on the ground – I am tall – I got shorter in 1955 – I am a vent for lava – A lot of dust and ash has come from me …
Bezymianny Volcano

What do you see?
Polar Bear – Snow Goose – Harp Seal – Caucasian Chamois

Caucasus – Siberia – Kamchatka – Urals

Chamois are related to which animal?

What do Caucasian Chamois have that allows them to move quickly on mountain faces?
Flexible hoof pads

What kind of Volcano is Bezymianny?

What are the biggest threats to the Caucasian Chamois?
Poaching and habitat loss

Episode “Earthquakes”

What is the name for the giant waves that can be caused by an earthquake?

An earthquake causes …

Earthquakes take place on and around what sort of lines?

How many earthquakes can be felt on Earth each year?
About 100,000

What is the name for a smaller earthquake that follows a larger one?

What do you see?
Houses – Avalanche – crack – Road

How often do earthquakes happen around the globe?
All the time

According to the clip, what can scientists not do with earthquakes yet?
Predict them

Why do we not feel all the earthquakes that happen on the Earth?
Most are too small

What do seismologists use to study earthquakes?

Episode “Continents”

On which continent would you find Cape Town, Congo and Egypt?

Which of these is not a continent?

What natural disaster, caused by continental plate movement, has his both San Francisco and Tokyo?

Eurasia is a combination of which two continents?
Europe and Asia

Which continent has the highest peak on Earth?

What do you see?
South America – Antarctica – North America – Australia

Tectonic plates are …
Constantly moving

What is one way of humans noticing the interactions between tectonic plates?

Plate tectonics is the name for the theory of …
Plate movement

What did the theory of plate tectonics used to be called?
Continental Drift

Episode “China”

Which ocean borders China on the east?
Pacific Ocean

What colour is the Giant panda?
Black and white

Which desert is found in China?

What sea borders southern China?
The South China Sea

Which island country does not border the China Sea?

Mountainous land makes up about a quarter of China?

China is the world’s second largest country?

China is located between the largest continent and the largest ocean?

China is the richest country in the world in terms of mineral resources?

What do you see?
Giant Panda – Tiger – Monkey – Camel

Episode “Caves”

How tall are the crystals found in the Giant Crystal Cave?

Which of these animals regularly sleeps and hibernates in caves?

What is a natural underground cavity called?

Erosion of a coastline by the sea can create what type of cave?
Sea cave

What is the odd one out?
Sink Hole

What material are caves normally formed in?

What are creatures that only live in caves known as?

Which of these animals is not mentioned in the clip?

What name is given to exploring caves for fun?

What do you see?
Crystal cave – Sea cave – Lava tube – Blue Grotto
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