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Fish Face in National Geographic Quiz: Wild Life

Fish Face31 (15)

Play all episodes in the Aquatic Life series.

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Here are all the easy Aquatic Life episodes. Don't copy my work without my permission.

Episode “Monster Squid and Octopuses”

How many legs does an Octopus have?

What does the binomial name “Vampyroteuthis infernalis” mean?
Vampire Squid from Hell

How many hearts do all Octopuses have?

Unlike a squid, Octopuses’ suckers have no…
Hooks or Teeth

What are invertebrates?
Animals without a backbone

What do you see?
Octopus-shaped Kites – Maori Octopus – Octopus with blue rings – Camouflaged Octopus

How many species of Blanket Octopus are there?

What special ability does the Blanket Octopus have?
A deployable cloak

Why do Blanket Octopuses deploy their cloak-like blanket?
To look bigger

How much smaller is the male Blanket Octopus than the female?
100 times smaller

Episode “Crabs and Lobsters”

What feature do Spiny Lobsters share with honey bees?
Compound eyes

What claw did the first crab feed with?
Its left

What colour were the legs of the second crab?

Lobsters have to different sized claws: what are they for?
Crushing and cutting

Why do Spiny Lobsters have two very long antennae?
For sensory perception

How long can lobsters live?
50 years

Why do lobsters shed their shell?
So they can grow

Coconut Crab – Blue Crab – American Lobster – Hermit Crab

What do you see?
Coconut Crab – Spiny Lobster – Blue Crab – Hermit Crab

What type of animal is this? (sort of crab)

Episode “Eels”

Why do Moray Eels let some small fish swim into their mouths?
They clean their mouths

What do Wolf Eels primarily eat?

What do you see?
European Conger – Ribbon Eel – Giant Moray Eel – Electric Eel

Electric Eel – Ribbon Eel – Giant Moray Eel – European Conger

Name something that a moray does NOT eat?
Arctic Foxes

When are Moray eels at their most active?
At night

What is the Leopard Moray also known as?
Dragon Moray

What makes the Dragon Moray resemble a dragon?
Tubular nostrils

Leopard Morays prefer …
Warm water

When do Leopard Morays hunt?

Episode “Dangerous Little Snappers”

In which river basin could you find the San Francisco Piranha?
Sao Francisco

Where can Pristobrycon be found?
Orinoco River Basin

San Francisco Piranhas are omnivorous, which means they will eat what?
Just about anything

What unusual feature do Wimple piranhas have?
Forward Projected Upper Teeth

Facts: I’m fairly large – I change colour when I get older – I like murky water – I have a bright coloured underside – I can be found in the Amazon river
Red-Bellied Piranha

Where in the world can wild piranhas be found?
South America

Wimple piranha have been known to attack fish how many times larger than themselves?

Why can’t other fish be kept in an aquarium with Redeye Piranha?
They are carnivorous

School – Piranhas – Sharp Teeth – South-America

What do you see?
Anglerfish – Tuna – Takifugu – Red-Bellied Piranha

Episode “Man-eating Sharks”

Which shark is named for its feline skin markings?
Tiger Shark

What is the average length of a Bull Shark?

What colour was the sharks eye in the first clip?

What type of shark jumps from the water?
Great White

Which is the biggest of the so-called ‘man-eating’ sharks?
Great White Shark

What is the Hammerhead shark named after?
The shape of its head

What is the Mako shark particularly good at?
Swimming fast

Shortfin Mako – Angel Shark – Tiger Shark – Hammerhead

The largest meat eating shark is the Great White

What do you see?
Tiger Shark – Great White Shark – Angel Shark – Basking Shark

Episode “Swordfish and Marlin”

What is the Swordfish named after?
Its sword-lie nose

What are the two main predators of the White Marlin?
Great White Shark & Shortfin Mako

Swordfish are popular in fishing because they are sought after as …

Adult Marlin and Swordfish have few predators because …
They are very fast

Which of these is the fastest fish in the world?

In what way do Marlin normally hunt?
Slashing at schools of fish

Which of these fish do Marlin like to hunt?

Where do Marlin normally hunt?
Near the surface

Marlin like to pick off and eat fish that they have …

What do you see?
Swordfish – Tuna – Stingray – Striped Marlin

Episode “Massive Whales”

What do Humpback Whales do underwater?

How many whales were in the underwater scene?

What does the whale do in the 2nd clip?
Swims on its back

Which whale is also the biggest animal in the world?
Blue Whale

What do you see?
Mother and child Humpbacks – Whale skeleton – Humpback whale breaching – A whale’s tail

What do Baleen Whales NOT have?

What do Humpback Whales have that is longer than any other whale’s?

What is the name of the way Baleen whales feed?
Filter feeding

What is the second largest animal on the planet?
Fin Whale

What part of the Sperm Whales is the largest of all animals on Earth?

Episode “Small Sharks”

How did the Blind Shark get its name?
It closes its eyes when held out of water

What is special about the Spiny Dogfish
It has spines on its dorsal fin

Another name for a wobbegong is …
Carpet Shark

What characteristic does the Leopard Shark share with the cat of the same name?
Spotted skin-pattern

What is a Spiny Dogfish?
Schooling shark

What is the lifespan of the Leopard Shark in captivity?
20 Years

What do you see?
Port Jackson Shark – Spiny Dogfish – Cookiecutter Shark – Bowmouth Guitarfish

Blind Shark – Port Jackson Shark – Leopard Shark – Bowmouth Guitarfish

Which is the odd one out?
Leopard Shark

A shark will never run out of teeth

Episode “Spawning and Mating”

Spawning is a form of reproduction that occurs …
In water

Where do mouthbrooding fish keep their eggs?
In their mouth

What do you see?
Horseshoe Crab – Salmon – Frog – Tadpole

Live-bearing – Egg Laying – Spawning – Mouthbrooding

Live-bearing or viviparous are the terms given to when fish are born …
Alive and swimming

How deep in the sand does the Horseshoe Crab bury its eggs?
A few centimeters

What species of animal eats Horseshoe Crab eggs?

Salmon spawn in freshwater streams, but where do they migrate from?

What do Salmon eggs contain that allow the spawn to eat before their digestive systems have finished developing?
Yolk sacs

At 1-3 years old, what is Salmon called?

Episode “Fishing”

What is fishing using a fishing rod and hook called?

How many baited hooks can be used whilst Longline fishing?
Over 2,500

How many deckhands were visible on the boat?

Where was the man fishing?
In a river

What type of fish is the Goldfish?

Where was the largest Common Garp caught?

Perch are known as ‘panfish’ because they …
Rarely grow larger than a frying pan

Which of these is the odd one out?
Yellow Perch

What are the 2 forms of commercial Angling?
Longline & Trolling

What do you see?
Caiman catching a fish – Bear catching a fish – Fishermen on a boat – Man catching a fish

Episode “Gruesome Fish”

The Galapagos Batfish is also known by what other name?
Red-lipped Batfish

What nickname has been given to the Paraya of Dog-Tooth Characin?
Vampire fish

Proportionate to its body size, what is the most unusual characteristic of the Fangtooth fish?
Large teeth

What do you see?
Humpback Anglerfish – Fangtooth – Yellow Frogfish – Red Frogfish

What colour is a Galapagos Batfish’s mouth?

How do Humpback Anglerfish illuminate their lures?

Anglerfish are named after a method of …

What causes the bioluminescence in the Anglerfish’s lure?

Why do Anglerfishs’ lures glow?
So fish can see them

An Anglerfish’s lure is shaped like a …

Episode “Jellyfish”

Which species of jellyfish are considered to be the most dangerous?
Box Jellyfish

How does contact with a jellyfish’s tentacles leave the recipient?

What was the Man O’ War named after?
A boat

What is the round part of the Jellyfish called?

What is another name for the Moon Jellyfish?
Common Jellyfish

What do you see?
Comb Jellyfish – Moon Jellyfish – Box Jellyfish – Portuguese Man o’ War

Why are Box Jellyfish tentacles so dangerous?
They are venomous

How do Box Jellyfish make sure venom keeps on pumping into their victims?
The tentacles are sticky

Like all jellyfish, what can a Box Jellyfish’s tentacles do when they are detached from their body?
They can still inject venom

What household condiment can neutralise the sting of jellyfish tentacles, including those of the Box Jellyfish?

Episode “Sea Monsters”

The Kraken was a popular sea monster from what mythology?

What type of animal was Moby Dick?
White Sperm Whale

What is the name of the long serpentine-like fish which is believed to be the basis of many sea serpent myths?

Which shark is revered in the Inuit legend about Skalugsuak?
Greenland shark

What do you see?
Blue Whale – Giant Squid – Greenland Shark – Oarfish

Which one is the odd one out?

Where does the Narwhal’s massive tusk protrude from?
Its jaw

According to the clip, Narwhals look like ...
Mythological creatures

Besides their supposed magical powers, why are Narwhal “horns” sought after?

One Narwhal “horn” was turned into a sceptre for ...
The Queen of England

Episode “River Monsters”

Which river fish are known to strip flesh from bones in minutes?

The Dog-Tooth Characin is also known by what nickname?
Vampire Fish

What is the Gar with an alligator-shaped head known as?
Alligator Gar

What do you see?
Piranha – Alligator Gar – Common Snapping Turtle – Bull Shark

What physical feature are Catfish famous for?
Their barbels

What does the Common Snapping Turtle mainly feed on?

What is the correct term for the Catfish’s “whiskers”?

What are the Catfish’s “whiskers” used for?
Finding food

What species of Catfish which grows to incredible sizes is mentioned in the clip?
Mekong Giant Catfish

The Mekong Giant Catfish is reputed to grow as big as a(n) ...
Grizzly Bear

Episode “Dolphins”

What have dolphins been said to do to protect humans?
Shield them from sharks

What do dolphins use to hunt?

What colour were the stripes on the first Dolphins?

How many dolphins were playing together in the final clip?

Dolphins have been known to work closely with which tradesmen?

What do you see?
Sperm Whale – Shortfin Mako – Great White Shark – Orca

The largest dolphins in the world are the ...
Killer Whales

Approximately what length do Spinner Dolphins grow to?

Orca – Pilot Whale – Bottlenose Dolphin – Shortfin Mako

What kind of animal was Keiko?
Orca or Killer Whale

Episode “Flat Fish”

Unlike many of their relatives, Manta Rays do not possess what body part?

Why is it believed rays are flat?
As camouflage

What is the most prominent feature of a Sawfish?
Long snout

The heaviest recorded Sawfish weighed almost as much as what other animal?

What are Stingrays?

What do you see?
Thornback Skate in captivity – Underside of an Electric Ray – Underside of a Manta Ray – Camouflaged Flatfish

Most flat fish are ...
Bottom feeders

What are most bottom feeders flat fishes’ mouths located?
On their bottom half

What do most flat fish eat?

Why are flat fishes’ eyes located on the top of their body?
To spot predators

Episode “Crazy Japanese Creatures”

Koi is the name of a multi-coloured ornamental Japanese pond fish. What does “Koi” mean?

Where can Spider Crabs most commonly be found when they’re looking for food?
Sea floor

What colour were the majority of the koi in the pond?

How many salmon changed direction in front of the camera?

Which of the sea creatures is only found off the coast of Japan?
Giant Spider Crab

What do you see?
Koi Carp – Domestic Cat – Great White Shark – Giant Spider Crab

How do Takifugu actively fend off predators?
Inflating themselves

Which of the senses do Moray Eels use to hunt their prey?

Which of the following facts about Moral Eels is NOT true?
Moray Eels frequently attack humans

Why do Moray Eels constantly open and close their mouths?
To pump water over their gills for breathing

Episode “Venomous and Poisonous Fish”

How do most venomous fish deliver their toxins?

Which of these is not a type of venomous fish?

The poisonous Toadfish is notable for what habit?

Sort these animals into their classes. “flat fish”

Sort these animals into their classes. “looks like a flower”

What do you see?
Blue-Ringed Octopus – Bull Shark – Sea star – Fire Urchin

Pufferfish are ...

Why are Pufferfish such tempting targets for predators?
They swim slowly

What does a Pufferfish use to make itself look bigger?

What do some Pufferfish have as an extra defence?

Episode “Oceanic Adventures”

What is the purpose of oceanic exploration?
To learn about our world and oceans

The R/V Atlantis II is based out of Woods Hole Oceanic Institute. What does R/V stands for?
Research Vessel

What do you see?
Artificial reef – Diver in a cage – Blue Whale – Submarine

Which of these has been mistaken for a sinking ship?

DSV Alvin – ROV Jason – Bathysphere – R/V Atlantis II

Some scientific buoys are designated LSBs. What does LSB mean?
Life Support Buoy

One of the earliest devices for underwater exploration was the Diving ...

What is one of the newest forms of underwater exploration technology?
Unmanned submersibles

According to the clip, how long has technology been helping humans to explore the depths?
Hundreds of years

Aside from a lack of breathable air, what other deep-water danger is mentioned?
Pressure increases

Episode “Reef Creatures”

Which of these is the largest reef system in the world?
Great Barrier Reef

What type of fish were hiding in the sea anemone?

What was the creature swimming in the final scene?
Sea Turtle

Which other sea creature are Star Fish closely related to?
Sea Urchin

How do Moray Eels usually hunt?
Hiding in holes then ambushing prey

What do you see?
Nudibranch – Anemone and Clownfish – Seahorse in coral – Queen Angelfish

Sea Star – Angelfish – Clownfish – Shark

Which of the following is known as sea slug?

Which of the following is extremely venomous?
Scorpion Fish

When young, the Queen Angelfish help other fish by ...
Cleaning them

Episode “Fin-Footed Mammals”

What do Crabeater seals eat?

What is the largest fin-footed mammal?
Elephant Seal

Which seal is known to feed on other seals?
Leopard Seal

What do you see?
Hippos – Elephant Seal – Elephant – Rhinoceros

Where do Leopard Seals get their name from?
Black Spots on their Coats

Approximately how much can the Southern Elephant Seal weigh?

Up to how many whiskers can a walrus have on their face?

How do walruses swim?
Using their flippers

Where do walruses have air pouches?
In their throat

What does the walrus’s air pouch allow them to do in the water?

Episode “Predatory Whales”

Large dolphins, including the Orca, which are dark in colour are known by what colloquial name in some parts of the world?

What is the second largest family of whales called?
Beaked Whales

How many Narwhal tusks broke the surface of the water?

Name the type of whale in the final clip?
Humpback Whale

What giant prey are a main food source for Sperm Whales?
Giant Squid

Which of the following is not prey for Orcas?

Whales use echolocation for hunting and ...
Determination of distance from an object

What do you see?
Sperm Whale – Orcas – Shark – Dolphin

Little Whale – Sperm Whale – Giant Whale – Big Whale

Orcas are ...

Episode “Endangered Fish”

A dispute broke out over the overfishing of which North Atlantic fish?

Up until 1938 what did scientists believe about the Coelacanth?
It was extinct

What do you see?
Haddock – Whale Shark – Fish and chips – Atlantic Cod

Which of these sharks are not a threatened species?
All these sharks are threatened

Atlantic Cod – Sea Bass – Haddock – Norhern Bluefin Tuna

Which is the odd one out?

What was the main cause behind Cod becoming so endangered?

What stopped the Cod conservation status of Cod from declining further?
Massive restrictions

Where was Cod considered a staple foodstuff in Chip Shops?

According to the clip, what could lead to the eventual extinction of the Cod species?
Unregulated fishing

Episode “Fast fish”

What feature are the Sailfish named for?
Large dorsal fin

What is a Wahoo?
A fish

What type of shark was the first fast fish?
Tiger Shark

Name the fast aquatic mammal in the final clip
Killer Whale

Which is the fastest marine mammal?

What are the two main types of Mantis Shrimp?
Spearers and Smashers

What do you see?
Great White jumping from water – Great White with school of fish – Great White attacking above surface – Great White attacking an underwater cage

Is it shorter or langer? Shortifn Mako vs Mantis Shrimp

Is it shorter or langer? Mantis Shrimp vs Sailfish

Is it shorter or langer? Sailfish vs Human
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