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We Need Guns, Lots Of Guns

Collect all 50 legendary weapons. They won’t all appear in your world, so trade with other Heroes!

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Achievement Guide for We Need Guns, Lots Of Guns

  • smudged horizonsmudged horizon214,859
    30 Oct 2010 27 Oct 2010 10 Nov 2010
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    Ok so this is like Dollcatcher extreme - you can only get a maximum of 26/50 Legendary weapons from your play-through. This breaks down to: 12 from shops (4 random weapons spawn in each of the 3 blacksmith shops in Albion) 12 from chests, and 2 are quest rewards. The shops will only ever stock the same weapons.

    The 12 Chests Are Located:
    1) Dark Sanctum Sidequest Flit Switch Puzzle
    2) Sunset House Chesty Sidequest Mirror Puzzle
    3) Regular Chest in Mourningwood
    4) 10 Key Chest in Mourningwood
    5) 20 Key Chest by Demon Door in Millfields
    6) 50 Key Chest in Bowerstone Castle
    7) Gold Door in Mourningwood
    8) Gold Door outside of Sunset House
    9) Gold Door in Aurora
    10) Mistpeak Demon Door
    11) Auroran Demon Door
    12) Chest in Sanctuary Treasure Room

    Quest wise, you get the Gnomewrecker legendary weapon for completing the Gnomes are Evil sidequest (collecting all 50 Gnomes)
    Also (and a big thanks to XNooodlesX) you get a legendary weapon as a reward for scoring 2000+ in the MourningWood Fort mortar game, after buying the fort. Reported that the mortar game must be done SOLO and not in co-op. (thanks MysticWierdo)

    ((WARNING - please note that any of the DLC or pre-order weapons (including the Free Weapons add on currently available on Live) do NOT count towards your total of 50 weapons.))

    To get all 50 you will need to either:
    a) play through Fable 3 on a second gamertag; reaching at least the first town with the blacksmith (and so spawning 4 random legendary weapons) and hoping that at least some of the 4 are ones you are missing. Buy the weapons, then with couch co-op join your game with your original Hero and gift over the weapons (or just purchase with your original Hero) and repeat till you have all the missing ones. Definitely check out Zarbolord's fantastic speed run guide below for detailed info how to solo this achievement!

    b) Find people online to Live co-op with that have the weapons you are missing in their stores, and buy them there. (This will obviously be a lot easier!) As with Fable 2, shops will restock faster if you sleep in a bed to pass time.

    **You MUST have all 50 weapons, in your inventory at once.**
    The game will NOT count it if you have previously owned a weapon and sold it on.

    And finally here is a weapon list so you can check off the ones you have and see which ones you are missing: (from the guide, so not 100% certain of accuracy yet: if wrong blame Brady not me!)

    1 Avo's Lamentation
    2 Beadle's Cutlass
    3 The Casanova (Random Shop Spawn)
    4 The Love Sword
    5 The Merchant's Bodyguard (Random Shop Spawn)
    6 Mr. Stabby (Random Shop Spawn)
    7 Really Sharp Pair of Scissors
    8 Slimquick (Random Shop Spawn)
    9 Souldrinker
    10 The Splade (Random Shop Spawn)
    11 The Swinging Sword
    12 Thunderblade

    13 Auora's Shield (Random Shop Spawn)
    14 Dragonbone Hammer (Random Shop Spawn)
    15 Faerie Hammer of the Moon King (Random Shop Spawn)
    16 Hammer of Wilmageddon
    17 Jack's Hammer
    18 Lunarium Pounder (Random Shop Spawn)
    19 Mallett's Mallet (Random Shop Spawn)
    20 Scythe's Warhammer
    21 Sorrow's Fist
    22 Tanner's Glory
    23 The Tenderizer - Guaranteed Drop - Dark Sanctum flit switch puzzle
    24 Trollblight(Random Shop Spawn)
    25 The TYPO

    26 The Barnumficator (Random Shop Spawn)
    27 Bloodcraver
    28 The Bonesmasher - Guaranteed Drop - Regular Chest in Mourning Wood
    29 Briar's Blaster
    30 Chickenbane
    31 Desert Fury (Random Shop Spawn)
    32 Dragonstomper .48
    33 Gnomewrecker - Guaranteed Drop - Collect all 50 Gnomes
    34 Holy Vengeance (Random Shop Spawn)
    35 The Ice Maiden
    36 Mirians' Mutilator (Random Shop Spawn)
    37 Reaver Industries Perforator (Random Shop Spawn)
    38 Tee Killer Shooter

    39 Arkwright's Flintlock
    40 Defender of the Faith (Random Shop Spawn)
    41 The Equalizer
    42 Facemelter (Random Shop Spawn)
    43 The Hero's Companion (Random Shop Spawn)
    44 Ol' Malice (Random Shop Spawn)
    45 The Sandgoose
    46 Scattershot (Random Shop Spawn)
    47 The Shrieking Pilgrim
    48 Simmon's Shotgun
    49 Skorm's Justice
    50 Swift Irregular (Random Shop Spawn)
  • ZarbolordZarbolord59,836
    11 Nov 2010 08 Nov 2010 09 Nov 2010
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    The fastest treasure hunter ever
    .v1.3 by Zarbolord

    This is a guide for the Fable 3 legendary weapons achievement: We need guns, Lots of guns, and how to complete it fast if you can’t trade with other players or need chest weapons. Basically it tells you how to speed run the game to get as many weapons as fast as possible to give you more chances for the ones you’re missing. You can stop at any moment you feel comfortable, I just detailed until Millfields since the rest is straight forward.

    Also just to put things straight, it’s an addition to other guides, this guide doesn’t have a weapon’s list, nor does it say any specifications about the achievement. It’s just to help with those needing rush hunts, so I will ignore all comments which don’t relate to the content in this guide. If you require that information please refer to smudged horizon’s guide, which is just above.

    Rule #1: As soon as you get in an area get as many silver keys as you can, you will need 10, then 20, then 50 to be able to open the weapon chests (if you don’t want to open the 50 chest then only bother with 20, but I still find it better to open them all just in case). I will mark down the ones I got in order through the guide.

    Rule #2: Rush through the story, there’s no point in doing sidequests which won’t help you (unless you need guild seals to advance, i.e. in Bower Industrial).

    Rule #3: Only buy shops and pubs. On a normal amount of rent, I found that I received 100k every 5 minutes at the end of the game having bought all houses and shops, more than half of that was from shops only. So to not make this rush run of yours more annoying, just buy the shops and put them on high rent, it will cover all your expenses and not need any repairs. Certainly it might seem slower but more efficient in my opinion.

    Rule #4: Ignore, absolutely ignore, all the weapons which are fixed (unless you need them but you should have had them on your main account). The Gnomewrecker will take hours, just to get all 50 gnomes, so ignore that quest entirely. The Tenderiser is, again, a waste of time if you already have one. Also no comment for the Bonesmasher, it’s on your way anyway (and could be useful to kill the hollowmen faster).

    Rule #5: If you don’t get the weapons you want in the first few chests, don’t just quit and start again, my first weapons were useless to me, but then I found a few I needed further in the story so just keep going ( which is why I recommend getting that 50 silver key chest, but you don’t need to go that far if you don’t want to).

    Rule #6: Always check the shops in case they sell a weapon you don’t have, you never know!

    And so it begins...

    Silver key 1: In parents’ tomb, on your left as you walk down the path.

    When you get to Mistpeak Valley you can access the Chillbreath Caverns to get a silver key and the 1st golden key. You can also find 2 keys at the start, 1 behind a log pile, the other at the end of the slope near the monorail entrance. You can later log on with a friend or another GT account (once you get the lover and joker expression packs in the road to rule) and open the demon door in Mistpeak, which will hold your first legendary weapon.

    That makes 1 weapon, 1 Golden Key and 4 Silver Keys

    Brightwall will also contain a few keys. I managed to get 3 of the 5 quite quickly, including the 2 in the reliquary (the switch at the floating blocks and the door that opens when you light all the ground torches) and 1 in brightwall itself (left of the academy).

    That makes 1 weapon, 1 Golden Key and 7 Silver Keys

    When you reach the Mercenary Camp, you can find a silver key next to a watch tower on the hill, just at the animal cages area where you fight wolves. After that when you reach the hole you can get 2 keys, one behind crates and shelves on the right to the technician’s door, the other will require you to get the technician’s key on the left path just after the hobb arena and to run back to that door and climb the cliff.

    At this point you will have 1 weapon, 1 golden key and 10 silver keys.

    Just enough for the 10 silver key chest in Mourningwood, to which you’ve just arrived. When there’s a U shaped slope bend, climb it on the right and you’ll find your 2nd weapon. A little further, just before the Fort you’ll find a chest with the Bonesmasher. After the Fort get the key in the barred alcove along the hill and continue on to sunset Manor. At this point you can open the Golden door, get two more silver keys, and get the weapon from the chesty mirror puzzle. You can also find another silver key in the alcove in Mourning wood just before the Hippy Camp.

    You will now have 4 weapons, 0 golden keys and 14 silver keys.

    Now this is the point where it goes tiddle dee widdle dee, as when you reach Bower Industrial they give you a bit more freedom. I’d try to find 2 silver keys here and there, I suggest from the Old Quarter since they’re accessible right away (near the beach just outside the castle wall on the right behind a tree whilst looking out to the sea, and inside the house on the U bend road). You can then go to Millfields, grab the last key from The Hole behind the platform, get the key from Pepperpot Cave, another after hopping over a gate and following up the path when at the top of the hill, and the last one just before the graveyard on the left while looking in the direction of the lake.

    4 weapons, 0 gold keys, 20 silver keys.

    You can now run to the demon door in Millfields and open the 20 key chest on the left of it. That’ll give you another weapon. As from this point I suggest doing the Driftwood quests as quick as you can to get that 2nd golden key you need. It will be used to open the golden door in the Ossuary. I also suggest to hunt down all silver keys available and rush through the story.

    These are the last things you need to do, at your own discretion:
    - Open the door in the Ossuary (so do the ghost brothers’ quests too)
    - Open the chest in the sanctuary room
    - Open the demon door in aurora
    - Open the 20 silver key chest on the left of the temple entrance in Aurora
    - Open the 50 silver key chest in the castle gardens.
    - Buy the Fort in MourningWood and get over 2000 points in the minigame (solo) to get another weapon.
    - If you enslave the auroran people and get the mine built, you can access an extra chest with a rare weapon in it (after a puzzle).

    And voila, shouldn’t take too long, I’d say 4 to 10 hours depending on how well you know all this and how quick you are. If you have any questions just ask me through a pm or something, or directly if you know me personally. Good hunting!
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    Just a small addition to the quick collector guides. If you follow them using a second profile, you can bring your original Hero on a second controller to open silver key chests meaning you can completely ignore the silver keys.
  • AllgorhythmAllgorhythm257,137
    08 Aug 2012 09 Aug 2012 20 Apr 2017
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    This guide is for those who want to get all the weapons solo as efficiently as possible. I learned the hard way. It is a lengthy guide. However, earning this achievement is more time consuming than earning all the other achievements combined. Accordingly, I have gone into some detail here to save you perhaps days of gameplay. All the previously published guides are excellent and I am indebted to them. If so, why another guide? Two reasons. First, I suggest an efficient strategy of gameplay where you don’t need to acquire silver keys and take the most direct route to weapon locations. Second (and more importantly), I elaborate on the probabilities of getting weapons. Thus, if you are missing only one or two weapons, you can use this information to stack the odds in your favor.

    Finally, I have many weapons. Fable III is an older game and the trading sites are not as active. If you need a weapon, drop me a line and I will be happy to oblige. Edited: Unfortunately, the save file with my weapons cache was lost during a hard drive crash so, sadly, my days as an arms dealer are now over. cry

    Even efficiently, this achievement is tedious. I assume you would not want to go after it unless your goal is to get all achievements. Before you begin going after the guns in earnest, you should at least complete one game and accomplish the following:

    Become a keymaster with all 50 silver and 4 gold keys

    Destroy all 50 gnomes to give you the Gnomewrecker pistol

    After completing the series of Dark Sanctuary quests, complete the flit switch puzzle to get the Tenderiser hammer

    You are now ready to go after the weapons you need in earnest. Create at least two non-Xbox Live profiles. Under 'Social', select ‘Sign in or Out’ then select ‘Create Profile’. Xbox will suggest a name like ‘Player1’. I will call the two profiles, ‘Prince’ and ‘Princess’—playing one of each gender so, if there are any gender specific items (like King’s suit or Queen’s suit) that you need, you can pick them up as you play. I will call your main game Gamertag.

    You first goal is to get the Dragonstomper .48, Chickenbane, Swinging Sword , and Sandgoose. If Gamertag has unlocked the 50 key chest in the castle and the chest on the floor of the sanctuary treasury, you should have two of the four. The 50 key chest usually contains Dragonstomper .48 and the sanctuary chest usually contains Chickenbane. However, the 50 key chest can contain any one of the four and, in addition, gives you 2,000,000 in coin.

    Sign in to your newly created Princess profile and start a new game playing as a female. There’s a reason for this which I will explain later. Skip the scenes and put on an outfit. Before you meet with Eliot, go to the fifty key chest. Have Gamertag with his 50 keys join you and open the chest. If the weapon is one you need, have Princess gift it to Gamertag. Save Gamertag’s game and have him leave. Start another new game, preferably with a new profile--say Princess2. As you did before, go to the 50 key chest, have Gamertag join you and open the chest. It may take a while to get Swinging Sword and Sandgoose because they appear much less frequently than Dragonstomper .48 (most common) and Chickenbane (not uncommon).

    I strongly recommend that each time you start a new game to get the 50 silver key chest weapons (Dragonstomper .48, Chickenbane, Swinging Sword , and Sandgoose) that you use a different non-XBox live profile. I know that if you are playing online with an XBox live gamertag that the weapon in the 50 key chest will always be the same whenever you start a new game. This is not necessarily the case with a non-XBox live profile playing offline. However, for greatest randomness, it's best to use a different profile for each attempt.

    If you haven’t opened the sanctuary chest, don’t bother. It is a time consuming process and only contains weapons that are much more easily obtained from the 50 key chest. When you get the last of the four weapons and gift it to Gamertag, have Gamertag save his game and leave. Now have Princess save her game and go to Xbox home.

    Your first goal is to get three gold keys. Two are required for weapons and a third gives you cheap and easy guild points. Play as Gamertag, go to Driftwood. When you get around some people that you have not interacted with previously, have Princess join you. Let Gamertag interact with a few Driftwood residents. Half a dozen interactions will give Princess over 50 guild points. Have Princess go to the sanctuary, save, and leave the game. Go to the Driftwood gold key location. Have Princess join you. The gold key will appear when you do so. Have her pick up the key.

    Since Princess has lots of money, I recommend a shopping detour especially because we’ll need a wedding ring later. Fast travel to Bowerstone Market and buy potions. Buy all three wedding rings at the gift stall. If you want to buy clothes, do so. Her clothes are purely optional. I think she looks like a dork in just about all the outfits so I gifted her the military suit. For her hair, gift her either the long flowing hair style or the male short parted style. Go to the sanctuary dressing room put on the military suit and hair and save it as a custom outfit. Now that she looks presentable, save her game and have her leave.

    With Gamertag, go to the gold key location in Milspeak valley and have Princess join and pick up the gold key. Save her game and have her leave. Go to the gold key location in the Veiled Path Enigma. Have Princess join and pick up the gold key. Don’t let her leave just yet.

    Have Gamertag go to the sanctuary and enter Road to Rule. Princess will tag along. Use her guild points to pick up the Landlord pack, the Entrepreneur pack, and the Family Pack that also automatically unlocks the Lover Expression Pack. Use leftover points to upgrade magic. Save Princess and have her leave. Have Gamertag leave Road to Rule. Save the game. It’s best to leave him at the gold key location because we’ll need that gold key for Prince later.

    Now we’re ready to play in earnest. Sign out of Gamertag. Sign in to Prince but don’t play him. Sign in to Princess and have her play. We should be at an open 50 key chest with 2,000,000 coin in pocket (less what we spent shopping) and on our way to meet Eliot.

    Important note. An important weapon location is the Aurora Demon Gate. You have to be completely good or completely evil for it to open. Plan in advance and be consistent. From a weapon standpoint, it makes no difference. Your moral view does not influence the weapon selection at this location. It’s a little easier playing good and I recommend it but it’s not a significant difference and I leave the choice up to you.

    Play until you enter the Catacombs, pick up the guild seal, and have your first encounter with bats. After the encounter with bats, take the first left that leads to a gold door. It should tell you that it requires one gold key to open and that you have three. Open the door and go straight until you see some steps. Go up the steps until you find a chest. Wait before you open the chest.

    Press start to have Prince join you. Since you haven’t started a game with him, he will appear as a male wearing the casual Prince outfit. This is the reason why you started playing as a female so you would have at least one game of each gender. When he appears, open the chest. Princess will receive 40 guild points. Prince, as a brand new player, gets well over a hundred points which is why we employed this tactic. Save Prince and have him leave.

    Go back down the stairs and take a left. Keep to the high road to the left and vault down at the end. This is a shortcut to the Cullis gate—the golden path will have you go out the way you came in. Before you activate the Cullis gate, have Prince join you so he’ll pick up some guild points. This is going to be our tactic with Prince so that when he plays his game, he’ll be powered up and can zip thru it like a hot knife thru butter.

    Play until right after you enter Brightwall village. Go to the sanctuary, look at the map and buy all the shops, especially the weapons shop. It will be closed for a while unless you have bought it. Go to it and look at the weapons. The weapon shops sell the below listed weapons. Each shop carries four. So, in a single walk-thru, 12 weapons will be available. The bummer is that one of the shop weapons is the Bonesmasher that also always appears in a Mourningwood chest.

    Aurora's Shield, Dragonbone Hammer, Faerie Hammer of the Moon King, Lunarium Pounder, Mallett's Mallet, Trollblight

    Casanova, Love Sword, Merchant's Bodyguard, Mr. Stabby, Slimquick, Splade

    Defender of the Faith, Facemelter, Hero's Companion, Ol’ Malice, Scattersho,t Swift Irregular

    Barnumificator, Bonesmasher, Desert Fury, Holy Vengeance, Mirian's Mutilator, Reaver Industries Perforator

    As with the 50 key chest, some weapons have a higher probability of appearing in a game. However, the probability gap is nowhere near as great as the gap between the high probability Dragonstomper .48 and the low probability Sandgoose or Swinging Sword.

    If there are weapons available that Gamertag doesn’t have, the easiest way for him to get them is to buy directly rather than have Princess buy and gift them. Save Princess’s game at the armory. Press the center button on the second controller and X for Prince to sign out. Then sign Gamertag in. Sometimes the game will go back to the title screen which is why you saved first. Ideally, you will not go back to the title screen and you can have Gamertag join and make the purchases he needs. When you’re finished, save Gamertag’s game and have him leave then save Princess’s game. Sign Gamertag out and sign Prince in but don’t have Prince join the game just yet.

    Play the game until just before you get the music box. Have Prince join so he can leech off the gamer points. At this point, you know the routine, so I am going to stop referring to every instance where Prince can pick up guild points. Once you exit the Academy after obtaining the music box, you can fast travel to the Demon Door in Milspeak. It contains a weapon.

    Not counting the special cases of the castle and sanctuary silver key chests and the ordinary chest that contains the Bonesmasher; there are three silver key chests, two gold doors, two demon doors, the Sunset House puzzle chest, and the Aurora mine flit switch puzzle chest that have weapons. The Milspeak Demon door is the first of these weapon locations. I will provide details on the others when we come to them. These locations contain weapons that cannot be bought in shops. They are as follows:

    Hammer of Wilmageddon, Jack's Hammer, Scythe's Warhammer, Sorrow's Fist, Tannar's Glory, The TYPO

    Avo's Lamentation, Beadle's Cutlass, Really Sharp Pair of Scissors, Souldrinker, Thunderblade

    Arkwright's Flintlock, Simmons's Shotgun, Equaliser, Shrieking Pilgrim, Skorm's Justice

    Bloodcraver, Briar's Blaster, Ice Maiden, Tee Killer Shooter

    We are going to the Milspeak Demon Door fairly early. This is the one where two heroes interact and eventually kiss. You should sign Prince out and have Gamertag sign in and join. Have Princess interact with Gamertag—she should hug, dance, whistle, shake hands, and do the hero pose. Chances are the option to kiss will not appear. Interact with Gamertag and propose marriage by pressing RB. Choose a family house in Brightwall and a simple street wedding. After the ceremony, immediately fast travel back to the Demon Door. You pick up where you left off. Now, the option to kiss will appear fairly easily. Once the door opens, you can divorce Gamertag or not.

    Gift the weapon if it is one Gamertag needs. Save the games. Sign Gamertag out and Prince back in. He doesn’t need to join until just before the end of the battle in the Mercenary camp to leech guild seals. Continue to play. The fastest way to complete the Brightwall segment is to do the Missing Play and Chicken quests.

    The next weapon opportunity occurs in Mourningwood. After exiting the hole and before the Fort, take a right and an immediate left to find the ten silver key chest. Save the game. Swap out Prince and bring in Gamertag to open the chest. If it’s a weapon Gamertag needs, gift it. Save the games and have Gamertag leave. Sign Gamertag out and Prince back in. The next time you’ll want to have Prince join the game is right before the end of the big fight with the Hollow Men at the Fort.

    After you make your promise to Major Swift and leave the Road to Rule, you are free to go. A detour to Sunset House is in order. Instead of entering the Mourningwood Village area, take a left thru the Sunset House Area cast iron gate. There are two weapons in the Sunset House area. One is in the gold door to the far right after you enter the compound. You should have two gold keys left and the door requires one. The other weapon is in a chest that becomes available after the Chesty quest. This is perhaps the best chest for low probability weapons. The most efficient tactic is to do this chest after you talk to Page and have the Chesty quest guild seals count towards Page’s requirement. However, I prefer to do the quest immediately.

    After you complete the Chesty quest, do the Sunset House mirror puzzle to reveal the weapon chest. If it’s a weapon Gamertag needs, swap out Prince for Gamertag and gift it. If it is a weapon Gamertag already has, keep Prince signed in. Meet with Page. The Bored to Death quest becomes available. Select it and complete it.

    You can now fast travel to Millfields. The best way to go there is by selecting the Restoration quest. The payoff is a measly five guild seals but it is the easiest quest to do. We will not be doing the time consuming follow-on quests that establish Driftwood. After completing Restoration, go to the 20 silver key chest just below the Demon Door. Swap Prince out for Gamertag and open the chest. If it’s a weapon Gamertag needs, gift it. Save the game and have Gamertag leave but don’t sign out just yet. Go to the sanctuary and buy the Mourningwood Fort. Fast travel there and do the Mortar and Mourning quest.

    I’m assuming Gamertag has already done it and unlocked the Kaboom achievement. The Kaboom achievement can be done either solo or joint; however, to receive a weapon as a reward, it must be done solo. It is not that difficult. The key is to get a good start while the hollow men spawn slowly. After the first half dozen spawns, the spawn rate increases and it’s easy to string together quality shots.

    The first spawns are predictable. Start on the far left and kill all five hollow men that appear. Go to the far right and kill all five hollow men that appear. Move over one spot to the left and kill all five hollow men that appear. Next, go to the third from the left spawn spot and hit the hollow men. Immediately, go one lane to the left and hit the spawn spot. The final spot in the opening sequence is the top middle spawn spot. Beginning with the fourth spawn, you do not have to kill all the hollow men that appear in a spawn. If you don’t do it for the first three spawns, there is a delay until the next spawn.

    By the way, if you haven’t upgraded a Swift Irregular rifle, it’s a good idea to equip it and get the upgrade for scoring 2,000 in the mortar game.

    If you have difficulty scoring 2,000 solo, you can omit this weapon location. You can get all the weapons elsewhere. Nevertheless, I have found this to be a good location for low probability weapons and recommend you include it. Once you get the weapon as a reward, gift it to Gamertag who should still be signed in. Have Gamertag leave but do not sign out just yet.

    The next weapon location is in the Ossuary gold door chest that becomes available when you embark on the Gone but not Forgotten quest. The Bored to Death quest is a prerequisite which is why we did it. When you get to the gold door, you should have one gold key left. Use it to open the door. Proceed to the chest and open it. If Gamertag doesn’t have it, gift it. The Ossuary gold door chest has a high probability of containing Avo’s Lamentation (most likely), Shrieking Pilgrim, or Equaliser.

    At this point, take stock of your weapons. This is the last weapon location before Aurora. There are three weapons that are very low probability before Aurora and high probability in Aurora. They are Skorm’s Justice, Jack’s Hammer, and Bloodcraver. If you already have them, you can skip Aurora. You don’t even have to finish this quest unless you want Prince to leech the Guild Seals. You’ll need to go to Bowerstone Market to check out the weapon shop (and buy potions, preferably with Prince, if you are so inclined).

    It is quite possible that you will have these three weapons but more likely that you will not. The odds are in your favor that you have got two out of three of these weapons with your Gamertag play-thru providing you unlocked the Aurora mine by accepting Reaver’s position on Aurora. Assuming that you have not acquired all three weapons, you will need to complete the Gone but not Forgotten quest. Don’t forget to have Prince join to leech the 30 guild seals payoff.

    At this point, Page’s 100 guild seal requirement should be satisfied by doing the 40 guild seal Game quest. Select it and fast travel there. However, before you do the quest, go in the opposite direction of the golden path and stop by the weapon shop. If it contains weapons Gamertag needs, swap out Prince for Gamertag and make the required purchases with Gamertag. Save the games and swap Prince back in. It’s a good idea to go a few doors down to the potion shop and have Prince stock up on potions for his upcoming play-thru.

    There is a lot of time consuming gameplay before the next weapons become available. Complete the Game quest and see Page to move the plot along. Play thru until you arrive in Aurora. When you can explore the city, there is a 20 silver key chest with a weapon. Sign in Gamertag to unlock the chest. I have never gotten a weapon that I had not previously obtained elsewhere from this chest. If you are luckier than I was, gift the weapon to Gamertag. The two good locations as well as the weapon shop do not become available until much later.

    When you become Queen, if you have been playing with a good moral view, do not give money to the treasury until after you make a decision on Aurora. If you have selected the good path, your Aurora decision will hurt your moral standing but a donation to the treasury from your personal funds should fix it.

    Play until you have to decide the future of Aurora. Press and hold X to select Reaver’s position. Check your moral view. If you’re a good hero make sure you are completely good. If you are an evil hero, make sure you are completely evil. If not, take steps to adjust. Improve your morality by donating to the treasury from your personal funds. Decrease your morality by taking from the treasury and/or going on a massacre of innocent villagers.

    Once you have adjusted your morality, fast travel to the Demon Door in Aurora. It will open if you are either completely bad or completely good. There is some belief that you’re moral view influences the weapon behind the Demon Door. I have tested this and found no substantiation. I have gone there completely good and saved my game before checking the weapon. I have then quit, reloaded the saved game and changed my moral view to completely evil. The weapon behind the door is the same. I have done the reverse and gone there completely evil, saving my game before opening the door. The weapon behind the door is the same weapon as when I reloaded the saved game become good and opened the door.

    Whether you go as good or evil, the probability of getting a certain weapon is about the same. Both the weapon behind the Demon Door and the weapon in the chest revealed upon solving the flit switch puzzle have a very high probability of being one of six weapons—Skorm’s Justice, Bloodcraver, Jack’s Hammer, Shrieking Pilgrim, Equaliser, or Avo’s Lamentation. The first three weapons are very low probability from any other location but high probability behind the Demon Door and in the Aurora mine. The latter three are the most likely weapons from the Ossuary Gold Door. So, if you already have Skorm’s Justice, Bloodcraver, and Jack’s Hammer; it’s not worth taking the trip to Aurora.

    After you open the Demon Door, check the weapon shop. It will probably be night. Buy a house, move in, and sleep till morning. Check the shop and have Gamertag buy any required weapons. If you’re so inclined, have Prince buy some potions for his upcoming play-thru. I, personally, don’t think it’s necessary and prefer to keep Gamertag signed in. We’re about thru and there are no more guild seals for Prince to acquire without going out of one’s way.

    Head up the hill from the weapon shop to the Aurora mine. Solve the flit switch puzzle and open the chest. Hopefully, you will now have acquired Skorm’s Justice, Bloodcraver, and Jack’s Hammer and will not have to return to Aurora in Prince’s play-thru.

    This concludes Princess’s play-thru. Gift any important items and to Gamertag. If you want, you can gift any gold Princess might have to Prince along with any wedding rings. It is best to remove the Princess saved game from the hard drive. You can do so by either deleting it or by moving it to a USB drive. If the latter, remove the USB drive. I prefer not to reuse temporary profiles.

    I recommend moving both the saved game and the Princess profile to a USB drive and removing the drive. There are two reason for doing so. First, Fable III is a very glitchy game with serious data management problems. Second, I have reason to suspect that there is a relationship between weapons available in a game and the profile used. In other words, there is more variety between two play-thrus with different profiles than between two play-thrus with the same profile. I can’t say this with a certainty; however, I have done over fifty play-thrus that suggest this is a strong possibility. At any rate, let’s create a new profile. I’ll call it Hero for reference. We’ll be playing a Prince/Hero game in much the same way as we played the Princess/Prince game.

    The first order of business is to get Prince ready. Sign in with Gamertag and have Prince join. Go to Road to Rule and have Prince join and spend guild seals. As with Princess, the priority is to pick up the Landlord pack, the Entrepreneur pack, and the Family Pack. After that, level up both magic and ranged weapons. If Prince has done a good job leeching guild seals, you’ll have enough to max the levels. If you still have to go to Aurora, use leftover seals for spell weaving, shock, and blades. The woven shock/blades combination is the best tactic against shadows. If you no longer have to go to Aurora, you can spend the remaining guild seals as you please. I ignore melee. Using melee in fights prolongs them and exposes the hero to additional risk.

    As with Princess, acquire three gold keys. If you haven’t played Gamertag’s game since prepping Princess, Gamertag will be at the Enigma gold key site to start with. After you get three gold keys, save your games and exit to the home screen. Start a game as Prince. You’ll be at the very beginning of the game; however, your character will be powered up. Go to the 50 key silver chest and have Gamertag open it. You should already have all four of the weapons it is capable of providing. However, the 2,000,000 in gold will come in handy.

    Play the game until you get to the gold door in the catacombs. Open it and proceed to the chest but don’t open it. As with Prince earlier, sign in with King and have him join. Open the chest. King will acquire well over a hundred guild seals whereas Prince will acquire 40. Play exactly as you did with the Princess/Prince combo.

    When you open the chest behind the Ossuary Gold Door, determine if you need to go to Aurora. If you have Skorm’s Justice, Jack’s Hammer, and Bloodcraver; there is little to be gained from going to Aurora. You should be able to get to the Ossuary Gold Door in under an hour and a half. It takes another hour and a half or so to reach the Aurora Demon Door because of the lengthy plot elements. Any weapon at the Aurora weapon shop can also be available at the Brightwall or Bowerstone market shops. With or without the Aurora shop, you will acquire all 24 shop weapons well before you acquire the 20 weapons from the weapon locations (three silver key chests, two gold doors, two demon doors, the Sunset House puzzle chest, and the Aurora mine flit switch puzzle chest).

    If you have been unlucky and have to go to Aurora, do so. There is a low probability that you can get one (or even much less likely more than one) of the three ‘Aurora’ weapons (Skorm’s Justice, Jack’s Hammer, and Bloodcraver) before you get to Aurora. My experience is that it happens every dozen play -thrus or so. The Sunset House chest, the Mourningwood Fort, and the Sunset Gold Door seem to be the best. However, these are low probability occurrences. It is best to bite the bullet and keep going to Aurora until you have acquired them.

    Once you have the Aurora weapons, it is all downhill. It may take a number of play-thrus. Nevertheless, a quick play-thru to the Ossuary Gold Door is a breeze with a buffed up hero using our leech tactics. The weapon I had the least luck with was the Really Sharp Pair of Scissors. In over 50 play-thrus, I got it only four times—twice at the Morningwood Fort and twice at the Sunset House puzzle chest. Arkwright’s Flintlock was the next in line; however, I got 8 in five locations so it was nowhere near as problematic as the Really Sharp Pair of Scissors.
  • ValycValyc180,328
    09 Feb 2011 10 Feb 2011
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    I found this guide to be the most effective when collecting Legendary Weapons. In this guide you will get up to 10 Legendary Weapons, and I estimate this to take 5-6 hours.

    Before we begin, I have a couple of tips:

    Tip 1: Do not waste time opening common chests and digging up items.

    Tip 2: If you transfer a good ranged and a good melee weapon from your primary hero, it will make things a bit easier at the start of your game.

    Tip 3: In The Road To Rule, only spend Guild Seals on weapon/magic upgrades and the 3 other Packs (the 2 Expressions and the Entrepreneur Pack)

    Now, lets get going....

    Bowerstone Castle:
    When the game starts, and you get into the garden, run left and you will find your first silver key behind the statue.

    You find the second key on the path to the left, as you enter the catacombs during your escape from the castle.

    Brightwall Village:
    When you arrive at Brightwall Village, get the silver key under the bridge by the house outside Brightwall Village.

    Once inside Brightwall Village get the keys near the chickens coups and to the left of the Academy.

    Inside the Reliquary you will find another two silver keys.

    Mistpeak Valley:
    Before you enter The Mercenary Camp, you should get the silver key behind the logs.

    Mercenary Camp:
    Inside The Mercenary Camp get the key beside the watchtower (where you get attacked by wolves).

    Brightwall Village:
    When you get the task to earn 30 Guild Seals in Brightwall Village, I suggest you do the Chicken Chaser and Gnomes Are Great quests. After you killed the mercenaries and picked up the statue in the the Gnomes Are Great quest, run a little bit further up the path and turn left. Pass the chest on your right an enter the Chillbreath Caverns. Run all the way through the cavern (the glowing trail should lead you straight through), and when you exit the cave you find a golden key.

    For the remaining required guild seals, I recommend just interacting with the citizens of Brightwall until you have earned all 30 guild seals.

    Mistpeak Valley:
    After gain the support of Dwellers, buy expressions packs. Head to the Demon door in Mistpeak Valley, and open door with another hero (you can do this by joining the game with your primary hero). Inside you will find your first legendary weapon.

    If your primary hero has a lot of money, I recommend transferring around 2 million to your new hero. This will take a little bit of time, since you are only able to transfer max 100,000 in each transfer. When you have reached the end of this guide, you should have the required 5 million to get the key in your treasury.

    Just before entering the Mistpeak Monorail Station to meet Sir Walter, continue past the station and head further up the path and grab the silver key at the top.

    After defeating all the hobbes in The Hole, buy Entrepreneur Pack in Road to Rule. If you transferred money from your primary profile, you should now start to buy all the shops in the Dweller Camp and in Brightwall. I recommend setting the prices on all shops on highest to earn money faster.


    As you enter Mourningwood, cross the bridge and head up the path to the right. There is a 10 silver key chest with a weapon in it.

    After you fought the Hollowmen at the Fort, run up the hill and grap key to the right (behind some planks)

    Continue on, keep left and Enter Sunset House area, and leave again. You will come back later.

    Before reaching the small village in Morningwood, grap key to the left under the arch.


    Enter Bowerstone Industrial and meet up with the Bowerstone Resistance.

    (Buy all the shops in Bowerstone and raise the price)

    Got to Bowerstone Market and get the key down besides the fishtrader by the river. Buy the Hauteville Heights house. Take silver key in back yard. Sleep in the house until midnight, and travel to the Sunset house.

    Sunset House:
    Grab the two keys in this area, and enter the golden door. (17 silver, 0 gold)

    Go to the ghost gazebo and click 4 times on each of the 4 statues. Enter the Sunset Hourse, and defeat chesty. Go to the rooom with the mirror, guide the skeleton mirror image into the 3 holes and enter the mirrored image of the house. Hit the green orb at the table in the hall, and open chest and get the weapon.

    Head back to Bowerstone Industrial and accept the mission called 'Kidnapped'. Once in the sewers, grab the silver key behind the wooden boards.

    Now do some more quest or interact with people to get the remaining required guild seals to have the support of Bowerstone.

    Return to the Bowerstone Resistance, and complete The Masquerade at Reavers Manor.

    I suggest you now buy the Fort in Mourningwood, and play the mortar game. If you score at least 2000 points in a single game, you win a legendary weapon. Must be done in singleplayer!

    While in Mourningwood, do the 'Bored to death' quest. When you reach the mothers grave in Millfields, take the gold key just next to it. (18 keys

    Return to the Bowerstone Resistance once more. Now comes a long section where you wont collect any keys or find any weapons.

    After you become the ruler of Albion, always choose the evil decisions in the throne room and in the treasure chamber.

    Continue completing the main story quests until you get 'The Desert Star' quest, where you are told to collect a large Diamond in the Aurora desert. This will unlock traveling to Aurora.

    Aurora/The Veiled Path:
    Go to Aurora and exit the City. Turn left and go to The Veiled Path. At the very end (to the right) you will find a silver key. Enter The Enigma and in the fourth room you will find silver key number 20 (the amount you need to open a chest in Aurora). After activating the pedestals in the right order (Yellow > Blue > Yellow > Red > Blue > Red > Blue > Red), you will find a golden key.

    Go to Aurora and find the chest to the left of the temple entrance, containing a legendary weapon. If you chose all the evil options when deciding the fate of Albion, you should now be able to open the Demon Door in Aurora, which requires you to be 100% evil (or good). If you are not evil enough, then start killing some citizens in Aurora.

    You hopefully chose to mine Aurora, and you can now enter the mine in Aurora city. Inside the mine, you must hit 8 different flit switches. After you hit them all, go to the platform and perform a Flourish magic attack while standing in the middle. It requires at least Magic Level 2 in order for the magic to hit all flit switches at the same time. You now have access to another legendary weapon.

    Head back to Mourningwood and accept the second part of the quest with the two ghost brothers. The quest is called 'Gone But Not Forgotten'. When you enter the Ossuary go up the stairs, and open the golden door, where you will find a legendary weapon. You now have all the legendary weapons you can find in Albion. There is only one more weapon to find, but it requires all 50 silver keys.

    The Sanctuary:
    There is actually just one more thing to do: Go to the Sanctuary and you will hopefully have at least 5 million in your personal treasury. If not, you should be able to transfer some money from the Kingdom's Treasury. When you have the 5 million in your treasury, you can reach the key at the very top of your pile of gold. After getting this key, transfer all your money to the Kingdom's Treasury or to your primary hero. When your treasury is empty, a chest is visible at the back (you might have to leave your treasury and return). This chest contains a legendary weapon.

    You should now have found 10 legendary weapons, which you now transfer to your primary hero. Rinse and repeat all of this, and you might find other of the weapons you are missing.

    This way is what I found to be the quickest method to collect the highest amount of weapons in the shortest amount of time. I think this guide took me 5-6 hours to run through.

    Good luck!
  • kkiirrkkkkiirrkk54,295
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    Ok after doing various research online as well as in game research, heres what ive found. This solution contains spoilers.

    Ive been using the fable wiki for information. Its all categorized into types and rarities. I found this much easier to understand and use than just a 'list'.


    For some reason, I tried linking the specific pages I used, but then the link wouldn't work. Check under the pages 'We need guns, lots of guns' and 'legendary weapons'.

    Firstoff, let me say you can get all these weapons thru local coop. This second account doesn't even need a xbox live access. Makes life a lot easier in acquiring this achievement.

    Secondly, you can have your coop partner open any silver chests for you (again, this account doesn't have to have xbox live).

    To do this, first, you will have to create an account with all 50 silver keys. Then have an account that you don't want to mess with keys create a new game. Play thru the game to the point where you have access to most/all silver chests. Then the secondary account (the one with 50 silver keys) will log in to open any silver chest for you. Have the secondary account be the one to open silver chests. This results in the Host account acquiring the item that was supposed to be in there (legendary weapon, gold, etc), whilst the secondary account gets a random loot (I tended to get rare gems when I did this).

    Also, I accidently stumbled on a way to get the relic weapon in the sanctuary treasure room very quickly. The basic premise is that you need 5 million gold to get the key, then back down to almost zero gold to open the chest.

    Firstly, you will HAVE to amass 5 million gold on at least one account. Once you've done this, create a new character on a second account. Once again, this account does not have to have xbox live access.
    Don't pick up any gold or open chests with this account. Its ok if you still have the gold that Walter gives you initially. Play through the game until you are able to purchase a weapon in brightwall.
    Keep the new account as the host, log in your account that has 5 million gold on him. Form a business partnership with the new account. Both accounts now share the same gold.
    Have the new account (the host) go to the sanctuary treasure room. You should have a huge pile of gold in there now. Get the key at the top of the pile. Go back to brightwall.
    Now end the buisness partnership you formed. The host account goes back into the sanctuary treasure room. Now you only have the miniscule amount of gold you originally started with. Open the chest.
    You have now unlocked a Relic Weapon!

    According to the website I listed above, there are only 4 relic weapons to get. You can only get 2 per game as they are only unlocked in the sanctuary treasure room and the 50 key chest in bowerstone castle. This simple method makes it very easy to acquire all relic weapons. You don't even need to amass 50 silver keys, just 20 if your not a big collector fan.

    I should add that while doing all these coop unlocks, one of my accounts DID have xbox live access. The other one did not. Don't think it will matter, but ill state it here just in case.
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    I'm not providing a solution here, because it's pretty straight-forward, but I just want to quickly explain something.
    In every profile, there are 26 weapons that you can get without trading.
    12 of these weapons are purchased from armories (bowerstone market, brightwall, aurora), and the rest of them are from quests/treasure chests.
    The Gnomewrecker, Bonemasher, Tee-Killer Shooter and the Tenderiser will always appear in every save file.
    In each file, there will be two relics (rare legendary weapons: avo's lamentation, the swinging sword, chickenbane, dragonstomper .48, skorm's justice, the sandgoose and Jack's hammer and a few others that i can't remember)
    Also, you will most likely have other weapons that are legendary, but don't actually count towards the total, because you got them from DLC, pre-order bonuses or shop-unique bonuses. These weapons are: Wolsbane, The Channeler, Shardbone, The Inquisitor, The Absolver, The Champion, The Bloodstone Bludgeon, Gusket's Musket, The Marksman 500 and a few others i can't remember.
    Hope this guide helps

    EDIT: You can't get the tee-killer shooter in every game. I just happened to get it on every one of my three profiles, so i assumed you'd always get it. Sorry about that.
  • FreysiFreysi187,598
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    Just wanted to add a condensed version of the various speedruns above which I have used to farm:

    - Make evil decisions everywhere.
    - If you need a relic weapon, once you get Entrepreneur, buy a bunch of shops, pubs, pawnbrokers with the 2m from the 50 chest. At the end of the game you should have close to 5m gold for the sanctuary key. If not, just leave the game running until you have it.
    - Use Fireball + Shock only
    - Ignore all normal chests, keys, and dig spots. Use your main to open silver chests with local coop
    - Ignore Gnomewrecker, Tenderizer and Bonesmasher (so total 24 weapons)

    1. Start a new game with new account
    2. Open the 50 chest with your main
    3. Play until Leaders and Followers. Run past every enemy you can.
    4. Here you need 30 seals. Do Missing Play for seals. Do Gnomes are Great for seals. Get the Gold key in Chillbreath.
    5. Open Mistpeak Demon Door with your main (you might have to marry and go back to the door)
    6. Continue story and open Mourningwood silver chest with your main
    7. Continue story and stop by at Sunset house, open Gold door and mirror chest
    8. Continue story to Bowerstone Resistance
    9. Visit Bowerstone weapon shop
    10. Visit Brightwall weapon shop
    11. Open Millfield silver chest with your main
    12. Buy Mourningwood fort and finish mini-game (this became buyable after zoneing a couple times, not sure when/why)
    13. Move your main account to the Driftwood gold key location and log in your new account to pick up the key.
    14. Do the Ghost brothers quest line and open Ossuary gold door (this also counts for the 100 seals you need). I also did The Game for 40 seals.
    15. Become King
    16. Betray Aurora
    17. Open Aurora demon door. If you need more evil, just transfer from/to treasury until you are maxed out.
    18. Open Aurora silver chest
    19. Open Aurora mine chest
    20. Visit Aurora weapon shop
    21. Open Sanctuary chest

    The whole thing takes me about 5,5 hours. I'm sure it could be cut even more down (perhaps in steps 4 and 14). If you have all relics and rares, you can stop at step 12. That should take less than 3 hours, the Aurora leg of the game is quite time consuming.
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