We Need Guns, Lots Of Guns achievement in Fable III

We Need Guns, Lots Of Guns

Collect all 50 legendary weapons. They won’t all appear in your world, so trade with other Heroes!

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How to unlock the We Need Guns, Lots Of Guns achievement

  • smudged horizonsmudged horizon226,354
    30 Oct 2010 27 Oct 2010 10 Nov 2010
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    Ok so this is like Dollcatcher extreme - you can only get a maximum of 26/50 Legendary weapons from your play-through. This breaks down to: 12 from shops (4 random weapons spawn in each of the 3 blacksmith shops in Albion) 12 from chests, and 2 are quest rewards. The shops will only ever stock the same weapons.

    The 12 Chests Are Located:
    1) Dark Sanctum Sidequest Flit Switch Puzzle
    2) Sunset House Chesty Sidequest Mirror Puzzle
    3) Regular Chest in Mourningwood
    4) 10 Key Chest in Mourningwood
    5) 20 Key Chest by Demon Door in Millfields
    6) 50 Key Chest in Bowerstone Castle
    7) Gold Door in Mourningwood
    8) Gold Door outside of Sunset House
    9) Gold Door in Aurora
    10) Mistpeak Demon Door
    11) Auroran Demon Door
    12) Chest in Sanctuary Treasure Room

    Quest wise, you get the Gnomewrecker legendary weapon for completing the Gnomes are Evil sidequest (collecting all 50 Gnomes)
    Also (and a big thanks to XNooodlesX) you get a legendary weapon as a reward for scoring 2000+ in the MourningWood Fort mortar game, after buying the fort. Reported that the mortar game must be done SOLO and not in co-op. (thanks MysticWierdo)

    ((WARNING - please note that any of the DLC or pre-order weapons (including the Free Weapons add on currently available on Live) do NOT count towards your total of 50 weapons.))

    To get all 50 you will need to either:
    a) play through Fable 3 on a second gamertag; reaching at least the first town with the blacksmith (and so spawning 4 random legendary weapons) and hoping that at least some of the 4 are ones you are missing. Buy the weapons, then with couch co-op join your game with your original Hero and gift over the weapons (or just purchase with your original Hero) and repeat till you have all the missing ones. Definitely check out Zarbolord's fantastic speed run guide below for detailed info how to solo this achievement!

    b) Find people online to Live co-op with that have the weapons you are missing in their stores, and buy them there. (This will obviously be a lot easier!) As with Fable 2, shops will restock faster if you sleep in a bed to pass time.

    **You MUST have all 50 weapons, in your inventory at once.**
    The game will NOT count it if you have previously owned a weapon and sold it on.

    And finally here is a weapon list so you can check off the ones you have and see which ones you are missing: (from the guide, so not 100% certain of accuracy yet: if wrong blame Brady not me!)

    1 Avo's Lamentation
    2 Beadle's Cutlass
    3 The Casanova (Random Shop Spawn)
    4 The Love Sword
    5 The Merchant's Bodyguard (Random Shop Spawn)
    6 Mr. Stabby (Random Shop Spawn)
    7 Really Sharp Pair of Scissors
    8 Slimquick (Random Shop Spawn)
    9 Souldrinker
    10 The Splade (Random Shop Spawn)
    11 The Swinging Sword
    12 Thunderblade

    13 Auora's Shield (Random Shop Spawn)
    14 Dragonbone Hammer (Random Shop Spawn)
    15 Faerie Hammer of the Moon King (Random Shop Spawn)
    16 Hammer of Wilmageddon
    17 Jack's Hammer
    18 Lunarium Pounder (Random Shop Spawn)
    19 Mallett's Mallet (Random Shop Spawn)
    20 Scythe's Warhammer
    21 Sorrow's Fist
    22 Tanner's Glory
    23 The Tenderizer - Guaranteed Drop - Dark Sanctum flit switch puzzle
    24 Trollblight(Random Shop Spawn)
    25 The TYPO

    26 The Barnumficator (Random Shop Spawn)
    27 Bloodcraver
    28 The Bonesmasher - Guaranteed Drop - Regular Chest in Mourning Wood
    29 Briar's Blaster
    30 Chickenbane
    31 Desert Fury (Random Shop Spawn)
    32 Dragonstomper .48
    33 Gnomewrecker - Guaranteed Drop - Collect all 50 Gnomes
    34 Holy Vengeance (Random Shop Spawn)
    35 The Ice Maiden
    36 Mirians' Mutilator (Random Shop Spawn)
    37 Reaver Industries Perforator (Random Shop Spawn)
    38 Tee Killer Shooter

    39 Arkwright's Flintlock
    40 Defender of the Faith (Random Shop Spawn)
    41 The Equalizer
    42 Facemelter (Random Shop Spawn)
    43 The Hero's Companion (Random Shop Spawn)
    44 Ol' Malice (Random Shop Spawn)
    45 The Sandgoose
    46 Scattershot (Random Shop Spawn)
    47 The Shrieking Pilgrim
    48 Simmon's Shotgun
    49 Skorm's Justice
    50 Swift Irregular (Random Shop Spawn)

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    WhiteHelljumperStill looking, so reposting my comment.

    Here's what I have in my shops. If you see anything you need just message me and we can go through each other's shops to get weapons.

    Swift Irregular
    Mirian's Mutilator
    Lunarium Pounder
    The Merchant's Bodyguard

    Bowerstone Market:
    Defender of the Faith
    The Splade
    Desert Fury
    Faerie Hammer of the Moon King

    Holy Vengeance
    Posted by WhiteHelljumper on 01 Mar at 00:42
    Liam The Celt 1Hey I need help with this

    GT: CPLDevlin98
    Posted by Liam The Celt 1 on 14 Mar at 09:15
    Grim R3aper33Hey, I am looking for help with this, and fashion disaster. If anyone is willing to help please message me.
    Posted by Grim R3aper33 on 01 Apr at 15:09
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  • ZarbolordZarbolord61,666
    11 Nov 2010 08 Nov 2010 09 Nov 2010
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    The fastest treasure hunter ever
    .v1.3 by Zarbolord

    This is a guide for the Fable 3 legendary weapons achievement: We need guns, Lots of guns, and how to complete it fast if you can’t trade with other players or need chest weapons. Basically it tells you how to speed run the game to get as many weapons as fast as possible to give you more chances for the ones you’re missing. You can stop at any moment you feel comfortable, I just detailed until Millfields since the rest is straight forward.

    Also just to put things straight, it’s an addition to other guides, this guide doesn’t have a weapon’s list, nor does it say any specifications about the achievement. It’s just to help with those needing rush hunts, so I will ignore all comments which don’t relate to the content in this guide. If you require that information please refer to smudged horizon’s guide, which is just above.

    Rule #1: As soon as you get in an area get as many silver keys as you can, you will need 10, then 20, then 50 to be able to open the weapon chests (if you don’t want to open the 50 chest then only bother with 20, but I still find it better to open them all just in case). I will mark down the ones I got in order through the guide.

    Rule #2: Rush through the story, there’s no point in doing sidequests which won’t help you (unless you need guild seals to advance, i.e. in Bower Industrial).

    Rule #3: Only buy shops and pubs. On a normal amount of rent, I found that I received 100k every 5 minutes at the end of the game having bought all houses and shops, more than half of that was from shops only. So to not make this rush run of yours more annoying, just buy the shops and put them on high rent, it will cover all your expenses and not need any repairs. Certainly it might seem slower but more efficient in my opinion.

    Rule #4: Ignore, absolutely ignore, all the weapons which are fixed (unless you need them but you should have had them on your main account). The Gnomewrecker will take hours, just to get all 50 gnomes, so ignore that quest entirely. The Tenderiser is, again, a waste of time if you already have one. Also no comment for the Bonesmasher, it’s on your way anyway (and could be useful to kill the hollowmen faster).

    Rule #5: If you don’t get the weapons you want in the first few chests, don’t just quit and start again, my first weapons were useless to me, but then I found a few I needed further in the story so just keep going ( which is why I recommend getting that 50 silver key chest, but you don’t need to go that far if you don’t want to).

    Rule #6: Always check the shops in case they sell a weapon you don’t have, you never know!

    And so it begins...

    Silver key 1: In parents’ tomb, on your left as you walk down the path.

    When you get to Mistpeak Valley you can access the Chillbreath Caverns to get a silver key and the 1st golden key. You can also find 2 keys at the start, 1 behind a log pile, the other at the end of the slope near the monorail entrance. You can later log on with a friend or another GT account (once you get the lover and joker expression packs in the road to rule) and open the demon door in Mistpeak, which will hold your first legendary weapon.

    That makes 1 weapon, 1 Golden Key and 4 Silver Keys

    Brightwall will also contain a few keys. I managed to get 3 of the 5 quite quickly, including the 2 in the reliquary (the switch at the floating blocks and the door that opens when you light all the ground torches) and 1 in brightwall itself (left of the academy).

    That makes 1 weapon, 1 Golden Key and 7 Silver Keys

    When you reach the Mercenary Camp, you can find a silver key next to a watch tower on the hill, just at the animal cages area where you fight wolves. After that when you reach the hole you can get 2 keys, one behind crates and shelves on the right to the technician’s door, the other will require you to get the technician’s key on the left path just after the hobb arena and to run back to that door and climb the cliff.

    At this point you will have 1 weapon, 1 golden key and 10 silver keys.

    Just enough for the 10 silver key chest in Mourningwood, to which you’ve just arrived. When there’s a U shaped slope bend, climb it on the right and you’ll find your 2nd weapon. A little further, just before the Fort you’ll find a chest with the Bonesmasher. After the Fort get the key in the barred alcove along the hill and continue on to sunset Manor. At this point you can open the Golden door, get two more silver keys, and get the weapon from the chesty mirror puzzle. You can also find another silver key in the alcove in Mourning wood just before the Hippy Camp.

    You will now have 4 weapons, 0 golden keys and 14 silver keys.

    Now this is the point where it goes tiddle dee widdle dee, as when you reach Bower Industrial they give you a bit more freedom. I’d try to find 2 silver keys here and there, I suggest from the Old Quarter since they’re accessible right away (near the beach just outside the castle wall on the right behind a tree whilst looking out to the sea, and inside the house on the U bend road). You can then go to Millfields, grab the last key from The Hole behind the platform, get the key from Pepperpot Cave, another after hopping over a gate and following up the path when at the top of the hill, and the last one just before the graveyard on the left while looking in the direction of the lake.

    4 weapons, 0 gold keys, 20 silver keys.

    You can now run to the demon door in Millfields and open the 20 key chest on the left of it. That’ll give you another weapon. As from this point I suggest doing the Driftwood quests as quick as you can to get that 2nd golden key you need. It will be used to open the golden door in the Ossuary. I also suggest to hunt down all silver keys available and rush through the story.

    These are the last things you need to do, at your own discretion:
    - Open the door in the Ossuary (so do the ghost brothers’ quests too)
    - Open the chest in the sanctuary room
    - Open the demon door in aurora
    - Open the 20 silver key chest on the left of the temple entrance in Aurora
    - Open the 50 silver key chest in the castle gardens.
    - Buy the Fort in MourningWood and get over 2000 points in the minigame (solo) to get another weapon.
    - If you enslave the auroran people and get the mine built, you can access an extra chest with a rare weapon in it (after a puzzle).

    And voila, shouldn’t take too long, I’d say 4 to 10 hours depending on how well you know all this and how quick you are. If you have any questions just ask me through a pm or something, or directly if you know me personally. Good hunting!
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    Tucker42006Is the Sanctuary Chest fixed? i only get Chickenbane out of it.
    Posted by Tucker42006 on 21 Mar 11 at 23:57
    Ueki420This guide is a great guide (perfect for me since I don't have internet at home). While TA says this is "online required" those of us who don't have access to the internet need not worry..just use a 2nd tag and bring in your 1st tag...brilliant I'm 7 weapons away right now and should have this fairly soon Thumbs Up!
    Posted by Ueki420 on 22 Dec 11 at 15:44
    EasedSun2742794You don't need to get any silver keys on the dummy account. Just couch co-op with your main, which can open all silver key chests, assuming you collected all the keys on that profile.
    Posted by EasedSun2742794 on 09 Jun 17 at 03:41
  • 54 2 11
    Just a small addition to the quick collector guides. If you follow them using a second profile, you can bring your original Hero on a second controller to open silver key chests meaning you can completely ignore the silver keys.
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    SpeciallyTDerpI got the same weapon every time :\
    Posted by SpeciallyTDerp on 20 Jun 13 at 12:25
    Max SimmaOnly work on the same box, did not work over live for me.
    Posted by Max Simma on 27 Feb 14 at 15:57
    Black BIoodI Have all 50 weapons/all clothes and will gladly gift to anyone who needs it, Just set up a TA session or send me a message on XBL/TA
    Posted by Black BIood on 07 Aug 20 at 23:07
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