Founding Member achievement in FIFA 11

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Include a Creation Centre Team in a Kick-Off match

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How to unlock the Founding Member achievement

  • MrPickleChips1MrPickleChips1269,080
    01 Oct 2010 01 Oct 2010
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    Go to (You will need to register) and select create a team. Go through all the stuff to create a team and save.
    On your FIFA 11 game, goto My FIFA and select creation centre. Your team will be listed, download your team.
    Start a match and select your team, when the match starts the achievement will pop.

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    Snugget23It's a bit trickier to get this achievement now since FIFA 12 is out. If you search for teams in the creation centre on the website and filter by most popular teams then you should find some teams marked "11" which you can then bookmark and get from within the FIFA 11 in the same way as before.
    Posted by Snugget23 on 14 Jun 12 at 13:23
    iBishBashBosh xI just created a team full of [FIFA 11] players (I made sure to) and it made the team for FIFA 12. ARGH.
    Posted by iBishBashBosh x on 05 Jul 12 at 17:28
    IX Knighty87 XIfor some reason it does not let me bookmark a team, does anyone have any answers to why this could be?
    Posted by IX Knighty87 XI on 15 Sep 12 at 03:07
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  • Liam5426Liam542661,836
    06 Oct 2010 07 Oct 2010
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    If your having problems and cant save your own team (or cant be bothered to make one), then instead, log in to EA select someone elses ready made team - i went for an Aston Villa XI - and bookmark the team. Then when you go into the creation centre, download the bookmarked team, select exhibition. Go across the leagues until you reach 'creation centre' league, select your downloaded team and play, achievement should pop soon after kick off.
  • cobi26cobi26146,931
    06 Oct 2010 06 Oct 2010
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    Do as Gee2909 has said....i wont take credit for that part of the solution.....however, when you are saving your team, ensure you click "publish" rather than save as draft, its on the box on the right hand side.....saving as draft will allow you to edit again, publishing team will not...then when its published your team will become available!
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    The Legacy 300Im still having trouble,ive done everything u say,ive added a book mark and it says next time i turn my console on and it will b there,but it still says there r no teams there,is any1 else havin trouble?plz help lol
    Posted by The Legacy 300 on 25 Oct 10 at 21:51
  • CheetahCurtisCheetahCurtis78,438
    03 Oct 2010 05 Feb 2011
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    Go Here:

    Go on create a team and publish. When on FIFA 11, go onto MY FIFA 11 and select Creation Centre. Download the team and then play a match on any difficulty. This should appear at the start of the match.
  • Cahit86Cahit86126,771
    29 Jan 2011 29 Jan 2011 06 Feb 2011
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    If anyone is still having trouble after creating and bookmarking your team and its still not appearing when you go into your FIFA game then make sure your settings under your Gamertag is set to Member Content - Everyone.

    1) Go to your Gamertag profile
    2) Go to Privacy Setting
    3) Go to"Member Content"
    4) Click "everyone" '
    5) Save and Exit
    6) Now go back into FIFA and your team should be there to download.

    Here' s a description on what to do:
    On your Xbox 360 dashboard go along to the 2nd category which is your gamer tag thing...then go along to the online safety section (go to the right and its the 3rd one) click change settings..customize scroll down to member content and click everyone, then back and save & exit. Load FIFA
  • C x NuTTC x NuTT47,029
    28 Jun 2012 28 Jun 2012 17 Jan 2013
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    Okay, so the solutions since FIFA 11 has become outdated were confusing for me and I had trouble. So I figured I will explain how I did it for those who were lost like myself.

    1) Go to
    2) On the left sidebar there should be the option for "FIFA Creation Centre," click it.
    3) There should be boxes with "Recently Crated Teams", "Recently Created Tournaments", and "Recently Created Players". Next to the "Recently Created Teams" tab on the right, there should be an option to click "More Teams".
    4) Now there are going to be many teams, but they're all going to be from FIFA 12, so you need to click either "Most Downloaded Teams" or "Highest Rated Teams" and there should be plenty of FIFA 11 teams to choose from.
    5) After picking one, Bookmark it, and then go to the Creation Centre in your game and download the team.
    6) Go to a Kick Off game, and now there should be a spot for Creation Centre and the downloaded team will be there.

    Hope this guide was thorough enough, but not too much to cause any confusion. If you need any help feel free to message me, even on XBL.

    *Edit 1/17/13*
    The Fifa website has been modified a little since the FIFA 13 release. My guide still works though, but the tabs you need to click may not be in the exact spot on the page as described. They are still in the same order though, and it shouldn't be a problem.
  • NomstuffNomstuff699,053
    17 Feb 2013
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    Unfortunately, due to EA closing the servers for this game on the 11th of January these achievement along with the rest of the online achievements is now unobtainable.
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    Note to anyone trying this now. Make sure you sync your gamertag with the correct email address

    and to add to the above solution (which is great!) - it may say that it has bookmarked in FiFA 12, however it usually is able to be accessed on 11, as long as it was a 11 team.

    Finallly, when searching, click on advanced search and filter to only 11 teams
  • Kev1109Kev1109391,569
    16 Jun 2012 16 Jun 2012 16 Jun 2012
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    For those of you who are late starters of FIFA 11 like myself, signing in to the website will default to FIFA 12 creation centre.

    You can still get this achievement by clicking the magnifying glass under create your own players, team & tournaments, choosing advanced search options on left hand side of screen, selecting FIFA 11 under all FIFA versions and hitting search.

    Now simply select any team and choose bookmark team. In game, go to My FIFA 11, select Creation Centre and download the team, which can be found under creation centre as the country in the kick off team selection.
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