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  • BemusedBoxBemusedBox1,532,143
    11 Oct 2010 11 Oct 2010
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    The fastest way to get this achievement is to start a career as a player only with your VP pick play as your VP only and try to get your player sent off as quick as you can when he gets sent off it will sim the rest of the match but you will get credit for a game played.

    A few tips.

    1 You keep getting sent off so they will bench you in the end the better the team the quicker this will happen so pick a low leauge team.

    2 Difficulty dosent matter so do it on the lowest because you seem to get more games.Position also dosent matter.

    3 When you first start a career for this copy and save this 10-15 times so you have 10-15 different saves when you get benched just swap to a new one.

    General tips
    It seems to be easier with a keeper but its up to you.
    When you get sent off you will not be able to play the next game so instead of advanceing to the next game go to your calender and sim to the day before the next match you will be able to play this will save you some time.
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    this aint really a solution just a method of keeping track of how many games you have played with your pro

    if you disconnect the internet/wifi cable from the back of the machine before you fire up the game then when you get to the main menu of the game use the trigger buttons to scroll through the stats pages on the main menu and you will come across games played/ goals scored etc for your pro
    you will have to add this number to the number of online games you have played with the pro.

    the number is offline games with your pro the reason i know this is that this number differs from the number of total games under profile manager.
    games played is when ever the pro is used in a match wether he starts or is subbed it will still count as a appearance

    i hope this helps

    @flosta32 on my screen the number didnt advance for any games played with out my pro so i dont know what happened on yours!?

    i have tried to be as accurate as possible with regards to trying help people work out how many game they have played with their PRO
  • SaltyTONSaltyTON212,376
    04 Mar 2011 21 Mar 2011 11 May 2012
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    Edit your pro to play for the various teams when going for the following achievements:

    FIFA 11Home & AwayThe Home & Away achievement in FIFA 11 worth 238 pointsPlay & win in every Stadium

    FIFA 11Around the WorldThe Around the World achievement in FIFA 11 worth 95 pointsPlay a match with a team from every league

    Note that games will still count if you are playing clubs and your opponents quit out, or you play as "Any".

    If you're losing badly in a career mode game then get your pro sent off to save wasting time, as you never know the computer might give your team a result if you're lucky! You will be banned for one game as a result - sim this game as it won't count towards your achievement obviously!

    Also always get yourself sent off in friendlies as long as you're a highly enough rated player as you won't get dropped for this. These games too will also count towards the 500; I've heard from people that this achievement is glitched (although that may only be on the PS3), but it pinged for me at exactly 500.

    Over the course of this you will have played between 65 and 70 hours on the park, if you are using the shortest timed games (4 minutes e/w), so you will also have collected:

    FIFA 11Secret AchievementThe Secret Achievement achievement in FIFA 11 worth 207 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement

    Another suggestion would be to alter the position of your pro in the "virtual pro" area of the game's main menu between defender, midfielder and forward to get various accomplishments, making it quicker to receive:

    FIFA 11Rising TalentThe Rising Talent achievement in FIFA 11 worth 42 pointsComplete 100 Accomplishments with your Virtual Pro

    Playing through the games legitimately will also at some point give you this achievement if you are reasonably good at the game:

    FIFA 11Good Week!The Good Week! achievement in FIFA 11 worth 23 pointsGet yourself selected in the Team of the Week in Career Mode
  • s3bb86s3bb86356,115
    28 Aug 2011 31 Aug 2011
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    ++ Note: This is not the fastest way to get the achievement, but for me the most entertaining one. ++

    I did this by playing career mode only, but on different savegames with different postitions, teams and difficulties. It takes a lot of time, if you want to to it "the right way" without getting sent off. I just played some games per day with 4 min per half while watching sth. else on my computer.

    By playing career mode only, you can count the games played for your pro by checking "my career" while being in career mode. If you are playing on different savegames, just add them up. note that simulated games will be counted to your games played number but do not count towards the achievement so keep track of your simulated games.

    Another thing not stated in the other solutions here is, that you may actually play with the whole team, as long as your pro is in the starting formation. I do not know, if substitutions affect your progress, so my pro had to play the full distance the whole time. If your stamina drops too much, just sit your pro one simulated game.

    Note: Please leave a comment if the "my career" option mentioned above is actually named that way. I do not an english version, so i am not absolutely sure.
  • pezza888pezza888110,006
    11 Jul 2016 11 Jul 2016 11 Jul 2016
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    I am going to try and combine all the useful information about this achievement into one guide.
    The first point is that you can see how many games you've played offline on the home screen on the billboard. Unfortunately this number can be misleading as it includes games played without your pro, and also doesn't include online games, if you ever played before the servers went down. But it is a decent guide to how many games you've played. The other number of games played under profile manager also includes any online games.

    The quickest way to get this achievement is by getting your pro sent off in every game you play of a be a player career. This still counts as a game played but doesn't take as long as the rest of the game simulates once you get sent off.
    I've tried to break my ideas up into 15 rough steps:
    I-Edit your Virtual Pro to be a goalkeeper and move him to Shamrock Rovers in the Irish League. Also make sure he is as young as possible (birth year 1994) as this delays your player's retirement.
    II-Head to "My FIFA 11" in the main menu, then select "Edit Teams", "Squads", "Club Transfers", then go to Shamrock Rovers under Republic of Ireland and transfer all their goalkeepers to other teams, leaving your virtual pro as the only goalkeeper
    III-Then go back to the main menu, this time go to "My FIFA 11", "Edit Teams", "Players", "Create Player". You need to create a goalkeeper with all stats at 0 and minimum height. Put him on the Shamrock Rovers team.
    These steps so far have basically made it so that you can't be dropped from the Shamrock team. When you get sent off you miss a game, and the other goalkeeper will play in you place. We have made it so he is so bad that they will always want you back instead.
    IV-Now from the main menu go to Career Mode and make a new career with Shamrock Rovers. Choose to be a player (NOT a player-manager) and put squads to current customised.
    The reason you can't be a player-manager is that when your pro is sent off, if you're just a player the game ends, if you're a PM you take over the whole team.
    V-Pick to be your virtual pro.
    VI-Once the new career is generated, in the career mode menu go to "settings" then save, and save the same career lots of times with different names. This means that when you have to eventually retire, you can just load another ready made save.
    VII-Now you can start playing. Your aim in each game is to get sent off as quickly as possible, and to do this you should try and tackle opposing players from the back. Some people find it easiest to foul the other team's goalie. When you get sent off they'll bring on your created bad player.
    IX-When you get sent off in league games you get a one match ban. So after each completed game, go to calendar and simulate until the match after the next one, simming through the game you're suspended for.
    X-While you wait for it to sim you can do something interesting, such as writing achievement guides that no one will read like this one (so meta)
    XI-At the end of each season, stay at Shamrock Rovers.
    XII-I find it takes maybe 2 to 5 minutes from getting one game done to getting the next done (including time in game and time in menus/between games). 2 minutes is a best case scenario and that will be if you mash the a button to skip through menus and replays.
    XIII-Suppose you get games done in 2 minutes, well then 2 mins times 500 games equals 1000 minutes total, 1000/60=16.66666 hours. This is the best case scenario for the achievement, it is very likely that it will take longer.
    XIV-Overall this is a horrible achievement that takes ages. The process is pretty dull, so I recommend you listen to the radio or to music whilst you do this to ease things along. Good luck and I hope that someone found this guide useful
    XV-I got this achievement when the counter on the main menu said 532 games played, and the one in profile manager 558. The achievement unlocked just after the game ended (and it unlocked from a game in which I was sent off).

    p.s. My advice for FIFA 11 achievement hunting for new players: I would personally first try to get the glitch to work (this is now the only way to get the online achievements), with your virtual pro in the team as the keeper. See guide the guide for how to do the glitch here and also see this thread.
    Trying for the glitch has the bonus of racking up pro games, albeit at a fairly slow rate.
    Then after you get that glitch to work and get the online achievements (it takes a while, keep at it), I would start doing this 500 game process. You'll probably get a good number of miscellaneous achievements along the way, and you can always round up the last few after you get this one to finally complete the game
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