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Z-Genocider 2: Genocide Harder

Kill 53,596 zombies.

Z-Genocider 2: Genocide Harder+4.6
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Achievement Guide for Z-Genocider 2: Genocide Harder

  • SirSmurfusSirSmurfus132,134
    05 Oct 2010 28 Sep 2010
    23 2 6
    Head to the Slot Ranch Casino security room, and there you will find a book to do with bikes. This books just so happens to make your bike like three times longer, why is this handy?
    Get a chainsaw, make a Slicecycle, and get 3,000 kills for each bike.
    Also if you have the money grab the SUV key, it's $2,000,000, but the SUV is built like a tank. It will run over an unbelievable amount of zombies before it breaks. Also in the BBQ Shack in Americano Casino there is a book entitled Driving. The SUV will now last three times longer. Thus making the amounts of leaving and coming back significantly smaller.
    However this will still be a longer and enduring task, and it must be in one play through. Make your self a fresh batch of coffee you're going to need it.
  • Takun21Takun21145,280
    07 Feb 2011 07 Feb 2011 07 Feb 2011
    13 0 1
    To prepare, gather the Three Gambling Magazines around Fortune City and make 2 million to buy the SUV keys. Methods of doing this are playing the Pink slots in the Slot Ranch Casino (press the 1k max bet non stop), the High Rollers mission for 500k or simply playing online. Once you have the SUV key's from the Looter's pawnshop opposite the Shamrock Casino, restart your file. Key items such as the Sports car, SUV and Chopper keys carry over between saves.

    Once you start your fresh save, head right from the safe room exit towards the Americana casino and towards the BBQ restaurant, to find the driving magazine. This allows 4 wheeled cars to perform 3 times longer. Head back and complete the Roy's Mart starter mission to obtain a Zobrex and exit to Fortune Park, making your way to the SUV. After this, drive up and down between the Yucana Casino and the Arena, plowing into the biggest piles of zombies. Your SUV will start to smoke and slow after 2500 kills and finally break down after 3k, or enough damage has accumulated. However, after clearing out the biggest piles of zombies between the two stretches, entering and exiting the Yucana casino to repair the SUV and respawn the hoard would be a smart tactic too. (Just beware the Snowflake Psychopath CS that loads when you first enter, as it takes for a decent way from the exit.)

    Quick statistics:
    It's possible to get 72k kills before the millitary roll in on day 3, providing you don't do the storyline. Cases will be failed and Katey will turn. In order to just scrape through, you need to average 1000 kills per in game hour. (At 5 minutes real time, you need to kill 50 zombies every 15 seconds).
    This equals:
    200 zombies per minute.
    1000 zombies per 5 minutes (or 1 in game hour).
    6000 zombies each half hour (0r 6 in game hours).
    12,000 zombies each hour (or half an in-game day) etc etc, right up until you have 72k kills for 72 in game hours.

    If time could be a strain for you, take the effort to give Katey zombrex and clear the case files only, returning to your SUV to restart the run up and down the strip while waiting. This will grant you an aditional day for your kills. If, by the time your up to the Facts, youre unsure about wether or not you'll make it, give an aditional Zombrex shot to TK, as Overtime mode will extend your time a further day.

    When your confident you've had a good run of kills between case files, save your progress. Save to another file if your unsure about anything, and know you can extend your time by taking a quick break to keep the flow of the story going.

    This achievement unlocked for me on Day 4, a short 3 hours before the firebombing. For people who remember to drive only into the thick of the zombie masses and take the effort to repair their car and replenish the hoard by zoning in and out, this can be unlocked much quicker.

    Good luck!
  • GefafwispGefafwisp75,042
    19 May 2011 19 May 2011 19 May 2011
    6 0 1
    This achievement is more of an endurance test than anyhting else so here is a very straightforward solution:

    Start the game having already bought the SUV key and completed the mission "meet the contestants" previously. Bash together a couple of Spiked bats and a Defiler (just incase) as you leave the safehouse, grab a couple of Coffee Creamers from the from the Dark Bean then grab the driving book from the BBQ shack in the Americana Casino. From there, get to the red bike on the Platinum Strip and then use it to get to the SUV in the Shamrock Casino. Don't bother aiming for the zombies when you're riding the bike, it's just quicker than walking and you can pick up about 40 kills on the way there. Hop in the SUV and begin your killing campaign and follow the technique below to make sure you get the achievement in the 3-day timeframe.

    Like Takun21 said, you can kill around 1,000 zombies in 1 game hour (5 minutes real time) and this is the kind of kill count you want to be aiming for.

    Let Katey turn, ignore ALL missions, DON'T leave Fortune Park (this will make sure Leon and the snipers don't appear) and just concentrate on running the zombies over; aim for the bigger groups and reverse over or drive back around to get the ones that were just knocked over by other zombies. Carefully aimed slower driving I found was better than screaming up and down Fortune Park at top speed.

    With the driving book in you inventory the SUV will kill 4,000 zombies AT LEAST and will normally explode between 4,300 and 4,500, though this may happen a hundred or so earlier if you bash into things alot.

    The quickest way to bag this achievement is to remember how many kills you had when you got in the SUV and save your game every time the SUV explodes.
    When your kill count has increased to the next 4,300 or so, make sure that you are near the save point in Fortune Park or down by the red bike at the Arena (so you can ride at speed back to the save point). When it finally goes pop, run over to the nearby save point and save. Then quit, load this save and the SUV will be back where it started, ready to go again. When you've loaded, turn around and take a left towards the hotel, just infront of it you'll find a maintenance cart; use it to drive back to the SUV, aiming at zombies as you go and bagging yourself around 70 kills on the way. Then repeat this technique until glory is yours.

    It sounds simple because it really is, but it's also very, very boring. Here are a few extra hints to help you on your way:

    * Don't waste time killing scattered zombies if you can help it, the Arena entrance, Bunker entrance and stage always have alot of zombies around. The Park also seems to have alot more nasties at night.

    *When driving down to the bunker doors, make sure you go in straight as it's really easy to get stuck downn there. However a successful run down and back can yield more than 80 kills in one go.

    *If you leave the park and Leon appears it's not a massve problem. You can kill him (providing you're pretty quick) and still ge the achievement and of course you get the extra bike near the Yucatan incase you get stranded up there. I wouldn't recommend leaving the park for any reason other than getting Leon to appear.

    *Don't bother with sliceicles, they don't last anywhere near as long as an SUV & book and waste valuable time to make. Plus you can't pick up the bike book until case 3 or 4.

    *Keep your eye on that kill count and make sure you know what number it will be at after the next 4,300. It's very important to be near the save point or the bike when your SUV explodes. This is a tried and tested method.

    Hopefully this solution will help, but be warned, the process of getting this achievement is incredibly dull and I would try not to spend any more than 1 hour at a time driving over zombies, simply for your own sanity.

    Good luck with this one
  • JasonRVSJasonRVS270,506
    23 Jul 2014 24 Jul 2014
    5 0 0
    I used the SUV method described in the other solutions, doing my reloading in Yucatan with occasional saves in the middle of Fortune Park. At my best I was only doing 1500-2000 kills before refreshing in Yucatan. I was able to up my kill/hour count by around 100 in Day 2 when I started clearing out the area in front of the Arena a little more completely (usually 3 straight line passes in front of the door and 2 laps around the fountain), but was not going for perfect runs (got hung up on walls/benches/carts frequently) and still made it with over 2 hours to spare.

    Here are the exact times and kill counts for the saves I made so that they can be used to gauge how well you are doing. Hopefully this will help keep people from wasting time on a full run if their kill/hour ratio isn't what it should be.

    Day 1, 05:43 PM: 11160 (1 run after killing guy on bike)
    Day 2, 08:01 AM: 24190 (could have been higher but my routes weren't that great before this)
    Day 2, 07:03 PM: 34876
    Day 3, 08:02 AM: 47853
    Day 3, 07:16 PM: 59108
    Day 3, 07:33 AM: 72000 (2 hours 27 minutes to spare)
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