Zombie Genocide Master achievement in Dead Rising 2

Zombie Genocide Master

Kill 72,000 zombies.

Zombie Genocide Master+0.2
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How to unlock the Zombie Genocide Master achievement

  • Ibanez V7Ibanez V71,228,984
    28 Sep 2010 29 Sep 2010 03 Oct 2010
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    I got this achievement with 4 hours to spare. Follow these steps and you shouldn't have any trouble.

    I recommend not trying this until you're at least level 30.

    1. First off, you'll need $2 million for the SUV keys. You can get this in about an hour using the 3 gambling books and the big slot machine in the Slot Ranch Casino. See the Big Spender achievement solution for more details.

    2. When you have $2 million, save your game at a restroom then choose Quit > Restart Story from the pause menu and select the save file you just made.

    3. Complete the 1st case (Find Katey Zombrex) then complete One Man's Trash to open the pawn shops.

    4. Go to the pawn shop on the Sliver Strip and purchase the SUV keys. Make sure you pick them up.

    5. Now, this is really important. SAVE then Quit > Restart Story like you did before.

    6. Run straight to Bennie Jack's BBQ Shack in the Americana Casino and grab the Driving book then get to the SUV in Shamrock Casino on the Silver Strip.

    7. You should have around 4 hours before the 72 hour countdown begins, so make the most of it. Obviously, skip all scoops and case files.

    8. Drive up and down the Silver Strip / Fortune Park / Platinum Strip area running over the hordes of zombies. Speed really is the key here to get maximum kills. Don't run head-on into a wall just because there's a huge cluster of zombies in front of it. The time it takes to get back up to full speed isn't worth it and zombies you didn't hit directly with the SUV (knocked over by other zombies) will just stand up again.

    9. Eventually, the zombies will start to thin out so SAVE your game in the middle of Fortune Park then RELOAD that save. This will restore zombies to their original numbers and reset the SUV. I saved every 2500 - 3000 kills.

    10. From the Save door, head right then turn left towards the Fortune City Hotel and you will see a buggy parked outside. Jump in and drive back to the SUV. Repeat from step 8.

    Important Factors:

    Never leave the Strip / Park area. You don't want survivors or psycho's spawning in that area as it thins out the zombies. You also have to endure two loading screens. Instead, always use the save / reload method described above.

    After you get the SUV keys, restart story, then all you need to do is get the driving book and get to the SUV. Doing this you'll have an extra 4 hours before the 72 hour countdown even begins.

    Use all 3 save slots incase you mess up.


    Those of you not sure on what route to run, there are many options but I highly recommend something similar to LeonDMSmith's which can be found here:


    The small corridor between the Americana and Cash Gordon casinos can net you 50 kills. Just try to hit reverse before you go down the stairs!

    Time / Kill Goals

    Note that Day 1 is only 17 hours long, hence a short Day 4 in 72 hour mode.

    Day 1 - 7pm - 10000 kills

    Day 2 - 7am - 22000 kills

    Day 2 - 7pm - 34000 kills

    Day 3 - 7am - 46000 kills

    Day 3 - 7pm - 58000 kills

    Day 4 - 7am - 70000 kills

    Day 4 - 10am - Game over.

    If you keep in front of these, you're golden. If you're only 1000 kills behind these goals by Day 3, you should still be ok.

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    Octobot SuperYou should embed a video. Use mine!


    This is pretty decent route for the SUV. I get over 1,200 kills in exactly one in-game hour. I'm actually probably going to finish on day 3.

    EDIT: I finished at 12:05 am on the fourth day, which was personally disappointing (was shooting for finishing on day 3).

    Still, I had 10 in-game hours to spare. Don't use the other method unless you really need to do cases for whatever reason.
    Posted by Octobot Super on 16 Sep 17 at 20:14
    ParadoxReal8I was 5000 kills in advance at the begginning and go figure how, I missed it from 500 kills at the end angry
    Posted by ParadoxReal8 on 04 Dec 17 at 17:57
    MasterJunior94great guide, I got it exactly at 2:39 am on the 4th clap
    Posted by MasterJunior94 on 18 May at 06:26
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  • dotcomwizdotcomwiz257,007
    15 Nov 2010 16 Nov 2010
    65 13 16
    Without a doubt, doing the storyline will give you way more time than letting Katey die. Also giving TK zombrex will give you another 24 hours with Overtime mode.

    Below is the timeline I used as my roadmap. Notice I was behind on my kills almost the whole time, but I still got to 72K before Case 7-2 expired.

    Day 1 - 7pm - 10000 kills
    Day 2 - 7am - 22000 kills
    Day 2 - 7pm - 34000 kills (MY KILLS - 27655)
    Day 3 - 7am - 46000 kills (MY KILLS - 35015)
    Day 3 - 7pm - 58000 kills (MY KILLS - 49255)
    Day 4 - 7am - 70000 kills (MY KILLS - 59008)
    Day 4 - 10am - Game over if you let Katey die in beginning.
    Day 4 - 7pm (MY KILLS - 67017)
    Day 4 - 11:30pm (MY KILLS - 72000)

    My tactics were I bought all of my zombrex needed. I did all case files once they were in the red. I didnt save any survivors. The only psychopaths I killed were the guy on the motorcycle and the rednecks on the rooftops.

    I used the SUV (purchased key in previous game) in between cases until I killed the motorcycle psycho then I switched to using the motorcycle with chainsaws. Closest chainsaw to the motorcycle trailer is on top of the rock stage. The motorcycle is alot more efficient at killing than the SUV.

    I saved after every 2000 kills and then reloaded my save to reset the zombie horde.

    I made it to 72k before case 7-2 expired. Even if I hadnt, I still would've had overtime mode to fall back on.

    Hope this helps someone.
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    APOAL FRDay 4 - 7pm (MY KILLS - 67017)
    Day 4 - 11:30pm (MY KILLS - 72000)
    if you do more than 1000 kills by game hour, why do the cases?? négative, guides whitout cases allow you to do less than 1000 kills/hour.
    Posted by APOAL FR on 24 May 14 at 16:59
    DustySneatthis guide works.. however i used the suv instead of the bike
    Posted by DustySneat on 10 Sep 14 at 06:18
    Octobot SuperI couldn't bring myself to do the damn cases again. Do yourself a favor and only use this solution if you need to do the cases for some reason. It will save your sanity. You don't have to be precise at all with the other method (which ignores cases). I've been fucking around a bit and still have 62,000 kills at 4 pm on day 3 (which is a very comfortable margin). Ignoring cases is not as tight with timing as everyone says it is.

    While I do agree that this method gives you more in-game time, I don't believe you need it.

    EDIT: I just uploaded a video where I get over 1,200 kills in exactly one in-game hour (if you do the math, you'll know you need to average 1,000 kills per hour in 72-hour mode). Note that it wasn't a particularly great run around the strip, and it was also during the daytime where there are less zombies.

    Posted by Octobot Super on 16 Sep 17 at 19:41
  • Xterma NaderXterma Nader152,934
    14 Nov 2010 21 Nov 2010 21 Nov 2010
    44 4 11
    Although all the guides here are pretty accurate, they all left me a little confused on what to do start to finish. I got this achievement with over 8 hours left on the 72 hour clock.

    So first off you want to make sure you have 2 million so you can buy the Red Hummer in the Shamrock Casino.

    * For this guide you let Katie die and do no cases*

    Begin by starting up a new game, head towards Mo's Magination on the Platinum Strip. Talk to the looter and he will open up their other shop on the Silver Strip for you where the Hummer keys are. Get over there and buy the keys and head straight over to the Shamrock Casino where the hummer is sitting there.

    Now you have the Hummer and around 4 hours until the clock starts (because Katie is still alive). As for the route there are many and you can choose whatever you feel is good for you. What I did was, I turned right as soon as I got in the car and headed to the Yucatan door, then right again into the area near the underground access, then back out and straight down until the very end where the red bike is located. I would do some circles then, and head back up to the strip on the opposite direction that I came from. Take this route 2 times.

    *Make sure you try not to crash your car as it reduces it's life, also you dont need magazines for your car in this guide*

    So after your second trip is done you should be near the Yucatan Casino entrance, get out of your car, go into the casino and head back out, this makes your Humvee respawn and gets you a fresh batch of zombies. Once your back out walk to the Shamrock, get the car and follow the same route.

    I saved my game after every 10,000 kills. You can save in the middle of the Fortune Park (Only save available). Note that once you save and turn the game off, the next time you start you will have to walk a little to get to your car in Shamrock. I did this and everything was great.

    Finally some hints on some barriers you will face throughout this 72 hours. You will face Leon and his bike at the end of Day 1 I believe and, just try not to crash with his bike because it will damage your car. He will eventually die on his own later. And later the sniper gang will appear on rooftops and they will shoot zombies and your car at times so try to do some dodging if you can. Also the later you get in the game the more zombies you will have, so don't worry about every single kill.

    I basically did exactly what I have here and I got 72K kills with over 8 hours left, I was even going to go for 100K I was having so much fun !!

    Thanks for reading this and good luck with the Genocide !!
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    III JONESY IIIGood guide. I just used it with 5 hours to spare. +1 positive vote
    Posted by III JONESY III on 25 Dec 13 at 21:34
    DaChiefOfOwnageGot it 10pm on Day 3. Used this guide as a base and changed it up a bit in the following ways:

    I used the hummer. Ran straight to Americana first and picked up the Driving book and a full inv. of Quicksteps. Up until Leon spawns, I went in/out of Yucatan to go faster than saving in mid. During when Leon should be in mid, I used the save point, and on every reload, a quickstep to get to the buggy quicker. After Leon 'despawned' from the psychopath pool, I resumed Yucatan strat. Then again with the save point during redneck snipers with no quicksteps.

    My route was really crazy and depended on a lot of factors, so it changed from refresh to refresh. I used the safe room entrance alleyway with hummer on every refresh.
    Posted by DaChiefOfOwnage on 07 Aug 15 at 09:32
    Mobius EvalonYucatan method all the way.

    After reading tons of comments in the top rated solution where people are missing the achievement by 1,000 kills or less, this was perfect. Over 8 in-game hours left when I got the achievement.

    The only drawbacks to the Yucatan method are:
    a) the very first time you enter the Yucatan, a mandatory plot event with the tiger trainer happens. You have to run all the way back out of the casino, but this only happens once.
    b) the presence of Leon despawns tons of zombies at the arena and he's a constant pain in your ass in Fortune Park until he dies.
    c) Janus at the Atlantica removes the group of zombies in front of the door, but they seem to simply move outside the columns while he is there.

    Other than that, smooth sailing. The presence of the sniper psychos (Big Earl and Johnny) does not affect spawn density and they cannot kill your SUV as long as you have the driving magazine.
    Posted by Mobius Evalon on 16 Nov 15 at 02:15
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