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Vigilante Justice

Defeat 5 psychopaths.

Vigilante Justice+0.4
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    Some of these guys can be a pain in the ass if u dont know what your doing. I think these are the easiest ones to defeat w/a few tips for combat.

    -Mix up a few Pain Killers in the blender ( Vodka + Vodka)
    -Try to have a powerfull mellee weapon like the Sword located on the walls of Americana Casino or the Large Wrench.
    -You can actually leave the scene of the fight to heal up.
    -The higher the level u are, the better.

    --------Antoine: tastes like chicken side mission-----
    (If u dont care about survivor health, grab the 3 from rock heros side mission & arm the 2 guys w/guns. They will help shoot & distract Antoine while u slaughter him w/a melee weapon. The rock chick might get stupid and try to shuve him & get killed in the process. Either way shes helpfull)

    -------- Bibi : One hit wonder side mission---------------
    (Talk to her, do what she asks & play the mini game. Make sure u get a tux & shoes from modern buisness man)

    --------Randy: Here comes the groom side mission-----------
    (Good to have a shotgun or 2. Just keep the pewe wall between u and him & he will never touch u. Everytime he comes around to u, jump from one side to the other. Shoot him a few times & u can melee him thru this wall as well.)

    -----------Carl: Mail order zombrex side mission-----------
    (Bring Dani the bride u rescued from Randy & Arm her with a machine gun LMG. Order her to stand inside the little newstand right next to the broken mailcart. Block off the entrance w/one of the green newsboxes. Then examine the cart, thus starting the boss fight. Dani will start shooting him & he wont be able to get to her. He will be distracted, enabling you to easily kill him.

    -----------Seymor: WWJWD? Side mission-------------
    ( Like always, prepare w/some pain killers. Now just whack away at this guy w/your sword. He isnt that hard)
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    List of Psychopaths:

    Ted Smith - During case 1 located in the Yucaton casino.
    Leon Bell - Meet the Contestants
    Brandon Whittaker - Chuck the role model
    Carl Schliff - Mail Order Zombrex
    Brent Ernst - Everyone knows Slappy
    Antoine Thomas - Tastes like chicken
    Randy Tugman - Here comes the groom
    Seymour Redding - WWJWD?
    Bibbi Love - One Hit wonder (NOTE: Is savable and counts as a survivor)
    Roger & Reed - World's most dangerous trick
    Hunters - outside from the 3rd day (unsure if this counts as a pscho but as you get the message "Psychopath Defeated" i'll assume it is)

    (Case Related)
    The Twins - Case 4-1: The source
    Helicopter - the case after 'The Stake Out' (unsure if this counts as a pscho but as you get the message "Psychopath Defeated" i'll assume it is)
    Dwight Boykin - Last stand
    Scientists - Underground lab
    TK - Overtime
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