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Judge, Jury and Executioner

Defeat 10 psychopaths.

Judge, Jury and Executioner+0.7
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Achievement Guide for Judge, Jury and Executioner

  • Finalsight618Finalsight61854,451
    26 Sep 2010 27 Sep 2010 08 Oct 2010
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    List of Psychopaths:

    Ted Smith - During case 1 located in the Yucaton casino.
    Leon Bell - Meet the Contestants
    Brandon Whittaker - Chuck the role model
    Carl Schliff - Mail Order Zombrex
    Brent Ernst - Everyone knows Slappy
    Antoine Thomas - Tastes like chicken
    Randy Tugman - Here comes the groom
    Seymour Redding - WWJWD?
    Bibbi Love - One Hit wonder (NOTE: Is savable and counts as a survivor)
    Roger & Reed - World's most dangerous trick
    Hunters - outside from the 3rd day

    (Case Related)
    The Twins - Case 4-1: The source
    Helicopter - the case after 'The Stake Out'
    Dwight Boykin - Last stand
    Scientists - Underground lab
    Sullivan - The Facts
    TK - Overtime

    Note: After unlocking this achievement you also unlock the Prison Outfit for chuck to wear from the lockers in the safe house toilet.
  • eViL mOnKeY 270eViL mOnKeY 2701,057,255
    28 May 2011 28 May 2011 02 Jun 2011
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    This achievement requires you to kill 10 psycopaths in one playthrough, a couple of points that havent been mentioned are the each hunter counts as a seperate psycopath and so worth 4 (i unlocked this after killing the 3rd). Also you can get this achievement without playing any of the story. Also combining this with other achievements and aslong as your a high enough level then this is very easy.
    -Firstly you should kill ted and tame snowfake getting you an achievement. Ted is incredibly easy
    -Then kill Leon Bell in the meet the contestants mission as you can get a further 2 achievements this way by customising you bike and getting 1000 kills with it
    -Then do the Everyone knows slappy mission for a combo card which is 1/2 way to an achievement
    -Another psycopath that is achievement related is the WWJWD? mission where you get the firearm "sixshooter". Even if you havent done up to case 2-2 you will be able to grab this weapon on another play through if you defeat this psycho. This helps towards "he hasnt covered wars"
    -Next you should tackle the worlds most dangerous trick mission and get another combo card which will net you the tough guy achievement.
    -That brings your psychopath count up to 5, in my opinion you should tackle the 4 hunters because individually there pretty easy and they can get annoying if left alone. Along your playthrough you should go for one or two more non-achievement related psycopaths. I personally think that antoine (tastes like chicken) and brandon (chuck the role model) are the easiest. Also after meeting Bibis demands in one hit wonder it counts as a psycopath defeated although i cant confirm if this counts towards the achievement or not. Altogether thats 12 psycopaths defeated without touching the storyline and the achievement really should have popped. I have done this guide to show people a way to get this achievement done while going for a number of non-story related achievements. I suggest tackling this while going for the many collectible achievements.
  • LankeyLankey108,944
    13 Sep 2013 14 Sep 2013
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    A few hints on beating some of these.

    Leon Bell; ride after Leon then get near the water feature, get on foot and wait for him to ride at you. Before he hits you jump up onto the ledge and he'll bump into the ledge. Jump down and attack him. Do this a few times and he'll eventually die.

    Brandon Whittaker; the LMG is your friend. Have this equipped before you enter this fight. Then just shoot at him until he's a couple of paces away from you at which point you should jump out of the way. He'll lunge at you but miss if you time it right, but he'll still be crouched down having missed you so get back to firing. Do this for 3 to 4 goes and he'll be close to death. Just finish him with blade gloves if you have them. Using this method you won't be touched.

    Randy Tugman; the way to beat this guy is to use the layout. Once he starts to come for you jump over into either aisle. Then as he runs round to get you jump back over. Do this a few times and he'll eventually pause and try to get his breath back : this is the time to attack. Blade gloves are ideal and after a few hits he'll go for you again so just repeat until he's no more.

    Slappy; you need to jump kick this guy to knock him over then you can get 2 or 3 hits in, again blade gloves are perfect for him. He'll start firing flames at you if you stay there so move away and repeat.
  • k0pp0k0pp0369,050
    10 Nov 2013 02 Nov 2013
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    Additional tip for most of the psycho's - the yellow propeller head works a treat when you charge them down. I used it to great effect with the snipers, slappy, the magicians etc.
    Always go for a shotgun with the twins though.
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