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Better With a Friend

Solve all case files in Co-op.

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  • xShtankyxShtanky219,444
    09 Oct 2010 09 Oct 2010 27 Jun 2011
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    It doesn't have to be done all at once.

    You can use multiple coop partners.

    You don't have to do Overtime.

    In case you beat the game in coop and didn't get the achievement, try giving Katie her first zombrex and then complete the first case file again. Multiple people have had this problem and this seems to work.
  • hofosimhofosim107,134
    02 Jan 2011 02 Jan 2011 02 Jan 2011
    35 3 0
    The achievement itself is not hard to get (Gameplay wise), What makes it differecult is the tech glitches that make gamers hard to join and play a co-Op game successfully.

    Until the time that Capcom has some fix install via next update. Try the following to make it work.
    Host - send invite to game like what you regular does. Once another player join in, restart history and play through the game normally.

    If you receive error message while try playing Co-Op
    Guest -
    I) Make sure you delete all the downloadable content (including the free "Ninja/Psyco, etc)
    II)Download the contents again and try to accept invite.

    If you are playing and got booted whenever you would like to save your game, use a memory stick as storage, apparently it has some roblems save in hard drive while Co-Op play.

    Things to keep in mind like other poster mention:
    -ok to play with different co-op partner
    -achievement will pop until True Fact is finished. No overtime is needed.
    -Like mention earlier, restart history once other gamer is joined to avoid have to re-play the part that you have to give Zombrex to Katie.

    Total time should be around 10 hours including all the waiting time between cases.
  • olde fortran 77olde fortran 77249,389
    15 Sep 2013 16 Sep 2013
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    Here is how I got this on my first attempt.

    All it says is "solve all case files in co-op". In other words, you only need a second player when a case is "solved" and the next case is assigned. They don't even need to be there when you give Zombrex to Katey. If you aren't about to solve a case, you don't need a co-op partner at the moment.

    Host the game. Partly because it's hard to find an online game where the player is actively trying to solve cases, but mainly because you want to control when the cases are about to be solved. Whenever you get a co-op partner, work on cases (obviously) but when you lose your partner, save your game to lock in the progress you've made, and this is very important ...
    Prepare for the next case (food and weapons)
    Go to the closest save point to the next case
    Let time pass until the next case can be worked or is about to start, and save the game
    If no one joins and the clock is about to run out on the case, re-load from the last save

    At one point, the next case is 12 in-game hours (over an hour in real-time) away and my co-op partner left, so I played alone almost until the next case and then made a convenient save. I re-loaded the save many, many times waiting for a co-op partner.

    To prepare for the next case, remember that your co-op partner may spawn with no food or weapons, and might "suck at killing zombies" (to quote Leon). You'll need a lot of equipment slots so the higher your level, the better. Make some Painkiller potions, or at least have foods with high health restorative value. Don't think of your partner as a helper; think of your partner as a liability who needs to be kept alive.

    To fight Sgt. Boykin, you must go from the Safe House to an underground area with gas zombies roaming about. One of my partners couldn't even get through the gas zombies so after he left the game, I went to the closest savepoint to Boykin (underground restroom you pass in Case 2-2 Ticket to Ride immediately before you fight the 3 mercenaries and then chase the train). When you re-load, you need to get out of that area pretty quickly (perhaps by dashing to the motorcycle) but just go to the large area right outside the Boykins fight, kill the dozen regular zombies and wait for someone to join.

    Find all of the "free" Zombrex as soon as you can. It is hard enough solving cases in co-op with random players. You don't need the extra burden of being forced to do the side missions to keep Katey alive.

    There are comments on whether to save when the game offers after a case is solved, or to save manually. I did both types of saves and got the achievement, but I can't say for sure which was the last type of save I did whenever I quit the game and re-started later.

    I don't think I delivered the last shot on the final rooftop boss, but still got the achievement.

    All of my saves were to the hard drive. At first, I wanted to play with a particular friend but 99 times out of 100 we would get "error while trying to join" no matter what combination of skills packs, USB memory sticks, and old Xbox Memory Units we tried. Eventually we gave up and I played with randoms and always saved to the local hard drive.

    Much of what I've written is sprinkled in the comments in other solutions, but so is a lot of contradictory information. I wrote this as a standalone solution so that it would be a single, coherent explanation.
  • LavindatharLavindathar1,322,993
    08 Jan 2011 08 Jan 2011 18 Jan 2011
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    The below guides are correct, my guide is for people who "should" of unlocked the achievment but didn't.

    I played the whole game on co-op, as the host. My partner got the achievment, but I did not. I tried the 1-1 trick, and still no achievment.

    I was in dispair.

    Anyway, on a whim, I tried redoing it. My partner got the kill-hit on the boss in the first playthrough, so this time I decided to get the kill-hit. My achievment unlocked just as it should of done.

    So, the point I'm making is if this achievment does not unlock for you when it should, if you did not get the final hit on the final boss, redo it from your previous save point, and this time you get the final hit.

    The achievment will unlock shortly :)

    Hope it helps you out.
  • NathanC1984NathanC198431,151
    04 May 2013 04 May 2013
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    I have a theory on this achievement It popped for me on my second playthrough with a dif co op partner. My original Co op Partner was level 50 when I started so naturally he took charge. On a part of case 6 I never actively took part in my initial playthrough as i just stayed out his way as I was low level (I was the host) on my second playthrough my new cop op partner and me were equal and I participated in this bit and the achievement popped. Now I think you have to actively help at all parts of teh cases so ensure you hit bosses and do anything that is case specific whether it be find objects or peop;e. My second partner got the achievemnt straight away after we finished the facts.
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