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World Champion - Expert achievement in F1 2010™

World Champion - Expert

Win the Formula 1 Drivers' Championship on the Expert Difficulty setting

World Champion - Expert0
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How to unlock the World Champion - Expert achievement

  • Flapjack waldiFlapjack waldi1,214,184
    25 Oct 2010 14 Oct 2010
    50 3 38
    This is original text from xbox360achievements.org forum.

    All credit goes to ARC Trooper.

    "I can confirm this does work, I have been trying this since the weekend and unlocked the expert achievement this morning.

    The way I was doing it was as follows:
    Start the race weekend with the difficulty set to Expert (obviously)!
    Now once I was in a session (Practice, Qualifying & Race) I would go to the track and once I was in control of the car I would pause the game and turn on the assists I wanted. Then before returning to the pits or finishing the race I would turn all the assists off again so it said Expert again at the top. Also if I needed to restart the session/race I would turn the assists off before doing so and then on again after restarting.
    I don't know if you need to turn the assists off when restarting but I didn't want to risk it.
    This way when you return to the paddock after the race it still says Expert on the difficulty when starting the next race.
    Doing this I won the Championship after Singapore, crashed out of the rest of the races and the achievement unlocked on the Championship Standings screen after the last race.

    Hope this helps."

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    Deranged AsylumCan anyone confirm if the assists need to be switched off before entering the pit lane during a race for tyre change...im losing alot of time in the pit lane with assists on
    Posted by Deranged Asylum on 11 Oct 11 at 20:42
    Deranged AsylumCan anyone confirm if the assists need to be switched off before entering the pit lane during a race for tyre change...im losing alot of time in the pit lane with assists on
    Posted by Deranged Asylum on 11 Oct 11 at 21:21
    Huginho19so you dont actually race ?? how do you get the points then? im abit ocnfused
    Posted by Huginho19 on 22 Jul 12 at 07:46
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  • ivegotalobonivegotalobon355,438
    12 Apr 2012 12 Apr 2012 26 Jun 2012
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    If you downvote, please post why so I can possibly improve the solution

    Ok guys, get ready for the ratio to drop on this one. I will show you how to get the expert achievement by winning ONE race on EASY, then skipping the rest of the season. It should take around 2 hours from start to finish.

    *** The one catch with this is you either need a friend with a copy on hand or 2 copies, consoles & gold accounts yourself to send the invites (I did it with 2 consoles) ***

    After searching for additional info on the expert 'assist' exploit i came across a different method on the ps3 trophy forum called the 'expired invite' method (credit to matlock49g over there).

    Here is a brief description of matlock49g's expired invite method, skip to the numbered points below for my improved method.

    Basically it is called the 'expired invite glitch/exploit' where once you finish the race click 'A' twice and DON'T go past the constructors championship page, this locks in your points eg 25 for the win, press the PS button and select one of the expired multiplayer invites. It will then try to connect but dump you back in the paddock as there is no match to join. You can then go do the exact same race again that you just raced but this time crash out/get disqualified. If you then press 'A' once and you will see that your points along with the points of the AI have added again from the previous result even though you crashed out. Go to the constructors championship screen and hit the PS button, select an expired invite etc etc. Then simply rinse and repeat by starting the race again and crash out as many times as you want/need to guarantee the World Drivers Championship. Then continue with the career crashing out until the end and the season.

    The problem is that you have to find race where you can qualify and win agains the legendary AI with no flashbacks etc. So even using the exploit where you turn on the assists during the race it can still be somewhat difficult and you can make the mistake of not turning the assists back off.

    I have modified the method & came up with an even EASIER way than this & the beauty of it is you can even do it in the starting cars (HRT/Lotus/Virgin) in your first season because you will be winning ONE race on the EASY setting.

    1) Turn OFF autosave
    2) Start career
    3) Select expert difficulty

    I still recommend crashing until you get to your best track eg Montreal, so,

    4) Skip to race day & crash out until your preferred race

    You have the option to try qualify but if in the starting cars you won't be able to on expert. (I was in a ferrari so I qualified on pole)


    5) Go back to the paddock and SAVE, keeping autosave off
    6) Select EASY difficulty
    7) Go to the race and win while taking out the main rivals if you can

    ***Edit: There is a possible issue that if you turn off the braking assist (or anything else) resulting in the difficulty switching to custom it will invalidate the achievement, so to be safe make sure you enter the assist menu BEFORE crossing the finish line and switch back to easy. Credit to Morbsta & AHs Chaozz in the comments for the info.***


    8) After the race click 'A' TWICE & stop at the constructors screen
    9) Either have a friend send you an invite to a quick match or use the second copy/console/account
    10) Press the guide button and accept the invite
    11) As soon as you accept, have your friend leave the lobby mening there is no lobby to join. This will then put you back in the paddock with a message saying 'connection lost'
    12) Go back to your career race and select EXPERT
    13) This will put you back to the previous race on RACE DAY
    14) Crash straight away
    15) Press 'A' twice to the constructors page and accept a new invite
    16) Again have your friend leave straight away putting you back in the paddock
    17) Rinse and repeat until you have enough points to guarantee the championship. REMEMBER THE ACHIEVEMENT DOESN'T POP UNTIL AFTER THE VERY LAST RACE

    And there you go, the proud owner of the Expert World Championship achievement

    The way this works is it is registering every race on expert not counting the one on easy because we went back and did the race again on expert, I got the achievement today using this method so it 100% works.

    If you have any questions/problems post a comment and I will clarify as best I can.
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    The Ol n De+1 for me, as I cannot give +100.
    Got it first try during the night 22/05/2017.

    A few words to clarify and confirm some of the solution and comments:

    - The "expired invite" exploit works a treat, is SUPER easy,
    but requires 2 boxes and 2 gold accounts.

    - Autosave ON or OFF:
    It works with Autosave off, but it means you do the whole season in one sitting.

    - The EASY race is very important:
    It will set all the points you will make in the season,
    if you chose to only actually race the one track you prefer.
    You need to try and push the drivers of the top teams in walls, to make them loose time and score less points during that one race.

    So the process is:

    1 - Set Autosave OFF
    2 - Start season on EXPERT
    3 - Race or crash the tracks until you get to your chosen track
    - if you race, make sure the settings are on EXPERT when you pass the finish line
    - if you crash, make sure the setting are on EXPERT when you do
    ((make sure to change the assists settings until the first line says "EXPERT"))


    4 - Start the weekend on EASY
    5 - Qualify or not (no bearing)
    6 - Race, win, and if possible take out the main rivals
    (taking out rivals would only help you get to the end quicker)

    I forgot to reset the braking assist prior to finishing the EASY race,
    it did NOT stop me from getting the achievement at my first try.
    (only observation from my own experience run)

    LOOP LOOP (don't worry, just read on)

    7 - At the end, do not get finger jittery, and stop AT the CONSTRUCTORS screen

    8 - use the "Expired Invite" glitch
    - receive an invite (from other box other account)
    - accept the invite and have the second account quit the lobby straight after
    (pretty much at the same time)
    (I was pressing the accept on my main,
    then pressing yes to quit on the other box,
    so a portion of a second gap was working for me.)
    - Accept the comment of "Connection Failure", Exit the Multiplayer mode.
    9 - Back to Career

    10 - Start same weekend again, on EXPERT
    (you will have to change the setting the first time,
    then it should be set by default for the next ones)
    This will take you straight to RACE day now.
    11 - Crash or get Disqualified
    (I used both with no problem)
    12 - If you crash, accept the crash with "Y", then Retire.
    13 - NO finger jitters !!

    THIS IS WHERE YOU USE THE LOOP. (back to number 7)

    Once you have enough points:
    (25 * number of tracks left) +1 more than the second in the leader-board at least.

    14 - Keep Racing or Crashing for the rest of the season.
    15 - The achievement will POP once you get out of the last race weekend.

    16 - SAVE
    Posted by The Ol n De on 22 May 17 at 13:49
    GrandwickyIf anyone is interested in trying this method then send me a message
    Posted by Grandwicky on 04 May at 22:36
    VrruummStill works 5/25/2020. Didn't save from the start of the season until the end. I went up to 1025 points at Canada GP and was up 90 points going into the final race.
    Posted by Vrruumm on 26 May at 01:57
    30 May 2011 02 Jun 2011
    13 7 5
    As TA have helped me gain achievements,thought I could add to what's been mentioned above for the achievement

    Some tips

    Do not attempt this ur first season,or probably second it third for that matter,u will get crucified and disheartened,it is an actually easy enuff cheev under right conditions

    Practise practise practise practise,u have to know every track down to a tee,knowing all the sweet spots and the hell spots is essential,I attempted this cheev on 5th season n still got caught out every now n then on some tracks,

    Turn off autosave,imperative as mentioned before, U CAN save car set ups even when u might have some aids on,but like others have said,its essential you turn all aids off before crossing the finish line of a race so expert pops back up

    Typically,I started a weekend on expert,obviously,did practise,went straight to qualy,aids off,back out to paddock n then save,it helps with those really frustrating races

    I personally leave TC and ABS on,but honestly,the AI is so tough and each race is so unforgiving that leaving aids on is no big deal

    Ideally,start the season as number one driver,you need to get upgrades ASAP,The car kinda sucks at start of season,but once upgrades come it'll become much easier,well,kinda!

    Write off Spanish gp and Monaco,there seems to b glitches best q I could manage was 12th and 19th respectively,

    Stick at it at the start even if ur not finishing very high, from memory I think my start was 3rd Bahrain,1st oz,6th KL,5th China, n bad results Monaco n spain,once u get to turkey it gets lot easier,ur car will have developed a lot,much quicker,poles will come and ull do alright

    Around monza I think the pressure came off,for me neway,u can start selectively taking out opponents all throughout season,but here at the business end u really c the dividends,a quick.nudge or soon of certain cars into barriers,done carefully of course,and ur lead will grow n grow,

    By taking out specific drivers throughout season I was actually able to just crash out from Singapore onwards n still win championship,but know your math! And it should go without saying,SIGN A CONTRACT BEFORE STARTING TO DELIBERATLY CRASH OUT, u will get sacked otherwise!

    All in all this is a bloody hard achievement but very do'able,it requires time to.learn n patience, plenty of it, incur a penalty,ur better off restarting race TBH, same with bad spins cause its neigh impossible to catch cars once they have empty track ahead

    Don't try to use set ups found on the net,everybodys style is different,ur just going to have to learn what yours is!

    It's some feeling when u do get this cheev,cause even though wit aids on its cheating,its still one of the hardest cheevs I've ever done! Stick at it,

    Any q's feel free to ask,I just tried to give my opinions back to community,any errors are mine!good luck
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    tomwood1991Great solution and good advice mate thanks! hopefully i can knock this out soon.
    Posted by tomwood1991 on 13 Oct 11 at 12:49
    HorZa IXThis achievement is killing me. Started the first 2 races with wins, then struggled through China and currently pulling my hair out on Spain. I'm glad to see that this seems to be a bit normal though so will keep plugging away at it.
    Posted by HorZa IX on 17 Jul 12 at 22:45
    xXxAcExXxCONKSGot wins on the first two races, hopefully i can continue this good form, very hard with legendary AI though!
    Posted by xXxAcExXxCONKS on 27 Mar 13 at 22:47
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