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Conspicuous Gallantry achievement in Medal of Honor

Conspicuous Gallantry

Singleplayer: Finish every level in the game on Tier 1 Mode under par time

Conspicuous Gallantry0
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How to unlock the Conspicuous Gallantry achievement

  • Removed Gamer
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    Hello everyone. Being that the Missions times and bonus actions are already posted here, I will instead focus on telling you how to obtain this achievement.

    First of all in tier 1 mode if you die you will be forced to start the level over again from the start. Also in tier 1 you will not be able to obtain ammo from your team! Tier 1 mode also has a timer (par time) you must beat. Lastly it is said that tier 1 is just like playing on hard but with these few changes included. So if you played on hard you should have a basic idea of what you are getting into.

    Now the trick to not dieing is using cover, crouching, and laying down when you are getting shot and red blood is around your screen. It's wayyyyyyyyy better to take cover for 15 seconds and live than to die and start over.

    Another way to avoid death is to allow your allies to take point! Never never never take point unless the mission forces you to! I can't tell you how many times I died because I ran up ahead and took point only to be killed by a cooked frag or an rpg!

    As far as ammo goes it pays off great to switch all weapons to single shot mode (click d pad to the right). This will not only make your shots more accurate but it will conserve ammo big time!
    Some weapons such as machine guns don't have single shot.

    Also switch out shotguns for anything else, the last thing you want is a shot gun. Close range combat is not going to work here! A basic ak-47 is better! Don't pick up rpg's unless mission specific! The best enemy weapon is the sniper rifle and then the pkm machine gun.

    Also there will be many times during the game where the mission will not
    proceed unless you move foward. You may notice that you will kill enemies and they just keep coming back and taking up positions in the same spot.... This is when you must kill them and push foward to advance the mission.

    My basic strategy was to get my team moving, and follow behind them, kill any enemies and move up hiding behind rocks or buildings as I advanced. Again when your allies are moving stay behind them, when they are not moving try to advance when safe to do so to get your team pushed up.

    As far as par times go, if you follow what I say and don't rush things too much or take time to line up headshots you will always be under par time.

    This guide is not for beating leaderboard times! And if you want this achievement don't bother trying to do so. It's better to just kill the enemies fast then trying to spend 5 seconds getting a headshot just to take off 2 seconds.

    I beat all tier 1 levels in under 4 hours or so.

    Good luck and please feel free to ask me any questions at all or if your stuck in a spot ask and I should be able to suggest what to do.

    Thanks everyone.

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    iDuLLooks like this achievement is officially Discontinued. Still failing to load into Tier 1 Mode as of 2/22/23 @ 9:05pm PST
    Posted by iDuL On 23 Feb at 05:08
    ShadowRaven9Honestly I think its a personal issue with your game and save iDuL.

    The servers were always misconfigured so they were useless from the get go. Server closure occured on the 16th but people still unlocked on the 19th. Nothing about this achievement seems to be tied to a server being up too.

    Multiplayer achievements have been unobtainable long before the closure too. This one doesn't use the multiplayer to authenticate.
    Posted by ShadowRaven9 On 27 Feb at 15:17
    GiinceeWell the achievement got flagged as discontinued as of today. And the Tier 1 mode is or was tied to the servers of the game. Not to the Multiplayer directly, but there was still a connection needed to the EA servers.
    I also had issues with this game. I just unplugged my LAN cable while trying to connect to the Tier 1 mode. After plugging it back in and connecting to Xbox Live, I could finally load into Tier 1 mode again
    Posted by Giincee On 27 Feb at 15:44
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  • Chris TurboChris Turbo
    Locked 16 Oct 2010 17 Oct 2010
    TIER 1
    Tier 1 is a competative, online-only, single player mode. In Tier 1, replay Campaign levels with an eye towards posting the best time and getting the most skill kills. Adding to the challenge in Tier 1, difficulty is increased and there are no mid-level checkpoints ---if you die you must begin the level over.

    First In - 25:00
    Breaking Bagram - 30:00
    Running With Wolves... - 20:00
    Dorthy's A Bitch - 17:30
    Belly Of The Beast - 25:00
    Friends From Afar - 15:00
    Compromised - 12.30
    Neptune's Net - 15:00
    Rescue the Rescuers - 28:30

    *A headshot freezes the timer for 2 seconds.
    *Three headshots in a row freezes the timer for 5 seconds.
    *A melee kill freezes the timer for 2 seconds.
    *Three melee kills within 10 seconds freezes the timer for 6 seconds.
    *Killing 2 enemies with a single bullet freezes the timer for 6 seconds.
    *Killing five enemies within 15 seconds freezes the timerfor 5 seconds.

    GOOD LUCK!!!

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    Funnnkyyyhey thankyou very much for letting me know, ill have to try and figure out what the problem is. :S
    Posted by Funnnkyyy On 29 Aug 11 at 13:16
    Funnnkyyydo you need to finish the game on a certain difficulty for tier 1 mode to unlock?
    Posted by Funnnkyyy On 29 Aug 11 at 13:17
    Chris TurboI don't no be cause I played the game on hard first time.
    Posted by Chris Turbo On 01 Sep 11 at 00:03
  • NalsariusNalsarius
    17 Jul 2011 22 Jul 2011 31 Aug 2011
    hi all,

    I found this achievement relatively easy with what everyone said, i chose to line up all the headshots i could an i always finished well under par time, nothing thats going to impact the leaderboards but good enough for me.

    change assault rifles to single shot an with anything that you cant change to single shot just use short bursts of 3-5 bullets an you should have no problem getting plenty of headshots an freezing time.

    in the other guide it says switch out shotguns i found that in certain parts of belly of the beast "village" and in rescue the rescuers "cave" that having the shotgun was very helpful, but at any other time after that replace it with another assault rifle or the PKM in alot of cases.

    the only mission i actually struggled on was belly of the beast an i used these 2 videos which were a great help.

    If you choose to vote negatively please explain why

    all credit goes to MrBr1zzo
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    PrimeBigTimeIf you are worried about negatives you should try capitalizing the beginning of each sentence (and the word "I") and using the word "and" not "an". I didn't vote negative but solutions should be professionally presented for easy reading.
    Posted by PrimeBigTime On 11 Jan 13 at 00:55
    EarthboundXThis level is garbage, it's glitched on me twice in a row now.

    Once I take out the MG turret, the dust caused by the explosion stays on my screen, so that's it's all tan, and I can't see anything.

    It's done this twice in a row.
    Posted by EarthboundX On 06 Nov 13 at 09:15
    WiznyattI'm playing through this now and I'm stuck on Belly of the Beast at the moment. I have a little trouble seeing the guys in the hills at the beginning since it's very dusty so adjusting your contrast might help. I preferred to use the shotgun when going through the village since getting headshots is pretty easy and you'll need those extra seconds. I didn't have much luck chaining kills to stop the clock so killing people quickly was my best strategy in order to just progress the mission. Here are some helpful cutoff times from the video. If you're like me and struggle with headshots you might want to be a bit ahead of the cutoff times.

    Crossing a small log bridge 4:10
    Checkpoint at low rock wall right before MG turret 8:35
    Crossing the Rock Wall after MG 12:50
    Crossing a log 16:25

    After you get the next checkpoint I think that the last part of the mission is scripted and always takes the same amount of time. If you can chain shots you can buy more time.
    Posted by Wiznyatt On 02 Nov 19 at 17:54
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