Multiplayer: Fire Controller achievement in Medal of Honor

Multiplayer: Fire Controller

Use each offensive support action once (awarded at end of round)

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How to unlock the Multiplayer: Fire Controller achievement

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    In Multiplayer Mode, you will need to earn a score chain of 600 points in a single life, to earn all 'Score Chain Rewards' a.k.a.(Support Action). A score chain is the number of points you accumulate in one life. Points are earned from kills and by capturing objectives.

    :: Examples ::
    Kill 10p (Bonus Variations: Headshot +5p, Melee Kill +5p, Savior Kill +5p, Revenge Kill +5p, Tier 1 Kill +5p), Double Kill 30p, Capture Objective 30p, etc.

    Chain enough points together and you'll be awarded the Score Chain Reward within each Offensive Tier.
    Defensive chain rewards do not count toward this achievement

    Tier 1: 50p chain - Mortar Strike
    Tier 2: 100p chain - Rocket Strike
    Tier 3: 175p chain - Guided Missile Strike
    Tier 4: 250p chain - Artillery Strike
    Tier 5: 350p chain - Strafing Run
    Tier 6: 450p chain - Airstrike / Bomb Run
    Tier 7: 600p chain - Cruise Missile

    Tier 8: x2 XP ...however not required for this achievement.
    ***WARNING*** Be sure to use the Cruise Missile before you reach Tier 8, otherwise you lose it!

    Your 'Score Chain' progress appears on the lower right of your screen and starts at '00 / 50' indicating that you need 50p to reach the first Tier reward. Deploy rewards by pressing 'cn_left' on the D-Pad.
    Effectively using the rewards can significantly increase your score chain and may even unlock the next tier reward, so try to use them strategically. ...focus on the spawn point... After each support action is deployed once, the achievement will unlock at the end of the round.
    You do not have to deploy all of the rewards in the same round. If you have previously deployed reward Tiers 1-3, then opt to take the 'Defensive' action for those, by pressing 'cn_right' on the D-Pad. You will receive the defensive support action, along with a score chain bonus. This bonus boosts you closer or even into the next Tier reward, depending how close you are to it..

    Best to play as Recon class on Combat Mission, as this is the longest of all the game modes.

    If you die, your score chain is broken and will reset back to 0.

    How to boost:

    Time: 3-4hrs
    Game Mode: Sector Control
    Gamers: 24, split into 4 parties of 6, with 1 gamer being the messenger.
    (The messenger will be the one jumping from party to party relaying tactics to drive randoms from the game. You need to have everyone on the same page for this. if you need to tell one side not to spawn, you can do so.)
    ClanTag: TA
    (***Important*** This is to identify boosters from randoms)
    Monopolize a game of 'Sector Control'.

    1. The host will create a play group and invite each party leader to it, then search for a game of 'Sector Control'. Once a game is found, be sure to have at least 1 party leader on each side.
    2. Have all remaining gamers join their party leader's game in progress, from the 'Play with friends' in-game menu, as spots become available.
    3. Continue to create spots in the game for the others to fill. There are a number a ways to do this. (i.e., Not spawning, Follow and shoot a team member, Block his view, etc.) Just be creative until the random gets pissed off enough to find another lobby.
    4. Once all 24 spots in the match are owned, meet up at Bravo..
    5. Alternate securing the flag at Sector B. (with everyone at Bravo, you will not have to worry about accidentally calling in offensive support actions on top of other players on the map.)
    6. Call in all offensive support actions toward the edge of the map. If you see 'DANGER CLOSE', DO NOT call it in. It will kill you and everyone around you. Take your time, don't rush.

    Good luck!

    This is also a great way to boost XP. Once the achievement is earned, keep selecting the 'Defensive Support' action 'cn_right' for XP. Eventually you will reach the 8th Tier reward which is 'Double XP'

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    AC1DGro0ve 3o3Hardcore should work just fine, as long as there's enough players to start the match.
    Posted by AC1DGro0ve 3o3 on 15 Jun 13 at 21:18
    SiRFaPaLoT420Hey guys I have a session next Monday 8 pm pst you know what to do!
    Posted by SiRFaPaLoT420 on 05 May 15 at 11:40
    Storm YorhaAnyone still trying to do this? I'm trying to get 6 people to boost.Message me if interested.
    Posted by Storm Yorha on 06 Mar 16 at 00:22
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  • sukumoddasukumodda283,241
    15 Oct 2010 15 Oct 2010
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    For all those wondering, you DO NOT have to use all the offensive bonuses in one round. If you have done them before, your best bet is to use the defensive version to give you that boost to the next streak (around 50 points excluding the uav which is 30)

    The easiest route to the Cruise Missile would be: UAV - Match Ammo - Guided Missile - FMJ - Counter Intel - Airstrike - Cruise Missile
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    sukumoddaYea i am, unless you get a triple kill with a offensive kill streak you will receive the same amount of points. The guided missile and air strike almost guarantee this.

    When using the defensive kill streak if your whole team is alive you will get 70 points (just press back to check)

    After the forth defensive streak used, you receive bonus points
    Posted by sukumodda on 03 Nov 10 at 22:36
    i5centAlright, so you just have to call each thing once ever, rather than in one game?
    Posted by i5cent on 10 Jun 11 at 18:38
    sukumoddayes thats correct
    Posted by sukumodda on 11 Jun 11 at 14:30
  • Blkmag1kBlkmag1k50,156
    15 Oct 2010 15 Oct 2010
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    Achievement obtained on 10.15.2010.

    Game type: Combat Mission
    Class: Sniper (M24, High Powered Scope, Range Finder, Extra Mags)
    Map: Helmand Valley
    Side: Attacking

    I was having a hard time trying to get this since my connection is not the best. I thought I would add my two cents to aid anybody in the future. This is how I went about it.

    Hide behind the big rock directly in-front of spawn. There is an ammo box a little bit further north if you run out of ammo. It is best to wait for the next objective before going for it, because you probably will die trying.

    Take your time and make your shots count. When the next objective is active, this is the perfect time to call in your air-strikes. The spawning at this location is ridiculous. I usually can get my score to 500-550 after I used everything.

    If you are lucky you will already have your cruise missile. If not, continue down the dirt path and climb up on a couple of rocks on the left side( a lot of people go here for sniping). Here you will be able spawn camp and get your final points.

    Good Luck!
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    Gdinutthis tactic is the easiest im not even good at sniping but i managed to get a cruise missile after 2 games this is also a great way to farm points...
    Posted by Gdinut on 24 Nov 10 at 10:41
    Sons O AnarchyI don't know where there spawn is and I don't know where this location is that you are talking about can anyone help me here? Maybe a picture, this is so far the best tip I have on getting this achievement and I don't want to boost. Cruise missile sounds fun hehehe :D
    Posted by Sons O Anarchy on 18 Sep 11 at 15:49
    jackster and dhYou can boost this with another friend. All you have to do is be on separate teams and snipe your friend with a head-shot from the longest distance possible. Shouldn't take more than 3-6 kills.
    Posted by jackster and dh on 09 Feb 14 at 21:04
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