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My Hero Zero achievement in Front Mission Evolved

My Hero Zero

Reach Rank 70 in multiplayer.

My Hero Zero0
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How to unlock the My Hero Zero achievement

  • Ultima OXZUltima OXZ
    14 Mar 2011 18 Jan 2011 15 Mar 2011
    The fastest way is this:
    1. Supremacy.
    2. 4 people.
    3. Weak Armor and snipers.
    4. Just buddy up and take off their armor (legs and arms) before they kill you netting them 260 exp for that kill. Trade off and repeat. Note: the person who has their armor taken off must get the kill.
    5. Make sure no one gets the objective points that way you can do overtime as many times as you want.

    Make sure the guy who had his armor blown off gets the kill.

    This is faster then the normal way because for every kill you get 260 exp instead of 100-500 exp for five kills.

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    Ultima OXZRanked im sure. Private i dont think you get exp. you can run a match and check if you do.
    Posted by Ultima OXZ On 12 Jun 12 at 22:18
    The GlobalizerFYI, the armor should be all "Kehei" and the sniper rifle "Winee" for best results. 1 shot to each arm, 2 shots to the legs (total of 4 shots to remove armor); the kill takes 3 headshots.
    Posted by The Globalizer On 06 Feb 14 at 23:51
    STARS NightmareAdd me for all online achievements. GT: STARS Nightmare
    Posted by STARS Nightmare On 03 Mar 14 at 00:06
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  • Hati RHati R
    07 Dec 2011 05 Dec 2011 19 Nov 2012
    This is actually merely an addition onto Ultima's method-

    first get Vritra map as this is the only map to do this method on.
    Now, when you meet up, do so at the edge of the map or on the bridge.
    Shoot off one persons arms and legs. After that, have the other person now knock off the first one's arms and legs.

    At this point there are 0 kills and two armless legless wanzers next to a hole in the ground.

    Now have one person kill the other. The should get "GOT YOU FIRST" for 250 pts
    as soon as you kill the one jump into the hole suiciding. If you die before the other respawns they will receive "GOT YOU FIRST" on their rebirth. netting both people the 250 XP for one cycle instead of 250 for one per cycle.

    Keep the person suiciding the same the entire time- otherwise it wont work due to the fact you can only get the bonus once per life

    Rinse, repeat.

    To sum up:
    Player A and B meet up next to a hole on the Vitra map.
    Player A destroys player B's arms and legs.
    Player B destroys player A's arms and legs.
    Player A kills player B. (Player A Gets "Got you first")
    Player A jumps in the hole killing him/herself. BEFORE B RESPAWNS!!
    On respawn, Player B will get "Got you First".
    NOTE: For the entire match A kills then suicides.
    WARNING: Do not switch it up. The method will not work that way!

    Let me know if anythings not clear.

    Thanks goes to Taxable for figuring this out and Gronk and Olav for the session we figured this out on.
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    OO111111This was actually working for 3/4 of us, but the 4th was having issues that we couldn't quite narrow down. The solution works for the most part, but there seems to be some problem with it. Perhaps having to do with a certain custom mech configuration. Anyway, give it a shot and see for yourselves.
    Posted by OO111111 On 03 Feb 16 at 02:00
    Evil ToastIt works, but the match host can't be the suicider. Also, it doesnt seem to work if you pick wanzer armour with no head. Otherwise nealry twice as fast as the traditional alternating kills method
    Posted by Evil Toast On 05 Feb 16 at 02:55
    27 Nov 2010 27 Nov 2010 27 Nov 2010
    Here is my 2 cents to elaborate on a quicker and more efficient way to boost this achievement. As CaptHowdy mentions, boost this in a RANKED Supremacy match and don't worry about the control points. A group of 4 boosters is the ideal size because it will be the quickest. Have all 4 boosters create a mech that has a repair backpack, 2 burst machine guns, and the all weakest body parts. DO NOT have weapon skills attributed like Syphon Shot or Corrosion. Leave these empty.

    Each team will boost 20 kills then rotate to the next player. Team 1 will consist of Player A and Player B. Team 2 will consist of Player C and Player D. All boosters are to meet at a predetermined location. Player A will get the first 20 kills. Player B will follow then C and finally D. Player A shoots Player C until Player C's life is below 25%. Player D will then heal Player C (by pressing the B buttton). Player A will then shoot Player D until Player D's life is below 25% and Player C will heal him.

    When you heal someone that has 25% or less health, you will receive 100XP for Savior, which is healing an ally with low health, and you will also receive 50XP for healing an ally at all. Once Player C and Player D have both been healed, Player A kills both Player C and D. This cycle then gets repeated until Player A gets 20 kills.

    20 kills in a row is a Legendary Streak, which is worth 500XP. During this streak, you will get a streak at 3 kills (50XP), 10 kills (100XP), and 15 kills (250XP). Then the process is repeated with the other 3 boosters. You can boost for as long as you like, just keep the increments to 20 kills.

    Supremacy matches have 15 minute time limits. As long as the score is even at the end of that timeframe, overtime will occur. Overtime is 3 minutes in length and will repeat indefinately, as long as the score remains tied.
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    DrSchlepensteinAlso, on average how long does it normally take for all 4 players to get a turn getting 20 kills?
    Posted by DrSchlepenstein On 26 Mar 11 at 00:19
    NITEMARECREATORWe played and did not capture any control points unless we were on Manhattan and the control point was in the middle. This is where we met. Once we shifted the control point out of the way, the other team captured the next point just to tie the score at 1 - 1.
    Posted by NITEMARECREATOR On 26 Mar 11 at 23:36
    DrSchlepensteinThank You
    Posted by DrSchlepenstein On 27 Mar 11 at 00:39
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