Great Sage Equal of Heaven achievement in ENSLAVED™

Great Sage Equal of Heaven

Complete all Chapters on Hard.

Great Sage Equal of Heaven0
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How to unlock the Great Sage Equal of Heaven achievement

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    Overall hard is not that hard at all, particularly if its the second playthrough so you have all your upgrades. Aside from enemy health there's no noticable difference between hard and normal. A few things to keep in mind however:

    - Enemies do a lot more damage and can take a lot more damage too. They also block a lot more. Master the counter attack and dodge attack to get at them. Also keep the wide attack on hand when fighting groups so you dont get swamped.
    - Do not be afraid to use plasma and stun blasts to thin out groups. In fact, from chapter 10 onwards when the elite brute mechs (the big red ones that have 5-hit combos) start attacking in groups you will want to do this a lot. The stun blast from your staff (charge attack) helps but it can be tricky to get this in against a group.
    - The chase sequences in chapters 9 and 11 are a LOT harder. These are the only significantly difficult bits I encountered. You will need to nail it perfectly to progress - hit every blue boost and be ready to spam B at the end. In my experience the dog is harder than the rhino.
    - The two dog boss fights can go on a while, but a stun blast followed by a plasma blast can seriously shorten the fight. If you have a lot of ammo feel free to use it.
    - Broadcast mechs only give 10 seconds, and most of this time is simply them getting to you. Stun them and take them out immediately where possible to avoid extra mechs.
    - If possible keep your focus attacks for electro mechs and elite mechs - it will seriously damage them if not kill them outright.
    - The boat section in chapter 9 is quite tight but once you go through the door that closes behind you there are only 5 mechs left and if they kill you then you will respawn in the same area with full boat health so dont worry too much.
    - At the very end of chapter 10, there is a scripted sequence where 3 mechs attack Trip, and she uses the EMP to stun them but you have to get to her and take them out before they recharge. This wasnt an issue before but the time limit is drastically reduced this time and its not easy to kill all three before they recharge. I would recommend a plasma blast to one or two straight away then use normal staff attacks for the last one.
    - The final battle against the scorpion mech is no different, only that you have to take out the mechs quickly so you can continue hurting it. The timer keeps going down until you shoot its weakpoints so take out the mechs as quickly as possible. The checkpoints are quite friendly here.

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    Kid Vranicyeah, i am going to get the other achievements and probably do the same after that. Thanks for the update thgouh (and the guide of course :D)
    Posted by Kid Vranic on 13 Mar 12 at 15:30
    SnowsuxFor anybody that wants to know, you can definitely do this through chapter select.
    Posted by Snowsux on 22 Oct 14 at 07:00
    Eric FiltroCan you tell which ones you've done on Hard? Is there a marking or something? I played this a while ago and I don't know which ones I already did. Thanks.
    Posted by Eric Filtro on 29 Nov 14 at 13:15
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    For those who wonder. I can confirm this can be done with chapter select. I played through this a long time ago on easy, and went through one by one and did the hard levels. The only way I knew which level I had done is that it appears chapter select won't let you do hard levels out of order. If you go to select hard on say chapter 4 and you haven't done chapter 3, it won't let you play the level. This is the only distinguishing thing I realized.
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