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Tech Curator

Collect all Tech Orbs.

Tech Curator0
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How to unlock the Tech Curator achievement

  • Demonex MachinaDemonex Machina129,903
    01 Feb 2011 07 Feb 2011 11 Jun 2012
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    Tech orbs are round orange balls of light scattered throughout Enslaved. They're used to upgrade fighting moves and weapons.

    Most tech orbs are on the main path and can be found easily. Others may require a little more searching. Checking behind you frequently and sifting around your surroundings are all things I'd recommend, but sometimes you need a little more than that.

    Attached to this solution are some helpful videos, but first, here are some notes that may help you in your tech orb search:

    • You can view the percentage of the orbs you've collected for each level at the level select screen.

    • The orbs you've collected carryover through multiple play-throughs.

    • Chapter 1 doesn't have any orbs.

    • Collecting orbs from defeated enemies do not count towards the orbs collected for a level.

    • Sometimes, when you collect the first orb of a level, the percentage of orbs collected for that level changes to one percent. This doesn't mean that each orb in that level is equal to one percent of orbs collected and that there are 100 orbs.

    • When you collect an orb, continue playing until the game saves. When you see a blue circle in the bottom-right corner of the screen, the game is saving. This isn't always obvious as it only flashes on-screen for a brief moment at times.

    • If you die before the game saves, you will lose all the orbs collected since the last save.

    • The game does not save the orbs you've collected when you exit to the main menu.

    • If you miss an orb, you don't always have to restart the level. The checkpoints are very obscure in this game. You might revert to a certain point if you die(usually the last save), but if you manually revert to a previous checkpoint, you will usually revert way before that. Therefore, if the game saved, you can revert to collect any orbs you might of missed.

    • This should be commonsense, but when searching for the orbs, you should also search for the masks. The videos I've included also show the mask locations, but if you want a guide that shows purely masks, I'd recommend the one DL CyberSkull posted.
    Solution for Mask Curator in Enslaved: Odyssey to the West

    • Pay close attention to the dragonfly's fly-by scans. They can help you spot an orb or two, especially if you missed one and don't know which it was.

    I'd also recommend the solution New Breed 01 posted for a good text guide.
    Solution for Tech Curator in Enslaved: Odyssey to the West

    His solution was removed for some reason I'm unaware of. Here's another good text guide:

    • There's an orb in Episode 3 that's a little buggy. Trip will crawl through a hole at the top of some stairs, then you have to make a way around to her and drop down into the room she's standing in. There's an orb near the wall opposite of her there. You have to grab it quickly before the game loads the next section of the level, or it will disappear.
    External image

    MR WOLF 12000 posted in the comments:
    just wanted to add that if you upgrade you will automatically save all collected orbs up til that point
    Don't know if this is true, but if it is, you might be able to use your upgrades strategically. posted in the comments:
    Followed the guide for the three videos for chapter two, yet it still says i'm on 98% Gah! Last cheevo to get. Dont think I will 100% this one.
    Found the last three! The video doesnt show it on chapter 2, but right befre you get to the bit where trip uses's the emp on the two mechs in the cut scene, you have to lift up a door/barrier. Instead of pushing B to do it, turn around and you will see three orbs on a high up platform in the previous room. Hope that helps anyone out/
    If anyone else finds any orbs not shown in the videos, please inform me, and I'll amend the guide.

    Edit: posted in the comments:
    And possibly worth noting that the videos seem to have been updated and the missing orbs in Chapter 2 that SuddenThunder referenced are now included in the video as of 2/16/12.
    Getting this achievement will also net you:
    Enslaved: Odyssey to the WestTech CollectorThe Tech Collector achievement in Enslaved: Odyssey to the West worth 19 pointsCollect half of the Tech Orbs.

    If you followed the videos below for the masks as well, you'll receive:
    Enslaved: Odyssey to the WestMask CollectorThe Mask Collector achievement in Enslaved: Odyssey to the West worth 27 pointsCollect half of the Masks.

    Enslaved: Odyssey to the WestMask CuratorThe Mask Curator achievement in Enslaved: Odyssey to the West worth 129 pointsCollect all Masks.

    I used these videos by JeffDawes1984 from YouTube to help me find all the orbs I missed on my first play-through.

    These are not my videos and I cannot verify that it includes a guide to every single orb in each level, but I'm mostly sure it does. Levels 11, 12, 13, and 14 are not included in the videos. I'm sorry it's not complete, but it was the most complete video guide I could find at this time.

    Edit: I've included a video guide to levels 11 through 14.

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    BillarghVery good guide!
    Posted by Billargh on 30 Nov 14 at 23:16
    Raptures LostI was convinced the orb I was missing at 99% in chapter 9 was in the second half of the level with the boat or dog chase. I thought I had fell victim to the dreaded rumored "glitched" orb but I was wrong. The orb I was missing was actually in the first half of the level when you first get use of the cloud, I recommend checking the first half of the level with a video guide before giving up.
    Posted by Raptures Lost on 09 Nov 16 at 20:06
    Desi ShinobiChapter 5 is giving me issues, even after following the video 3 times. Stuck on 98%
    Posted by Desi Shinobi on 08 Jul 18 at 01:43
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  • DetsEightyOneDetsEightyOne321,261
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    There is an awesome tech orb text guide I used that also covers the masks. If you don't want to or like watching videos, its still really in depth and makes the orbs easy to get. I take no credit for the text guide all credit goes to Nozza from Lead Example.

    Happy Hunting!
  • Maelstorm95Maelstorm95327,107
    25 Mar 2020 25 Mar 2020 25 Mar 2020
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    Here's an added tip. When going for this, it will unlock right when you collect the last orb. I kept going back to the menu checking my progress or thinking it needed to go to a checkpoint to unlock.
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