Flowerz Zen achievement in Flowerz (WP)

Flowerz Zen

Earn 250,000 total points in games of Flowerz.

Flowerz Zen0
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How to unlock the Flowerz Zen achievement

  • LemLem QcLemLem Qc284,101
    04 Mar 2011 20 Feb 2011
    23 7 30
    This is a very time consuming and boring achievement. You can't see your points progress in this game so except if you calculated every games you did you can't know exaclty how many points you have. You also have the "100 games achievement" to do, so what i suggest you is to complete about 100 games of 2500 so you will have an idea of the number of points you have. I also recommend you to do it on expert which is faster to accumulate points.

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    main elementNot sure if anyone's still working on this but I thought I'd add my experience. Foe me I was a few thousand past 250k but it didn't pop until I completed level 10. Played a mix of standard and expert, hardly ever exited to main menu. Good luck!
    Posted by main element On 04 Mar 14 at 04:54
    Typeonegativ71Just popped for me about 226k from when I started counting. Probably had a few games early on that I didn't track but in any case, it looks like it popped where it should.
    Posted by Typeonegativ71 On 27 Aug 14 at 01:45
    yossarianoPlayed for just over a week on and off and this popped, it's not particularly time consuming at all. Just comes naturally while going for "get to level 20".
    Posted by yossariano On 02 Feb 15 at 13:41
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  • XIX Hector XIXXIX Hector XIX192,239
    08 May 2013 08 May 2013
    6 0 3
    I finally got this achievement a few hours ago, been playing the game since 2011... and wanted to complete it long time ago, as i got the achievement for getting 100k points I focused on doing 150k more so I started to keep track of the scores of each of my games and when i reached the total of 250k nothing happend... as I was hopping it was going to pop anytime soon I played for like a month after I reached the 250k mark but no achievement. I read that a lot of people have trouble getting this achievement and some advice just to keep playing until it pop but I decided to delete the game from my phone and download it again, my plan was to get 250k fast in 5 days, 10 games a day of 5k each, the game is not hard at all and getting 5k in standar take me from 15 to 20 minutes. I did all the games on standar and everytime I got to 5k points i lose on porpouse and select to go back to main menu just in case and then went out of the game and put my score in an notes app i have on the phone, not sure if selecting main menu and going out of the game as soon as every game ended is neccesary for it to work but thats what I did, on day 5 and on game 44 ( some games i just played over 5k points) the achievement pop just as I score some poitns in the game, went to add all my scores and i had exactly 250k. SO for people that is having trouble with this achievement and are still hoping to unlock it one day my advice is to just delete the game and do what I did, for some reason the achievement get gliched for some people because the achievement must pop when you reach 250k points and that was not my case the first time i tried it and from what ive read i was not alone
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    boldfoxrdI've just deleted it and reinstalled so will be trying this method. Will report back in ten days :D
    Posted by boldfoxrd On 18 Jun 13 at 12:06
    DoctorFlaHi all! I have deleted game and change phone. I would like to know if I reinstall it game save remain in some cloud or I have lost it?
    Posted by DoctorFla On 26 May 14 at 06:15
    I8ITackyticsI8II deleted this game twice and reinstalled it, getting past 250,000 everytime. No achievement. This was about a year ago that I completed it the third time with no result. Really frustrating...
    Posted by I8ITackyticsI8I On 28 Aug 15 at 15:06
  • oI 420 RUSH IooI 420 RUSH Io1,541,371
    20 Oct 2015 20 Oct 2015
    4 0 0

    After a long while I have finally popped this terrible cheev. I recently acquired a cheap windows 8 phone and reinstalled this game and progressed through to the 250k and it did pop. Originally I had a WP7 and had all the cheevs bar this( I had well over 3mil on the WP7) so it seems to be either 2 options for those like me who got robbed of the achievement.

    1. (confirmed method) buying a new phone and re-doing this achievement

    2. (unconfirmed) Factory resetting your original phone and reinstalling and trying again.

    I have personally seen a few reasons as to why it doesn't unlock and I am leaning towards the fact that a certain achievement is unlocked before this is. I'm jus updating this to let other people know that you can still 100% this terrible game.... ENJOY
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