Green Thumb achievement in Flowerz (WP)

Green Thumb

Reach level 20 in a single game of Standard or Expert mode.

Green Thumb0
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How to unlock the Green Thumb achievement

  • Fastest SlugFastest Slug1,032,721
    16 Dec 2010 16 Dec 2010 27 Jun 2011
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    I can't write a 100% way to get this achievement except give some helpful hints on how I got it. I'll list in matter of importance.

    Knowing which level you are about to reach helps a lot. In the later level rock blocks come into the game and helped erase some flowers that I had no idea where to place at the end of the level previous. Here will be a description of the rock blocks to help place those useless flowers at the end.

    Level 13 a single rock will be in the middle of the stage so you can erase one flower.
    Level 15 rocks in the shape of a "+ " will be placed so you can erase four flowers.
    Level 17 rocks will be added to the " + " corners making a square. So you can remove four more flowers.
    Level 19 four rocks will be placed in the middle of each side on the square making a large diamond erasing four flowers from the board.

    This is a nice picture made by LeiChat to show which level the block appears and how it looks.

    1.) Use the spade to place flowers in position to remove 4 or more flowers. If not capable of removing abundance of flowers go to 2.
    2.) Use spade to remove the populous flower on the board At sometimes I had an abundance of particular color and used them to remove as many as possible. If no match for color go to 3.
    3.) Use spades to move flowers into prime positions for later on.

    1.) Use butterfly to create a sequence of 3 or more flowers.
    2.) Use butterfly to make a match of two flowers for later use.
    3.) Use butterfly on a multicolored flower if other two don't apply so the flower is erased from the board entirely when you finally match it up.

    That's it hopefully something here helps.

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    My Name is BaRtFinally got it after 1,5 yearsclap
    Posted by My Name is BaRt On 06 Oct 15 at 20:27
    Fastest SlugNicely done!
    Posted by Fastest Slug On 06 Oct 15 at 21:07
    PaulRKraft007This is tough to get but if you plan ahead and read the board before placing your flowerz this is definitely doable.
    Posted by PaulRKraft007 On 28 Oct 17 at 22:51
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  • JadedMeanKatJadedMeanKat809,602
    16 Apr 2013 16 Apr 2013 14 Feb 2015
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    Just to add a little tip in here for the people like me who just got the game & still having trouble (Fastest Slug thanks for guide, helped a bunch & LeiChat thanks for the pic also helped, if it wasn't for you two I probably never would've came up with this) however I was still having issues. Forgive me if this isn't the best "solution" considering I've never done one before. I only needed to play once using this solution once I tried it after many-o-games of losing at level 19.

    Playing slow & planning ahead is key!

    Since the grid is a 7 x 7, I worked up 3 from the bottom & down 3 from the top using the exact same piece (unless they were plain flowers which I used to finish out rows & change the colors if necessary) & the middle row I used for flowers of the same colors as the top & bottom rows if they connected (as much as possible) or flowers that didn't go with anything & just needed a place (once I cleared flowers above or below the flower that "needed a place" I built onto the middle flower to clear it out). I did this until level 17 when they add that extra middle square which made the 3x3 square in the middle. From there I continued to work up & down on the 2 outside columns on the left & right side. However on the middle 3 rows I always lined them up left to right as much as I could. It kept my board pretty clear to where if I needed to put a misc piece somewhere it wouldn't get in the way of potential matches. By level 19 only about 1/3 of my board was full so that made it pretty easy getting to level 20.

    Hopefully this helps & isn't completely confusing.

    *** Thanks ALEIGHT JR for pointing out the 2 outside should be columns instead of rows.
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    SambawebThis tip is the one i needed get it on first try thx smile
    Posted by Sambaweb On 28 Apr 15 at 19:47
    JadedMeanKatGlad it helped out Sambaweb!
    Posted by JadedMeanKat On 11 May 15 at 22:02
  • NSCLNSCL27,994
    17 Apr 2013 17 Apr 2013
    10 0 0
    I can add from myself that if you have problems with getting this achievement, and have some time, you can try to make one day breaks after every few levels (let's say, five). It helped me, because if you make everything in one try, at some point you start making mistakes, and can't focus enough to do it right.
    So I played this 5 levels as good as I could, paused the game and returned the next day, played next 5 levels paused, repeated till I went all the way to level 19, and before doing it I also made one day break, to have fresh mind. This way I was even able to pass level 20 and reach 23 without any problems.
    Hope it will help someone :)
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