Clean Slate achievement in Flowerz (WP)

Clean Slate

Clear the board of flowers in Standard and Expert modes.

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How to unlock the Clean Slate achievement

  • napoearthnapoearth854,579
    10 Mar 2011 11 Mar 2011 03 Oct 2016
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    You must place a flower in a way that clears all remaining flowers from the screen, either as one set of three or more, or in a cascade. You must do this in both a Standard and an Expert mode game. It does not have to be done at the end of a level.

    Try to plan ahead with the multi-colored flowers so that getting one set of three or more leads to a second set. I had to do this to clear the board on the Expert mode.

    If you have not accomplished this by the end of level three, go ahead an fill the board with flowers rather than restarting. This will ensure you get credit for finishing games, leading to
    Flowerz (WP)Leisure GardenThe Leisure Garden achievement in Flowerz (WP) worth 18 pointsPlay 25 games of Flowerz.
    Flowerz (WP)Flowerz AddictThe Flowerz Addict achievement in Flowerz (WP) worth 43 pointsPlay 100 games of Flowerz.

    Edit: Har Miggido and Mike Pitch both commented that they were able to do it as late as level 5, so if your board is not too out of control, it may pay off to keep going.

    Edit: If you already have those two don't bother filling the board, just back up and start a new game as OwnMyGamerScore and thesecondsfade both confirm that the points still rack up for
    Flowerz (WP)Window GardenThe Window Garden achievement in Flowerz (WP) worth 22 pointsEarn 100,000 total points in games of Flowerz.
    Flowerz (WP)Flowerz ZenThe Flowerz Zen achievement in Flowerz (WP) worth 64 pointsEarn 250,000 total points in games of Flowerz.

    Edit: In a helpful hint from the comments AP E JC said "I noticed that in the moment that the game is starting, while the flowers are growing, you can place flowers in the occupied slots. So if you have a good queue and fast fingers, you can take advantage, and clear some bad pieces."

    Edit: Billservo mentioned something in the comments that I hadn't considered. "I can confirm picking up the last remaining flower with the trowel will pop the achievement."

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    Mike PitchI also just got this on Expert Level 5. Just keep going!
    Posted by Mike Pitch On 22 Jan 16 at 18:33
    LordChabelo13After 3 years of trying on and off, I finally got this achievement. I got it on the fourth phone I tried this game on. When I cleared an expert board the achievement did not unlock. I finished the game (filled the board as quickly as possible) and played a standard game until I cleared that board and the achievement unlocked.
    Posted by LordChabelo13 On 22 Apr 16 at 17:34
    planchetflawThat's one of the most rewarding achievements I've done on WP for a while. Took a photo and definitely adding it to the trophy cabinet.
    Posted by planchetflaw On 21 Apr 22 at 01:37
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  • Lt DavoLt Davo240,977
    22 May 2011 22 May 2011 31 May 2011
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    To unlock this achievement, you must clear the board during a standard game and an expert game. "Clear the board" simply means that there are no flowers on the grid at some point in the game. It doesn't have to be at the end of a level, and it doesn't matter how you do it, as long as the result is that the board is clear. For example, if you have one flower remaining and then you pick it up with a trowel, that counts.

    Do it in standard mode first. This might take you a few tries to get, but it isn't that hard, and that isn't why you're reading this guide. The real challenge is clearing the board in expert mode. This requires a combination of skill and luck, with emphasis on luck.

    You do have a little bit of control over your luck, however, because there is a wide variation in how the games start. Some games start off easy, and some start off difficult. So, as soon as the game starts, before you place a flower, look at the board and the queue. If there are seven double flowers on the board and four in the queue, don't waste any time playing that game; just immediately start a new game. If, however, there are four double flowers, two singles, and say a butterfly and a trowel in the queue, then that's a very good start; you definitely want to play that game. By assessing the layout before you play and and starting over if the board is unfavorable, you can save a lot of time and frustration.

    I'm going to use the following terms to describe the board:
    Track 1 - the 24 tiles along the outside. All but 4 of these are stone at the beginning.
    Track 2 - the next set of 16 tiles just inside Track 1. At the beginning, 4 of these are stone, and the others are playable.
    Track 3 - the 8 tiles surrounding the center tile.
    And finally, of course, there's the center tile.

    In general, you want to work toward the center, keeping a good amount of your flowers in Track 3 and the center tile. Try to keep the ones in Track 2 to a minimum, and try to avoid putting any in Track 1. Especially avoid putting any double flowers in Track 1.

    I'm not saying you want to glom all of your flowers together in a tight grouping in the center, regardless of color. You obviously want to try very hard to match colors. I'm just saying that you can't clear the board if your flowers are always scattered all over the place.

    When Level 1 starts, even with a good board, the flowers will be spread out, and there will probably be one or two doubles in Track 1. Because of this, it's very unlikely that you'll clear the board in Level 1. At the end of Level 1, however, you should have fewer flowers than you started with, and no doubles in Track 1. If the board looks worse than the game you started with, you won't have a chance of clearing it, so just start over.

    Continue with the tactic of working towards the center, and if all goes well, you'll clear the board sometime in the middle of Level 2. If you finish Level 2 and the board still looks messy, restart. If you're making good headway and down to just a few flowers, though, keep playing through Level 3 and cross your fingers.

    If you haven't cleared the board by the end of Level 3, forget it; it's not going to happen. If you've gone that far and haven't gotten the achievement for completing 100 games, quickly fill up the board with flowers to end it, then start a new game.

    Some people have said that the achivement didn't unlock for them after clearing the board in expert mode. If that happens to you, start playing again in standard mode and clear the board there.
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    Deadly MynxThis achievement took me forever.Can also confirm that it did not unlock until I completely cleared board in expert mode,having one two tone flower(down to one color) left at end didn't unlock it.Took me 12 days to finally do this,game was acting strange skipping flowers in queue,making it so much harder to line up correct colors.
    Posted by Deadly Mynx On 26 Jul 12 at 01:03
    InkyPawsI can't do iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit *whine*
    Posted by InkyPaws On 20 May 13 at 19:42
    BARTEK 0077I've tried it for ages in the expert mode.Some times one flower left - to my horror no trowel,sometimes two left and got trowel,one left,screw this one.
    Posted by BARTEK 0077 On 30 Nov 13 at 11:47
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