Rock Band Immortal achievement in Rock Band 3

Rock Band Immortal

5 Star every song in Rock Band 3 on Expert.

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How to unlock the Rock Band Immortal achievement

  • Maka91Maka911,276,910
    07 Nov 2010 05 Nov 2010 14 May 2012
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    Many tricks can be done in order to work in your favour, although you still need to be fairly good, and have the set of instruments.

    Note: Getting 5 stars online in a band will NOT count.

    First, I am going to assume most people are best on guitar, for simplicity's sake. This achievement is easiest if you play most (at least 50) of the songs on guitar. (You can choose to play drums or vocals, but you may limit yourself in the end, when only a few songs remain and they are very difficult on drums especially).

    This ONLY counts if you earn the "Guitar Immortal" challenge. Once this happens, it will automatically allow you to choose guitar/bass/keys every time you choose a song. You CANNOT do this by selecting "All Instruments Mode" from the menu, this WILL NOT count.

    To earn the "Guitar Immortal", you must "Earn 5 stars on any 50 songs in Rock Band 3 on Medium Guitar (or earn 3 stars on a higher difficulty)"

    Llama - Expert Vocals is easiest here. Try it a few times, and continue playing if you miss some phrases. If you are a good guitar player, you can do Expert Keys on Guitar, and if you are a very good player, you will be able to do it on bass with the right star power path. Otherwise, guitar and drums require serious skill.

    Freebird - Expert Drums is the easiest for this. Make sure to turn on "No Fail" (as it makes no difference towards the achievement, and there is a tricky part). Otherwise, you can try keys on guitar once it's unlocked.

    Caught In A Mosh - Expert Vocals, dont let the tier system trick you, its half a talky part, and half very level singing. Most people (even bad singers) can get it in 2-5 tries. Otherwise, expert bass or guitar are almost the same, and both very very tricky.

    Antibodies - Easiest on Drums. Although the info reads Tier 3 on guitar, this song is hard to 5 star on guitar, due to a fast-strumming end. Otherwise, expert vocals are rated very easy. You can also try keys on guitar, once you have unlocked it. (Refer to above bolded note)

    Crazy Train - Expert Bass is VERY easy.

    Beast and the Harlot - This one is up in the air. I personally found it easy for expert guitar (and bass) 5 star, but some people are seeming to have trouble. If this is the last song you have left and CANNOT get expert guitar or bass, then try vocals. Its one of the harder ones, but you might get it, if you are really struggling with the guitar. Drums will be nearly impossible for most players.

    Lastly, this achievement does stack with the Hard one, so focus on getting everything done on expert if you can, and the other ones will come with it. You will also unlock the following achievements on the road to this achievement if you did not have them:
    Rock Band 3Rock Band LegendThe Rock Band Legend achievement in Rock Band 3 worth 95 points5 Star every song in Rock Band 3 on Hard.

    Rock Band 3Rock Band MasterThe Rock Band Master achievement in Rock Band 3 worth 43 points5 Star on Medium (or 3 Star on a higher difficulty) any 50 Rock Band 3 songs.

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    THEpaynexkillerStill haven't done it.
    Posted by THEpaynexkiller on 12 Mar 15 at 22:53
    Elliot PiersonCan someone just put up a fucking vocal only track so that we don't have piss around with Rock Band's piss poor charting for guitars? Cheers..
    Posted by Elliot Pierson on 21 Jul 16 at 10:34
    Elliot PiersonFuck, after playing a lot of these songs on bass it really shows how damn lazy harmonix are at charting songs.. SO many off time songs. Fuck beast and the harlot, I could probably do that on real guitar, it's the bass charts for the Phoenix song and Jane's addiction song that are hard. Purely because of shItty charting. We'll done harmonix, it's like you're TRYING TO secure that 2nd place behind guitar hero ahahahaha.

    Rant over
    Posted by Elliot Pierson on 11 Aug 16 at 13:10
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  • KennansoftKennansoft165,257
    10 Nov 2010 04 Nov 2010 19 Nov 2011
    20 1 11
    There is no kidding yourself, you will have to be good at the game. There is no trick and certain songs are going to give you a hard time, but with patience they can be beaten.
    To keep track of what songs you have and haven't done you can check it through Career -> My Goals -> Rock Band -> Epic Rock Band 3 -> Rock Band Master.

    There are certain things to note that will help you beat it:

    - This must be done solo, or in a band offline. This means the you can get everyone to use Overdrive and ride on their glory, it also doesn't matter what difficulty everyone else is on, aslong as you are in expert.

    - You can use any instrument. Be Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keys or Singing whatever suits you. This means you can appeal to the easier instrument.

    - If you unlock 'Guitar Immortal' which requires you to "Earn 5 Stars on any 50 Songs in Rock Band 3 {Disk Songs} on Medium Guitar (Or earn 3 stars on a higher difficulty)" You can use your Guitar controller to play Keys. This means some songs like Slipknot's 'Before I forget' which could be tricky on Guitar or Bass can be played on keys which doesn't even have a difficulty notch (The keys play like the Guitar and Bass requiring you strum but can still be much easier)

    - You can gauge yourself against some of the harder songs, like Phish's 'Llama'. This will give you an idea of how hard this will be for you, obviously playing the same song again and again can mean you will learn it's riffs and tricky sections but if you fail easily you know it isn't for you...

    - The difficulty of some songs seems strange, some songs will give themselves a 2 tier difficulty on guitar and feel like a demon rating, so don't let this discourage you. In this case try another instrument. Certain songs such as Steve Miller Bands 'Fly Like an Eagle' rates itself with no difficulty on Guitar but can be very tricky even to an experienced player. Then other songs such as Ozzy Ozbourne's 'Crazy Train' Which gives itself a demon difficulty on Bass feels like a 2 tier at best.

    - No Fail Mode will not harm this, while it may sound stupid to suggest if you can't pass a song the reason I do is that some people have trouble with just a certain part of the song which with this can be bypassed.

    - Find a good friend. A really good trick you can use is get a friend to help you play drums. Assign yourself or your friend to focusing on the pads and give then the foot pedal. Many of the diffucult drum songs are only tricky due to the ammount of co-ordination required and this will bypass it. The only reason I say get a good friend is some songs will need playing several times and the last thing you want is to get frustrated at each other.

    - If your playing vocals or anything but mainly vocals you can pause at any time and use the 3 second run in back to where you were to adjust your pitch and take a breath then jump back into it.
    In a new title update as of February 1st 2011 the scoring is disabled if this is continuously done. To fix this go to your settings and clear the cache of your Xbox and then play offline without the update

    As an added bonus this is stackable on the other Goals of this kind so while playing for this you will also unlock:

    Rock Band 3Rock Band LegendThe Rock Band Legend achievement in Rock Band 3 worth 95 points5 Star every song in Rock Band 3 on Hard.

    Rock Band 3Rock Band MasterThe Rock Band Master achievement in Rock Band 3 worth 43 points5 Star on Medium (or 3 Star on a higher difficulty) any 50 Rock Band 3 songs.

    Best of luck
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    KennansoftVery nitpicky, but I agree ^_^ all fixed...
    Posted by Kennansoft on 10 Aug 11 at 21:46
    NighthawkJoV"This means the you can get everyone to use Overdrive and ride on their glory, it also doesn't matter what difficulty everyone else is on, aslong as you are in expert." Sadly, I discovered today that isn't the case. Had my girlfriend on my account singing the last song I need (Beast and the Harlot) on Expert while I supported her from her XBL account with guitar on Hard. We got 5* as a band and she got 5 individually, but the achievement for Hard unlocked while Expert didn't. So, it looks like it does take into consideration your bandmate's skill selection now. Boo.
    Posted by NighthawkJoV on 29 Dec 12 at 17:57
    NighthawkJoVFYI, she later solo'd it and unlocked it. But, figured that bit of info would help your solution. :)
    Posted by NighthawkJoV on 29 Dec 12 at 18:08
  • 17 3 5
    If you jump around from instrument to instrument playing this game, and play usually by yourself cry. Then voila! A list of every song in the game and what the game (or in the case of the same difficulty, the global leaderboard) says is the easiest instrument to play it on! You don't have to take these to heart, you are going to be better at one instrument than others and will probably play the songs on different instruments than the ones I stated.
    "20th Century Boy" - Drums
    "25 or 6 to 4" - Vocals
    "Antibodies" - Vocals
    "Beast and the Harlot" - Vocals
    "The Beautiful People" - Keys
    "Been Caught Stealing" - Bass
    "Before I Forget" - Vocals
    "Bohemian Rhapsody" - Drums
    "Break on Through (To the Other Side)" - Vocals
    "Caught in a Mosh" - Vocals
    "Centrefold" - Drums
    "China Grove" - Guitar
    "Cold as Ice" - Guitar
    "Combat Baby" - Keys
    "The Con" - Keys
    "Crazy Train" - Vocals
    "Crosstown Traffic" - Drums
    "Dead End Friends" - Vocals
    "Don't Bury Me...I'm Still Not Dead" - Bass
    "Don't Stand So Close To Me" - Drums
    "Du Hast" - Bass
    "Everybody Wants to Rule the World" - Guitar
    "False Alarm" - Vocals
    "Fly Like an Eagle" - Guitar
    "Foolin'" - Drums
    "Free Bird" - Vocals
    "Get Free" - Guitar
    "Get Up, Stand Up" - Guitar
    "Good Vibrations" (Live) - Guitar
    "The Hardest Button To Button" - Guitar
    "Heart of Glass" - Keys
    "Here I Go Again" - Bass
    "Hey Man Nice Shot" - Drums
    "Humanoid" - Bass
    "I Can See for Miles" - Bass
    "I Got You (I Feel Good)" - Drums
    "I Love Rock N' Roll" - Bass
    "I Need to Know" - Drums
    "I Wanna Be Sedated" - Vocals
    "Imagine" - Bass
    "In a Big Country" - Drums
    "In the Meantime" - Keys
    "Jerry Was A Race Car Driver" - Vocals
    "Just Like Heaven" - Bass
    "Killing Loneliness" - Drums
    "The Killing Moon" - Keys
    "King George" - Vocals
    "Lasso" - Drums
    "Last Dance" - Guitar
    "Living In America" - Guitar
    "Llama" - Vocals
    "The Look" - Vocals
    "Low Rider" - Guitar
    "Me Enamora" - Guitar
    "Midlife Crisis" - Guitar
    "Misery Business" - Guitar
    "Need You Tonight" - Keys
    "No One Knows" - Vocals
    "Oh My God" - Keys
    "One Armed Scissor" - Bass
    "Outer Space" - Drums
    "Oye Mi Amor" - Bass
    "Plush" - Drums
    "Portions for Foxes" - Vocals
    "The Power of Love" - Drums
    "Radar Love" - Keys
    "Rainbow in the Dark" - Keys
    "Rehab" - Guitar
    "Rock Lobster" - Keys
    "Roundabout" - Vocals
    "Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting" - Vocals
    "Sister Christian" - Bass
    "Smoke on the Water" - Guitar
    "Something Bigger, Something Brighter" - Vocals
    "Space Oddity" - Vocals
    "Stop Me if You Think You've Heard This One Before" - Drums
    "This Bastard's Life" - Drums
    "Viva la Resistance" - Bass
    "Walk of Life" - Drums
    "Walking on the Sun" - Drums
    "Werewolves of London" - Vocals
    "Whip It" - Vocals
    "Yoshimi Battle the Pink Robots Pt.1" - Bass
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    Vx L ROCKCaught in a Mosh can piss off,
    Posted by Vx L ROCK on 07 Jul 12 at 12:19
    Pedle ZelnipMe Enamora on guitar is brutally difficult, it's chart is one of the most undertiered songs in the game.
    Posted by Pedle Zelnip on 12 May 14 at 18:32
    AssistantAura9I think llama is easier on keys.
    Posted by AssistantAura9 on 03 Jan 15 at 20:13
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