Drum Trainer Graduate achievement in Rock Band 3

Drum Trainer Graduate

Complete the final Pro Drum Trainer lessons.

Drum Trainer Graduate-0.6
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How to unlock the Drum Trainer Graduate achievement

  • SpectrixSpectrix96,132
    29 Oct 2010 29 Oct 2010
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    Okay, first off to access to trainer lessons from the main menu, select "Training" then "Learn an Instrument", then select Pro Drums.

    For this achievement you need to do the bottom 3 expert lessons titled Advanced Techniques, Advanced Beats, and Advanced Fills.

    You have to complete every lesson in these three categories at 100% speed. I just finished this and it took some unique fudging of the controller to make it work, so here are my tips.

    1st - You do NOT need 3 cymbals to do this, I use an ION kit and only have 2 cymbals. None of the lessons require the ride (blue) cymbal, so plug one cymbal into yellow and one into green, make sure the 4 pads are plugged in and you are set.

    2nd - if you can't get a beat, try it at a slower rate and build up to 100%, also pay attention to the little tips that the game shows in the top right corner, they are very helpful.

    3rd - I actually had to switch some of my inputs around. I am not sure if you can do this on the RB3 stock kit, but on the ION kit you can swap the inputs, meaning I can chart my high hat to my yellow pad instead of the cymbal to make some things easier.

    On some of the disco beats, you can move the high hat yellow cymbal to the red pad, and the red pad to the yellow pad, and it is just like playing a disco beat in regular mode.

    The last beat that I got actually took me quite a while and I ended up moving the inputs again. It was under advanced techniques and is called "triplets down the kit"

    the chart is basically red, yellow, blue, bass pedal, but you need to hit the notes very quickly. I ended up making my kit where the red and yellow were swapped so instead of going LRRK (left right right kick) I went RLRK (right left right kick) and i got it on the first try after 30 mins of breaking a set of sticks and yelling at the tv trying to do it the 'legit' way.

    Hope this helps, bottom line is that not everyone will be able to get this, I was a plat drummer from rb2 and it took me a lot of practice/time to get this. Good luck!
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    BuckswanaMy yellow cymbal was glitching on the 16th note disco beats, so I switched it with one of the others and it worked much better. Have you tried just swapping them to see if one works better than the others?
    The tiplets were a pain, but I played them the way it's described, RLRK, just like doing the same thing on a real kit. Last thing I had to do was the tribal beat with the fast 16th notes - 3 blue, kick, 2 red, 2 yellow, repeat. Just wasn't comfortable to play to speed at first, but kept working it from the start point, then just the hands, etc.
    Posted by Buckswana on 05 Sep 11 at 17:25
    KiNG Y0Y0What's wrong with doing the pause method?
    Posted by KiNG Y0Y0 on 19 Dec 11 at 14:09
    Markyshizzlethe thing about the pause method is that you cant hit 2 drums, and then pause... i mean unless you have 3 hands
    Posted by Markyshizzle on 05 Mar 12 at 02:46
    Jaded X GamerJust F.Y.I. on that triplet beat, like Super Mattmasta and Buckswana said, you use you right hand to hit the snare and blue tom and left hand on the yellow tom. Basically you keep your left hand hovering over the Yellow tom and strike it as you swing your right hand from Red to Blue, then kick. This can be easier on a real drum kit depending on how your toms are set-up. Usually your High and Low toms are elevated above the snare, so it's easier to keep your left hand out of the way.
    Posted by Jaded X Gamer on 08 Apr 12 at 15:21
    rastabikermanjust got this today, the triplets down the kit took me bout half an hour, I used a different a technique. I kept my left hand on the red and used my right on the yellow and blue. Also, another good thing is to firstly start by getting the foot pedal going, then bring in both hands.
    Posted by rastabikerman on 14 Apr 12 at 11:55
    AwooGot my pro drums today, so I went straight into the trainer and... no breakneck speed. Welp, looks like I'm never getting this achievement now... there's no way I can hit things like Tribal Frenzy 3 without breakneck.
    Posted by Awoo on 25 Jul 12 at 13:19
    AwooSomehow went into god mode and managed to get everything done except for Disco Beat 4. My cymbals are a bit wonky and like to drop notes, but I'll hit it eventually. Really don't recommend the MadCatz pro drum kit though :p
    Posted by Awoo on 25 Jul 12 at 17:05
    Whammy Bartriplets down the kit on first try. . . . but tribal frenzy 3 took about forty minutes. couldnt have done it without my ions.
    Posted by Whammy Bar on 20 Oct 12 at 22:49
    NyxilJust went super beast and finished all of the Disco beats and Tribal Frenzy 3 on my stock RB3 Pro kit. I don't think I could do it again on that kit, ever.
    Posted by Nyxil on 13 Jan 14 at 13:53
    The NerevarineI just thought I'd point out to OP and anyone else that for "Triplets Down the Kit" it's very easy if you hit the starting snare with your right hand (followed by left hand hi-tom, right hand mid-tom, and a kick).
    Posted by The Nerevarine on 14 Jul 14 at 05:38
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