Vocal Apprentice achievement in Rock Band 3

Vocal Apprentice

5 Star on Easy Vocals (or 3 Star on a higher difficulty) any 25 Rock Band 3 songs.

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How to unlock the Vocal Apprentice achievement

  • TheyAreNextTheyAreNext39,470
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    This achievement is a fairly simple one; to unlock, you must achieve 5 stars on any 25 songs from the disc on easy vocals, or 3 stars or higher on any 25 songs from the disc on any higher difficulty vocals. This achievement is fairly easy to unlock, but obviously not everyone's going to have luck with vocals.

    Generally the best way to go would probably be to go for 3+ stars on medium rather than 5 on easy. The tierings are your friend; if you're having too much trouble with a song, just leave it and move on to the next. You only need to get 25 of the 83 songs on the disc.

    This achievement can only be done on solo vocals, playing harmony tracks will NOT count towards it.

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    MjolnerdThere's an in-game goal to keep track of your progress. Just to clarify for everyone:

    NO, harmonies don't count. They're a separate "instrument" as far as the game is concerned, just like guitar and bass are different parts even though they use the same controller.
    YES, they have to be on-disc songs from Rock Band 3, not DLC. Nor can they be exports from other Rock Band games.
    YES, it can be done with a band, because RB3 tracks individual performance as well as group performance. As long as you're on vocals, and your personal stats show enough stars at the end of the song, it counts. But the band's overall performance doesn't mean anything -- just because the band got three stars on a song doesn't mean the vocalist did, and vice-versa. Only the vocals score matters, and only the vocalist gets credit toward this achievement.
    Posted by Mjolnerd on 05 Jun 11 at 14:12
    LanceridePlease add to the solution that you CANNOT do it on harmonies. I wasted a lot of time because of that. Otherwise, good solution. Thumbs up.
    Posted by Lanceride on 16 May 13 at 01:10
    Y2Kasper10I can't figure out why it hasn't popped for me. I have 5 starred 31 songs on Medium, definitely Solo.

    Already got the bass, guitar and keytar. Not sure what's up
    Posted by Y2Kasper10 on 05 Aug 20 at 19:55
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  • Mystic Typh00nMystic Typh00n431,075
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    Generally songs with lots of talkie parts are going to be easier. As the other solution has said, play on medium instead of easy. In my personal opinion, there is almost NO difference between medium and easy vocals.

    Short songs are also your friend so you don't have to spend so much time on a song. Plain and simple almost every song is easy to 3 star on medium, and it's almost a given you'll be able to do it. Use overdrive when you have a 4x multiplier, or if you feel like you're going to fail. There's also the no-fail option you can put on which makes you not have to use your overdrive to save you.

    Also don't forget, tapping parts will net you some points along the way. I'd stay away from all tier 6 songs if you want to save yourself any trouble at all. But when it comes to vocals, the tiers are a matter of how well you can sing the song.

    Example: I can FC (Full Combo: Hitting every phrase in the song without losing your multiplier) Roundabout which is a tier 5 song, but I have a difficult time with Low Rider which is a tier 1 song.

    Vocals are tricky sometimes, but once you get the hang of them you'll have it down pat.

    Here's a couple of higher difficulty songs that are somewhat easy:

    Living in America
    Lasso (Very short, and easy to at least 3 star on medium)
    Cold as Ice
    Caught in a Mosh
    25 or 6 to 4

    Also, I'd like to mention familiarity with the songs will help a lot. Free Bird is a very familiar song to many and it is very easy to 3 star on medium, but a song like Viva la Resistance, which I didn't know myself to begin with, can be tricky to some.

    Don't get me started on Good Vibrations though...

    I want to say that you should filter your settings to Rock Band 3 songs only so you don't play any DLC songs you may own.

    *You will only get this achievement by 5*ing 25 songs on the Rock Band 3 DISC on easy ( or 3* on medium) *

    Good luck on you endeavor to get this achievement. If you're having any troubles, just comment or PM me and I'll try to give you some more pointers.
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