Flame Stadium Champion achievement in Kinect Sports

Flame Stadium Champion

Win a full contest in Track & Field (Champion difficulty)

Flame Stadium Champion-0.1
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How to unlock the Flame Stadium Champion achievement

  • TinyshadeTinyshade330,230
    19 Nov 2010 20 Nov 2010 14 Jul 2011
    77 6 21
    In my Opinion, this is the hardest achievement of the game ( Close to bump-osaurus ) . You will need above 590 overall score to have a chance to win it.

    Sprint 100m :

    Start and end boost is a must to get first.

    It very important that you run as fast as you can and focusing getting your knees high while doing so, keep a steady rhythm.

    Start Boost : You need to crouch and have one arm forward and arm backward ( Look the AI to have a clue ). What i did is once it says to get ready on screen, i counted in my head to 3 then start running even it i didnt hear the start sound, the game always start at the same moment offline.

    End Boost : When you get close to the finish line, put both arms straight in front of you and keep running fast with high knees.

    My Best time was 7.27 seconds doing this.

    Javelin Throw :

    On this one running is important but no need to run as fast as in the sprint. Focus more on keeping your knees high. When you get to the green zone, crouch just a bit then get back in stand position while throwing the javelin straight up in front of you. Keeping the arm straight helps. Hopefully, you'll get above 110m.

    Highest throw was 119.87m

    Long jump :

    This one is really easy to get first when you know this trick.
    Running as fast as the sprint is a must on this one.
    When you get to the green zone, jump high and start doing the windmill with both arms, it give around 2 meters boost to your jump and make this event a piece of cake.

    My best jump was 13.82 but you can do much better than this.

    Discus throw :

    My worst enemy lol, i dont know why but i had a lot of trouble getting constant high throw in this one. Try to crouch a bit before throwing and get back up has you throw. That all i can say :P

    My best throw is 83.23m

    Hurdles :

    Now it time to give it all you got.

    Run Fast, High knees, steady rhythm and jump when you get to the green zone. Also, dont forget the start and end boost!!!

    I did about 15 seconds.

    So this it, hopefully you got that hell achievement!!! :)

    This is my first guide to this site and hope you enjoy, please keep in mind that english is not my first language but i wanted to help you guys.
    Also, please dont forget to vote!! :P

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    jackster and dhThe most important thing here is space. It will help you get much a much higher score in the discus and the javelin. After moving my kinect to a more spacious room, I got in on the first try.
    Posted by jackster and dh on 01 Nov 14 at 06:21
    Lazy with StyleYES, got it first try on champion difficulty but practiced a little bit before. In my beginner run I won by gaining 540 points without much effort. I knew that this would not be enough for the champion opponent so I gave my best. I have to agree that more space and a high Kinect sensor definitely improves results overall. I tested a little bit with different positions and distances and came to this conclusion as well. In the end I topped 3 personal bests in 100m, long jump and 110m hurdles. I won with 606 points, the AI in 2nd place got 576 points. Here are my results and some comments: 100 m - 6.90, 1st place = I got a dream boost start passing half of the distance in boost mode. I don't know how I got this, began to run after 3rd heartbeat as usual. Must have been perfect timing. Before my best was 7.50. javelin - 100.5 m, 6th place = here I screwed. I can throw 100-110m pretty often. My best ist 120,8 m. AI winner got 118m!!! long jump - 15.27 m - 1st place = I got this in my third attempt. First two tries were between 13 and 14,5 m. I was already a bit exhausted and wanted to stand still for a moment to get a breath but suddenly my avatar began to run slowly. Probably I moved too much. I thought I am screwed, began to sprint fast for the last 2/3 of the lane and got a perfect jump. Best AI jump was something with 12.5 m so here I won a shitload of points. This was definitely the game winner. discus = 71.28m - 4th place = Actually a pretty good result for me, normally I throw between 40 and 65 m. My best ist 76,64 but I don't know how I got that. Here the AI reduced the gap in overall standings but due to my incredible running and long jump results I was still in front. 110m hurdles - 14.80, 2nd place = Again, a personal best for me (before: 15,17). I could not win the race but due to a good boost finish I got from 3rd or 4th place to 2nd in the last moment. It was all pretty close, even the 1st place was possible. Most important thing was that the AI opponent being 2nd in overall rankings only got in in 3rd or 4th place.
    Posted by Lazy with Style on 20 Dec 15 at 20:37
    MattiasAndersonYes finally got this one!

    One key advice is to press Y button on the controller after each one because my Kinect always adjusted itself so it did not see my feet very well. So make sure to re adjust it after it says adjusting Kinect after each one. (Well it did not maybe do it every time but keep checking it).

    Spring I always won and long jump I got 13M+ and hurdles was one of my weakness as I did not practice it much. Got 5th when I got the achievement.

    Discus! My record is 89M something but got 78M or so when I got the achievement!

    And on javelin I normally get around 90-100M but on the attempt when I made it I got 104 or something.

    I got lucky that the beast in discus and hurtles was low on score so I could keep my lead.

    I had 8 points lead to the last event and it was enough! Think I won with 3 points and think I ended with 154 points.

    My right arm are dead after my hard throws... So glad I got this one!
    Posted by MattiasAnderson on 22 Apr 18 at 18:04
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  • MC MonobrowMC Monobrow296,469
    20 Dec 2010 18 Feb 2011
    36 1 0
    Hi there,
    If any of you are still finding it hard to get the Flame Stadium Champion achievement for Track and Field, or just want to get better scores, you might find this new video guide useful. It features a member of the Rare test team and hopefully you'll be able to copy his actions for some great results.

    Ben Talbot - Web & Community Officer - Rare Ltd
  • Maelstorm95Maelstorm95361,541
    17 Dec 2018 18 Dec 2018 04 Feb 2020
    2 0 0
    After spending a bit of time on this, and coming back multiple times to try and finish this game, it finally all came together. I recommend practicing the events separately, as you will eventually figure out ways that work for you. This is how I originally figured out the javelin, long jump, and knew I could get a good time in the running events. Some of my info I will be doubled from above, but here's what I did.

    Run Point Total - 611(It was a dream run, first in every event)
    Sprint - 7.10
    I have my Kinect set at about knee level for this. When it shows the word set, get into a runner's stance, with one hand back and bend over. Once the text goes away, say "one Mississippi" and take off running. Keep your knees high, arms moving back and forth, and don't stop. Go as fast as you can, but try to keep a consistent form. Even if you think you are early, do not stop unless it says a false start. On my best runs, I had starts that seemed to come before the guy says go, but it registered as valid. Once you cross the last thin white line(last 10 meters) bend over and you'll boost over the line. Only move on if you have below a 7.65.

    Javelin - 114.65
    Again, I kept my Kinect at the knee level. For this, I could only get a good throw with my left hand. When running, focus on getting high knees but you do not have to run anywhere near as fast. For your arm, I kept it at a position slightly above what the Kinect would register as me trying to pause. Make sure you keep it away from your body and don't keep it close. Run, and at the green swing your arm through with a slight increase in angle, but do not bend your elbow. I was consistently getting above 110. Only move on if you get above 105, or place around 4 or better.

    Long Jump - 13.22
    This one has the potential to get back a bunch of points. The AI won't get above 13, and it isn't too hard to get a high 12, or even 14. Run as you do with the Sprint, high knees, arms back and forth, and as fast as you can with good form. Once you hit the green, jump up as high as you can and swing your arms or hands in circles. Swinging your hands works most of the time, but it is more consistent to swing your arms. You need to win this event, or at least be within a few points of the top place.

    Discus - 86.21
    Until my dream run, my best was 56. That 56 came in a tournament where I lost by 2 points, 590 vs 588. For this move your Kinect about to shoulder/chest level. Retune your Kinect by pressing Y so that it can see your arms fully. Select the discus with your right hand, and take a step forward with your left foot so that you are in a straight wide stance. Similar to Javelin, you want to keep your arm straight as much as you can, and away from your body. Begin by twisting to your right, and bring your right hand behind you. Bend your knees a bit, and your right hand should be a bit below the waist level. From here, swing through with your hips, and bring your arm slightly up in angle, unwinding your hips and straightening your stance. Halfway through, you will want to bring your back foot(right) forward and while swinging you should step forward. So you will end with a similar foot stance as you started, just opposite. Continue twisting your hips, turning, swinging your arm forwards, but once you are near the end of a full swing, you can bend your elbow. Your end stance will have you ending facing to the left. This reminds me of a golf swing. After doing really bad in the discus, this was what I tried during my winning run. Hit 84. 82, 86. You need to be in the top 3 to have a chance here.

    Hundles - 15.03
    Move the Kinect back to the sprint level and retune it. The same as sprinting, get into a runner's stance, wait for the word SET and say one Mississippi. This seemed to have a slightly longer wait, so you may want to say one Mississippi two. This could also be because I knew I was about to unlock the achievement and was slightly excited to get it. Nonetheless, I false started 2 times in a row and had to wait for the word Go. Again, run as fast as you can with good form, high knees, and when the hurdle turns green jump. Try and jump sort of like a gallop or how the game is doing it for the most optimal run. I wasn't able to do this so I ended up stopping and jumping with both foot and clumsily getting back up to speed. I also hit a hurdle here by jumping a bit too late, so I could have gotten a better time.

    Hopefully, some of these tips help! Looking back, this is NOT as hard as it sounds, it just take s a bit of practice. 6 months before I got the achievement, I gave this achievement a few
    tries with no luck. I got nowhere near and lost hope. The day before getting this achievement, I gave it a new try and got 5th, 4th, 2nd, 6th, 5th. I was incredibly sore the next day(the day of writing this) but wanted to give it a shot. On my second try, I completely dominated and won by 28. This achievement will take some practice, sweet, and time. You WILL be sore the days after doing is. But it is not as hard as the ratio makes it sound.

    Any other information needed, feel free to message me.
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