Hexic Master achievement in Hexic Rush (WP)

Hexic Master

Create a flower of Black Pearls while in Marathon mode.

Hexic Master0
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How to unlock the Hexic Master achievement

  • Cooper27111983Cooper27111983138,619
    20 Jul 2011 20 Jul 2011
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    i found the best way to do this was to make 2 silver stars and use them to make more stars but always keep 2 together so instead of making 6 make 8 then put the six together to make a black pearl then move the pearl to the bottom of the screen using the 2 silver stars then repeat until you have 6 black pearls hope this helps :)
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  • Piyi PiyiPiyi Piyi302,857
    01 Dec 2019 01 Dec 2019 01 Dec 2019
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    (EDIT: I forgot to say when you create a new star with a star in the center you don't lose your star. Instead, the new star appears on the top of the column where you create your new star. When you create stars using this method, please check that you don't have stars that can create star combos when your new star appears on top of the column)


    I found an easier way to do it. Create silver stars, try to get them in columns (you can get every star in 1 column, but I find it difficult to move when you have more than 3 in a column) and when you get 9 of them use 6 to create a black pearl.

    Why 9 instead of 8? Because it is easier to create the stars with 3 stars. You need to do the "starwalk" but when you want to create a new one (or the 4th), put a silver star as the center of you color flower to create a new one.

    With a star in the center, you can try to move the pieces like an old rotary dial telephone (sorry to the younger players who didn't have to use this phone, but it's the closest experience that I can imagine to explain in this guide). So you can move the color that you need next to the star center flower and just move the pieces surrounding the star so you can just "swap" a color that you don't need with the one (or ones if you know and want to risk less moves for more correct pieces). Your 2 stars to do starwalk would move the correct color next to your star center flower, you will align the correct color in the radius of the star center flower and after that you will move the new correct color and keep rotating until you get an incorrect color where the correct color was. I know this sound difficult, but it is only because you need your 2 stars moving again to move correct colors to your star center flower, and if you don't put a incorrect color, your stars will be moving back a correct color piece. If you had played this game a lot, it's easier to undestand the idea, My WP doesn't have a screen recorder and If I want to record my gameplay I need another device. I'll do it only if this idea is too difficult to understand without a video.

    Remember to check everytime that you want to move a piece that doesn't create unnecessary combos (You can level up doing combos and with more levels appears more bombs) or accidentally create star combos or worse, pearl combos.

    To create the pearl flower, put a star in the middle and use the "old telephone" method, is easier that way.
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    As soon as you start the game concentrate on making as many stars as possible with as few combos as possible. The quicker you can get at least 2 stars, it will avoid 2 things: bombs show up more often and more colors are thrown on the board. With 2 stars on the board you can use the "walking method" to move any Hexic piece wherever you may need it. There are plenty of videos on how to "starwalk" found on the internet. As you create more stars move them to the bottom of the board to avoid accidental star combos. Once you have 8 stars on the board surround 1 piece with 6 stars to create a black pearl. I emphasize to wait until you have a total of 8 stars, so that after you have created a black pearl you still have your 2 star pieces to continue walking pieces. Walk your pearl to the bottom of the board to avoid an accidental combo. Repeat this process till you have 6 black pearls and use the 2 remaining star pieces using the walking method to create the black pearl flower. As always remember that if a bomb appears stop whatever you are doing and concentrate on getting rid of it as soon as possible.
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