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The Writer

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No Punctuation

Special 2: Complete the episode without reloading the game or restarting a checkpoint.

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Achievement Guide for No Punctuation

  • HaganeGirHaganeGir85,885
    13 Oct 2010 12 Oct 2010
    95 0 34
    In the same vein as The Signal’s ‘Run On Sentence’ achievement you must complete The Writer without dying, reloading or restarting, which is quite a difficult feat. You’ll most likely want to attempt this on Normal difficulty, but if you want to try at a higher level, good on ya!

    You may want to attempt this on a separate playthrough from every other achievement, too, as wandering off the beaten path looking for collectibles, or trying to rush through the tornado encounter, and especially trying to reach the lighthouse without firing a gun, while attempting this achievement will probably drive you insane.
    Areas of concern include:

    -The trek from Cauldron Lake Lodge to Stucky’s Gas station. Primarily, this part concerns creating a makeshift bridge from manuscript words, and the tornado encounter. It is frustratingly easy to fall if mistiming your jump here, so time your jumps carefully, particularly around the tornado. Note that a heavy Taken will attack you as you make your way past the tornado, on a rather thin ledge, so prepare yourself for him (I, personally, had a heart attack and walked off the edge on my first run when I saw him). After this, an important point is to stock up on flares before dropping down the hole into the sewer pipes. Try to be conservative with these, especially in following areas where floating words such as ‘roll’ can be used to take down the Taken.

    -The rotating wheel section. Standing in the wrong place or dropping into a room too soon can hurt or kill you. You need to wait for the floor to be fairly level before entering a new section, otherwise you may slide, at an alarming speed, towards the other end of the room, and take serious damage, or die.

    -The final approach to the lighthouse. Shine your light on every ‘clear’ word you see, so that the light from the lighthouse can one hit kill as many Taken as possible. Shoot the rest, or drop the occasional flare and run as far as you can.

    -The final encounter. It’s quite possible to go for ‘Iron Will’ at the same time as this achievement, though ‘Iron Will’ requires you to avoid being seriously hurt (dropping to the lowest health state). There are crates with infinite ammo to assist you here. As mentioned in my tips for ‘Iron Will’, take care of the birds first in this fight! Flares are wonderful for dealing with the birds.

    In general, run whenever possible, make use of random lights or explosions, be conservative with flares when possible, and keep a good ammo count at all times. Luck may also play a part in this, so good luck!
  • Seraphim17Seraphim17753,085
    22 Dec 2010 07 Jan 2011 27 Feb 2019
  • TheCMHammondTheCMHammond91,619
    28 Sep 2018 01 Oct 2018 17 Oct 2019
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    This one is a pain to get. I'd be really surprised if anyone can get this on their very first try!

    I didn't want to finish the game without this, so everytime I died, I restarted the game again. You get used to it, but it can be frustrating to repeat sections over and over.


    The battle with the first lot of Taken is fairly straight-forward. Make sure you stock up on ammo and grab the revolver. Kill the first few, then the second wave and finally use the fireworks to mostly remove the dark-force protecting the last lot.

    Be careful moving over floating terrain, take it slow if you need to.

    The cabin you encounter will rotate, just move towards the exit/entrance and you'll be fine. If you're going for the collectible, wait for almost a full rotation back to the start and make a short jump over. Be patient.

    I went for the Whirlwind achievement and I advise you do too. Either way, you'll need to restart to get it. Might as well keep trying for it so you don't have to get it later.

    Alan WakeWhirlwindThe Whirlwind achievement in Alan Wake worth 42 pointsSpecial 2: Make your way past the tornado in under 60 seconds.

    The metal platform (bridge approaching you) is your safest bet. If you're going fast, the beds are also good for the second bridge. Otherwise wait for the second metal platform and make sure you don't have to jump too far or over the railing. Be patient.

    Make sure to use the roll words to spawn explosive barrels, occasionally picking off enemies with your revolver. If you need to, use your flare(s) (There is an infinite stash coming up). I would advise not rushing through, take them all out or almost all of them (as long as you can make it to the trunk).

    Next up, infinite flares. It's obvious you should max out on them here. You might be able to use one or two flares and avoid the Taken in the pipes (rush towards the hole), but if you don't want to risk it, kill them. Honestly, ammo is so common in this, it's not a big problem.

    As for the rotating wheel, don't run, but do make it through all the doors quickly. Don't stand around, or you'll fall into a wall at high speed and die. Wait for any entrances that are in the floor to be level and then walk through...DO NOT JUMP. If you want to be careful, make sure the floor is always level anywhere in there before proceeding onwards. Yes, you do need to jump in the water after the memory of you does it.

    At Stucky's gas station, you can just run to the safe-haven. If you need the collectible, it is to the right and is deeper into the trees near the end of the broken road.

    Spawn all the wires first, then the bridge. Kill the Taken that spawn on the bridge and start the generator. No more Taken will spawn before the log bridge.

    As you climb the steps up the bridge, more Taken will come at you. Not too many and usually one or two at a time.

    At the top, make sure you grab the flashbangs next to the TVs. Use the crumble and boom words to hopefully take out some Taken. These guys can overwhelm you, so don't hold back. I'm pretty sure they keep spawning if you hang around, so head for the safe-haven ASAP.

    Be slow and precise when walking over the trunk Zane moved.

    Some Taken will spawn around you as you walk around the hill, make sure you look behind you and kill the 3 or 4 of them.

    The flash words here turn on lights that stay on permanently, try to turn them all on without getting yourself killed in the process.

    The birds can be lethal here. First walk halfway across the bridge to trigger the birds and then head back. Take them out, turning on the flash lights too.

    Next, go across the bridge fully and run back again. More birds and a few Taken will spawn. BE CAREFUL.

    The plane bit can be hard if you want the collectible and secret area. Taken will spawn continuously here, so do what you need to do quickly. Inside the plane with the collectible can stop some of them getting to you, don't hold back...there is plenty more ammo to find.

    The secret area is straight ahead, between the rocks, in the opposite direction to where you need to go. There are useful items in there.

    Zane will talk to you for the last time on the wooden platform with the memory and ignite words nearby. This is where the GGITGL achievement starts.

    Alan WakeGo Gentle Into That Good LightThe Go Gentle Into That Good Light achievement in Alan Wake worth 46 pointsSpecial 2: Make it through the approach to the lighthouse without firing a weapon.

    You’ll want to prioritise using the clear words to let more light in to kill Taken around you. Use flares, just save 6 or 7 if you can. Rush through here, kill if you need to, but avoid if you can.

    Next up, final battle! Once you burn through the main guy here (no spoilers), stay next to the refrigerator thing at the end of the bridge. This will ensure nothing (except birds) can creep up behind you. Use flares on the birds and stock up only if you can safely. It's not that hard of a battle.

    And that is it, DLC finished. Sorry for the long read, I'd just like other people to not repeat the starting segments of the game over and over... Good luck!
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