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I Will Survive

Survive Survival Shooting Gallery 1 (Night Fangs) for more than 7 minutes.

I Will Survive-0.9
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  • MarkyshizzleMarkyshizzle1,274,092
    23 Dec 2010 27 Dec 2010 10 Jan 2011
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    Practice, Repetition, Memorizing, Timing. That is how you will beat this. I literally got 6:30 about 20 times. I have heard its easier with the gun you get with the game however I never bought it, so I used the controller.

    My tips, Always hit the elk so the bear comes out! You dont have to shoot the bear, its like free time that gives you a chance to breath. Also, Maximize powerups, max ammo and stopwatch are your friends!

    Here is a guide I found on on X360a. Credit goes to Bodigard

    I got the "I Will Survive" trophy early this morning and if you are having any problems here are some tips:

    1. aim under the chin of the wolves (leads to a one shot kill with HEARTSHOT);
    2. memorize where the wolves come from;
    3. hit the 2 caribou in the camp site and then the 3 that run in the next area (will unlock a bear sequence that will last about 15-20 seconds with 0 chance of getting hit);
    4. in the area right after the camp site wait until you are about to change areas and there will be a wolf that has an unlimited ammo power up, grab it and unload in the next area and build up your health early;
    5. finally, the first rotation kills only take 1 shot, the next 2 shots, and so on so forth. so learning to quick shot and reload is a huge skill.

    Here is how you should run through each area

    CAMPSITE: Hit the first two wolves and let the first 3 wolves go by, the next set of three will either come from the right or 2 to the left and 1 to the right. Now the ducks should fly out, hit the one with the Marksman Power Up (nuclear symbol), hit the 2 Caribou that pop up and unload in the same area to kill 3 wolves....move to next site.

    HILL: Immediately kill the first wolve on the right and then move to the left and unload quickly to kill the 3 Caribou. There should only be two wolves that pop up so quickly hit them. Now a bear will appear and as long as you are aiming under the chin you will waste some time killing it with 0 wolves attacking. Now after the bear is dead prepare for 3 wolves to come from the left and and right. Finally keep an eye on the right side for a chance to kill a wolf that has hte unlimited ammo power up. move to the next site

    DOWNHILL: We are now aiming downhill. You will see 2 wolves go left to right, hit them quickly and then one from the left will arrive. Take him out and then you will see 2 Caribou run from the right to the left (one has health so grab it if necessary). There will be about 5-8 more wolves that appear. Once you see a lone one come from the right aim to the right to hit the one behind him for more health. Move to the next site.

    TREELINE: Immediately aim mid right to kill two closing in wolves and then aim to the left to kill another set of 2. Stick to the left side as the wolves will spawn there. When you see a multitude of Caribou stampede look for one on the mid left to carry health grab it. Move to the next site.

    RUINS: Quickly shoot 3 wolves on the left side and then aim to the right for a wolf with the unlimited ammo. Use it and get the one that is hiding the in brush to the right and unload in the middle of hte screen any wolves that show up. With the unlimited ammo none of hte wolves should get near you.

    NOW YOU START OVER AND IT TAKES 2 SHOTS TO KILL THE WOLVES. Just repeat the above-state guide and you should last the full 7 minutes. It will take practice but once you can memorize and anticipate where they are coming from you will get the hardest silver in the game.
  • OverkillChaosOverkillChaos562,592
    24 Oct 2012 19 Jan 2014
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    I finally, and I repeat finally got this achievement after 6 hour of cussing, screaming, and throwing my controller. I had to do my best NOT to take out my frustration on my wife, because she felt so bad watching me do this.

    Ok here was my strategy in accordance to the ones already said.

    1) I used the xbox controller the "MW3 Edition if that counts for anything.

    2) I turned my sensitivity to 1.

    3) Turn OFF vibration it only throws you off.

    4) Screen walkthrough:

    Screen 1 steps:
    2 Wolfs right hand side ----KILL
    3 Wolfs running left -------IGNORE
    3 Wolfs they tend to Run from right and left ----KILL
    2 Caribou -----KILL
    3 Wolfs chasing Caribou -----IGNORE

    Screen 2 steps:
    1 Wolf in center, Kill that bastard wolf quickly ---KILL
    3 Caribou being chased ---KILL
    *When you kill all 5 Caribou you get Bear Scene*
    1 Bear ----IGNORE
    3-4 Wolfs one of them might have health ---KILL
    *Must get Unlimited Ammo Power-up*

    Screen 3 "The Sh*t storm":
    Wolfs are unpredictable in this scene some other people have good strategies here all I can say is.
    *Don't activate Unlimited power-up until second half or until caribou with health run by*

    Screen 4 steps:
    2 Wolfs running right -----KILL
    2 Wolfs running left -----KILL
    2-3 Wolfs running around 1-2 w/health ----KILL

    Screen 5 steps "Mop up":
    3 wolfs running from left----KILL
    1 wolf bottom right -----KILL
    *That wolf has unlimited power-up*

    Here's: that part that will benefit you in the next rounds or at least what I did to make my life easier.

    Gun down all the wolfs but make sure you gun down the wolf with the SLOW MO Last to save for next round of waves.

    Okay for the next runs use this strategy*******

    Do everything from the steps before but when you hit screen 2 do one of two things:

    1) try and kill that wolf before caribou run by if you fail mop them up with the slow-mo.

    2) If you did get the lucky shot on the wolf and the caribou without using your slow-mo. Save it for the 3 wolfs near the end of screen 2 when they run out. USE the SLOW MO. Mop up the 3 wolfs, and kill that unlimited ammo wolf.

    When you reach the 5:00 Minute mark or the last run through. Put the controller down for 10 minutes. TRUST ME. This will give you time to stop shaking, and put that heartbeat of yours a rest. Take this 10 minutes to relax and when you come back you will up to snuff again to mow down some more wolfs.

    Me Personally: I had to take 2 breaks I paused in between scene 4-5 to take a second 10 min break because my hands and my heart was racing knowing I was so close to finally beating it. I had to calm myself back down and take a quick shot of vodka.

    With some luck and some practice it is possible. Just near impossible.

    With permission of Shoe478 I have video of him doing a run through.
  • iNeanderthaliNeanderthal455
    11 Aug 2012
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    Here is what I did and it helped out alot.

    first just play through round 1 until you get to the ruins and make sure you kill the wolf with the slow time power-up last so you will have it.

    Campfire-kill the 2 wolves in front then wait for the next 3 that run at you( usually for me 2 from the left 1 from the right). then wait for the 2 elks to run out and kill them and after they are dead pull out your shotgun and ignore the 3 chasing wolves.

    Hill-This is were the slow time helps slow time and kill the wolf with your shotgun and switch to your rifle and kill the 3 elks(the slow time insures you have enough time to kill the wolf and 3 elks for the bear to appear and give you a break) the bear will appear along with 2 wolves one from the middle and 1 from the bottom. take your shotgun back out and kill the 2 wolves then 2 will come from the right and 1 from the left. finally 1 more from the right with an ammo power-up its very important you kill him and the shotgun makes it easy.

    Downhill-Only shoot the 2nd wolf coming from the left(he's the only one that will attack) Kill the next 2 wolves 1 from the left and one from the right. Next there will be a wolf from the left again use your power-up here and start unloading on the wolves that appear and try to get the slow time power-up its very helpful.(some times he doesn't appear and that makes the next part really tough)

    Treeline-Use the slow time power up at the beginning and kill the wolves. the rest of the wolves in this area come from the left.

    Ruins-Kill the 3 wolves that come from the left. then aim to the right to kill the wolf with ammo. use the power-up and kill the wolves coming from the left then aim back down towards the bottom to kill the wolf that appears with health(this way you can kill the wolf with slow time power-up last) then look back to the upper left and keep killing the wolves the unlimited ammo should last this whole area.

    Now you continue doing the same thing the slow-time isn't that important for the hill area it just helps. the shotguns not either it just helps make sure you can kill the wolf with the ammo. The ammo power-up for the downhill and the slow-time for the ruins is almost required, because at the higher waves it takes to long to kill them before they get to you. If your getting unlucky with the power-up spawns just keep at it they will eventually spawn with the power-up and let you obtain this ridiculously hard achievement. GOOD LUCK!!!!!
  • arikmoonarikmoon522,311
    19 Oct 2011 20 Oct 2011
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    Very tough achievement. If you're going for completion, put the game in, go straight for this achievement, and do NOT shoot the marksman bonus (radiation symbol) or the bear (just let the bear run by). You may accidentally unlock "Bonus Lover," then the game is locked on your tag.

    After about 2 nights of trying this I got the rhythm down, and it is possible. I looked at the leaderboards and there are only a total of 130 people who have over 7 minutes on this level.
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