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The Impossible achievement in EA SPORTS MMA

The Impossible

Beat Fedor on the hardest difficulty level in single-player Fight Now

The Impossible0
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How to unlock the The Impossible achievement

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    The best way I found to defeat Fedor on Legend is to use Fedor and just come out swinging.

    The guides here call for a controlled attack because they want to ensure a victory and wear down his stamina. It works, but you have to be very efficient. Thus getting frustrated and quitting.

    Here's the game plan. As soon as he starts running at you, just throw hooks, as you start to do this, he will too. It might not work the very first time, but keep at it and you will catch him mid swing with a perfect counter punch.

    Again, Just trade punches with him, if he starts hitting you in bunches, just back up regain composure and try again, look for his punching motion and try to counter with short jabs, then as you get your timing down, start uppercuts and hooks. It will work sooner than later. and you won't have wasted 17 minutes in one match just to try it all over again.

    Rooster Teeth video explaining my nonsense

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    LavindatharYup, any fighter works. I used my custom fighter who has better standup skills than Fedor. Caught him with my first punch of the match for a knockout.
    Posted by Lavindathar On 10 Jul 11 at 18:27
    AldangaTook me a few tries, but once I got down the pattern I took him out easily.
    Posted by Aldanga On 24 Mar 12 at 04:12
    Johnny Fl3xTook me a few tries also. After 1 minute he had me in an arm submission. I managed to get out of it barely, jumped back up to my feet and as soon as he got to his, nailed him with an uppercut and got a KO
    Posted by Johnny Fl3x On 14 Apr 12 at 05:06
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  • Removed Gamer
    Gamer has been removed
    This really isn't that hard. I picked Fedor for this achievement. Just use a controlled aggression with your stand-up and defend his takedowns when you can and you should get the eventual TKO or KO. Make sure, whatever you do, don't run your stamina bar down. Try to sway and counterstrike while mixing up your combinations from the head to the midsection. Apparently the computer can't defend very well when you do this

    One other thing I've found very useful is leg kicks. Whenever Fedor goes to strike dash either up or down and throw a leg kick. After you wear down his legs he won't be able to move from the rest of your strikes very well at all. I got my achievement the very first time with a first round TKO. Good luck. :)
  • O ZorgnaxO Zorgnax
    22 Jan 2011 22 Jan 2011
    I tried the other guides and got close, but couldn't finish him off. What ultimately worked for me was picking Vale Tudo rules, and Fedor for my fighter. I backed up into the cage, and just blocked his shots when I got clinched. Ultimately, the game will go to the ground. Do nothing but hit "B" for defending against the CPU's attempts to pass. When the CPU's stamina runs out, increase your position with a minor pass. Rinse and repeat until you are in a Full Guard or a dominant top position. From that position, continue using the strategy of blocking his passes to drop his stamina. Immediately after denying the pass that drops his stamina to zero, go for an arm submission. If you continue this method over and over, the CPU's overall available stamina will go well beneath yours, and you should be able to submit without too much of a problem. I won in about 10 minutes using this method.
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