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Millionaire achievement in Bejeweled Live (WP)


Collect 1 million gems.

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How to unlock the Millionaire achievement

  • gammatron9000gammatron9000
    05 May 2013 31 Oct 2011 05 May 2013
    I'm working on this right now... just figured it'd be helpful to know what to expect.

    Any gem that vanishes from the board counts (this counts normal gem matches and gems being exploded by special gems).

    I've got a "total time played" of 9 hours right now, and "total gems collected of 45,000. So assuming you're as (un)lucky as me, the 45k per 9 hours pace will end up taking about 200 hours to complete.

    1,000,000/45,000 = 22.2 (9 hour chunks)
    22.2. * 9 = 200 (total hours)

    I'm not a bejeweled wizard, so your numbers might be a bit different depending on luck/skill. I'm also not aware of any cheats or glitches to exploit... just lots of grinding.

    Good luck!

    I just hit 100,000 gems collected after 18 hours playing. At the current pace, it'll take about 180 hours. From the comments on this solution and messages I've been getting, it looks like I'm pretty slow :) Others are reporting faster completion times: around 140-150 hours.

    UPDATE 2!
    I've been bejewling myself into madness. Today i simultaneously hit 2,000,000,000 points, 600,000 gems collected, and 90 hours played.
    After some math, I'm getting about 6666 gems/hour, and it should take another 60 hours to get the remaining 400,000 gems. This keeps with the estimate of 150 hours.

    Over all this time, I've gotten better at this game... which means I can spot matches faster and keep myself from getting stuck... moving things along more easily. Here are some tips I've learned:

    1 ) Always try to work (get matches) from the bottom of the board.
    Much of the time, Bejewled is better at Bejewled than you. When you make matches closer to the bottom, there's a greater amount of resulting chaos happening on the board, which causes more cascades. This often results in special gems.

    2 ) Given the choice between a vertical and horizontal match, the vertical one is usually better.
    If you're not working towards a special gem, taking the vertical matches tends to move things down the board more effectively, which allows you to get back to making matches at the bottom of the board when you're stuck at the top/middle.

    3 ) If you're purely going for gems collected, the lightning gems will almost always destroy more than hypercubes.
    They always destroy the same amount, regardless of their position on the board. Hypercubes aren't always guaranteed to get a lot, especially if they get accidentally blown up. I tend to try and go for hypercubes just to keep things exciting.

    4 ) Blow up special gems immediately.
    If you "save up" lots of special gems to make a spectacular explosion, their effects will overlap and you will have wasted much of their potential. "Using" them immediately will maximize their effects. Also try to avoid letting the explosive gems fall to the bottom of the board. if they're at the bottom, the bottom of their explosion is cut off, resulting in 3 less gems collected.

    Hope this helps! good luck!

    Just finished this madness last night. 144 hours.
    If you dont already have this game/achievement, do yourself a favor and forget it exists. move on with your life and be happy.

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    gammatron9000You don't have to finish the game for it to count towards the total. The achievement will pop in the middle of your game, right when you hit the magic number.

    Also, there is no end to endless mode. That is why it's called Endless. dance
    Posted by gammatron9000 On 23 Jul 14 at 13:37
    Dancing RobFinally done!

    2 years and 111 hours...
    Posted by Dancing Rob On 28 Nov 16 at 20:39
    CrysisWarXX3This achievement wow doesn't make any sense ........
    Posted by CrysisWarXX3 On 31 May 21 at 17:12
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  • LijnloosLijnloos
    30 Jan 2012 17 Nov 2011
    I'm working on it as well, and I got the feeling that it goes quicker doing an action game, because when you're quick enough, you get all the exploding gems extra when you go into "Hyperdrive"... This way I manage to do about 1000 gems in 7 minutes... Or last night I got 6000 in 25 minutes... So either way, if you can take the pressure, this is working well towards 1 million!

    I'm on 100.000 now, with about 10 hours of play... that way it'll take me "only" 90 hours of play left...
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    DjDooksyAny time i load up the leaderbords or finish a game and it starts to load them the game quits out? Any one else had this problem. HTC 8X
    Posted by DjDooksy On 28 Jul 13 at 10:26
    ChardPT@Pierce - The count is jewels destroyed, not points earned. Go to Leaderboards, then Rank. It shows your number of gems collected on the third line.
    Posted by ChardPT On 17 Dec 13 at 03:57
    Catatonic NaliI've just finished this at 115 hours total play time, probably the majority of it done in action mode. I'd definitely recommend action because of the blazing speed exploding gems which you'll get a lot once you get proficient at the game and also because from my experiences it seems like the combinations to make power gems fall more often in action than the other modes.
    Posted by Catatonic Nali On 13 Jul 15 at 11:27
  • xxxcubsxxxcubs
    22 May 2012 11 Jun 2012
    Yeah, I finished it....174 hours. What a grind!

    I don't think there's any faster way to accomplish the achievement. I would stay away from Classic and just bounce between Action and Endless for your sanity's sake. I played so much on the Endless Mode that the game froze at some point, (I don't even remember...Level 180 maybe?). It scared me a little, but I just restarted Endless Mode and it worked fine and kept the overall jewel tally.
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    Pierce BrosnanSo does it do it by the points or no because currently in at 2 million points in one game
    Posted by Pierce Brosnan On 06 Dec 12 at 05:34
    Chas HodgesIncredibly my girlfriend (GT: Fetishataki) managed to blitz through this in *just* 76 hours. She's a machine!
    Posted by Chas Hodges On 10 Jan 13 at 19:14
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