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Request Master in Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 (Xbox 360)

Request Master18 (10)

You've cleared all requests.

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Choices of Life
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Choices of Life
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Posted on 02 October 14 at 15:27
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After reading the solutions, I realized that none of them were "Specific" to any requests. So for my part, I will give you all a full detail guide, so you don't struggle as I did with certain requests.

Request: (By number / how to get / reward)

01. Curse Doll retrieval:

- To obtain these dolls, you will encounter a character in the Hidden leaf village that will give you this request. It is recommended you finish the Storyline before completing this request, but not required. Encountering dolls will be characters related to the story with a (fake) Chakra aura. Defeat them to collect it's doll. To check which doll you need or it's difficulty, Select the "Wanted List" From the Confirm Event on the pause menu. NEW DOLLS come in via MAIL over time.
> At the point you get the LAST doll, the Curse Justu Master will try to kill you. He will vanish and you will have to wait till Lady Tsunade gives you his location by mail, which is in Orochimaru's hide out. The last battle is a Chakra Doll of yourself (Naruto Zage Mode), defeat it to complete the request.

>>REWARD: 0 Ryo / Ninja Info Card x1.

02. Konohamaru's Worry:

- Konohamaru asks you to find materials for making a Shot Run Pill. The materials are: Gale Seed x3, Shape-up Herb x3, Ninja Pill x3. ALL these items are gathered throughout the adventure if you've collected items along the way. Return to Konohamaru with the material's to finish the request.

>>REWARD: 1,000 Ryo.

03. Find Lost Child:

- This request will start from a woman located in the bridge of the Hidden Leaf village. She's lost her child. To find the missing child, head to the Card Shop Nin-Nin. The child will be waiting right on front. Return to the distressed mother to complete the request.

>>REWARD: 1,000 Ryo / Oban x2.

04. Hide-and-seek Match:

- Konohamaru challenges you to a hide-and-seek match. Find him to win. His location is to the left of the Leaf Village Cafeteria, next to the Save point. He will have his back turned to you. Talk to him to complete the request.

>>REWARD: 1,000 Ryo / Top-Grade Toad Oil x2.

05. Hide-and-seek Revenge:

- Konohamaru lost to you in the last match, so he wants a revenge match. This time he will hide along with 3 people. Their locations are:
> Sai: Will be standing near the BBQ shop. He will not be hiding at all, so he's easy to find.
> Shino: At the entrance of the Hidden Leaf Village. He's behind the door to the left.
> Konohamaru: He will be standing across from the Ninja Tool Store before reaching the Hokage's room. He's to the right, easy to miss if not looking.

>>REWARD: 5,000 Ryo / Paralyzing Stinger x1.

REQUESTS ( 06, 07, 08, AND 09 )

Repay Debt 1-4:

Turn left of the flower shop in the Hidden Leaf Village down the path to find this troubled man. He needs you to help him get out of trouble by paying his debts. The required amount of money increases as you help him on each request. They go as 5,000 > 10,000 > 50,000 Ryo. After paying for him and completing the first 3 request, he will disappear from the village taking everyone's money. You must find him past the Tenchi bridge. He will confess to borrow money but for a good cause then he returns with you to the village to complete the final request.

>>REWARDS: (by request)
06. 0 Ryo / Crystal Ball x2
07. 0 Ryo / Miracle Ink x2
08. 0 Ryo / Bird Lime Tree Sap x2
09. 0 Ryo / Sealing Crystal x1.

REQUESTS: ( 10, 11, 12)

Collect Ninja Tools: 1, 2, and 3:

- The Ninja Tool Freak is located across the Ninja Tool Shop in the Hidden Leaf. Each request he will require you to show him a certain amount of Ninja Tools. Not only you must ordered them from the shop, you MUST buy them in order to complete the request. Follow the guide for this specific achievement on other solutions. Show them all to get the following rewards and complete this request.

10, 30,000 Ryo
11. 50,000 Ryo
12. 100,000 Ryo / Ninja Info Cards x1

13. Find Tonton's Pearls:

- This request is giving to you by Izumo and Kotetsu. They are located across from the shop Amaguiarama. Right side of the bridge. Each pearl is scattered across the Ninja world but can only be found when you have control of Naruto and must be done traveling by foot. Also, many areas do no unlock until the story is completed, so it is best to finish this request after the story. Buying Wrap scrolls from the General shop will help you travel between villages faster to ease the task.

>>REWARD: 0 Ryo / Ninja Cards Info x1.

14. Messenger Bird Hunt:

- This request is started in the communication tower of the Hidden Leaf Village. The tower is located east of the flower shop to the left. Follow the path all the way to the end until you reach the tower, find the ninja that gives you this request on top of this tower.
> To capture this bird, head to the training field. Once there, approach the bird by walking, slightly tilting the Analogstick to make your character walk. Better approach is from the rear. Press cn_B at the center to catch it. Return to the ninja to complete the request.

>>REWARD: 2,000 Ryo.

15. Make-Out Code:

- This task is given to you by Ebisu, who is infront of the Collection Store. He gives you 4 codes that point a specific place that you need to find each location. The codes and Locations are:
> Paper Code 1: "It lies close to the wall of heroes, at the base of many pillars". The location is right on top of the Hokage's roof. The stairs is right outside of the Hokage's room.
> Paper Code 2: "Words Sleep near where the vigil is kept on comings and goings". The location near the Amaguriama Store on the floor.
> Paper Code 3: "Beneath the high tower where communications weave". This location is right on top of the communication bird tower, east of the map.
> Paper Code 4: "O riddle solver, search the tree where practice makes perfect". The location is the training field but..
Upon Gathering all the codes, return to the man then he will ask you to meet him in the training field. You won't get treasure but you will fill this request.

>>REWARD": 3,000 Ryo / Deenergizing Seed x1.

16. The Adored One:

- In the training field, Sakura will ask you to show Midori your battle knowledge by sparing with Sakura. Win the match to complete this request.

>>REWARD: 3,000 Ryo / Armor Destroying Arrowhead x1.

17. Training with Lee:

- This request is located right before the training field. Lee asks you for a sparing match. Simple, defeat him to complete the request.

>>REWARD: 3,000 Ryo / Bursting Mushroom x 2.

REQUESTS: ( 18, 19, AND 20)

Spectacle Match 1, 2, and 3.

- This request is by the Show Promoter who is standing front of the Collection Shop in the Hidden Leaf. You must win all 3 fights in order to complete this request.
NOTE: Request 19 Might be located in the HIDDEN SAND VILLAGE instead of the Hidden Leaf but it is unconfirmed. Check both places.

18. 3,000 Ryo / Adamantine x2
19. 10,000 Ryo / Jade Mask x2
20. 30,000 Ryo / Gold Bracelet x2

21. Hunt for Favorite Pen:

- Lady Tsunade will give you this request on your way to the training field. She lost her favorite pen and you find it, but then you break it! so you must select the option to NOT tell her until you take it to the shop. Head back to the Hidden Leaf Village Ninja Tool Shop and the owner will tell you to get this 2 items:
>Well-made Pen Nib: Located right across from the Hidden Lead Cafeteria.
>Well-made Pen-Shaft: Located ontop of the communications bird tower.
>1,000 Ryo.
After gathering these items, return to the shop, get a new pen to find Tsunade outside of the shop. Complete the request after her conversation.

>>REWARD: 4,000 Ryo / Monster Power Rice x2.

22. Hot-blooded Training:

- Given to you by guy, outside of the training field. He asks you for a match. Or rather forces you. Beat him to complete this request.

>>REWARD: 4,000 Ryo / Dreaming Nut x1.

23. Team Training:

- Request is in the Training field. Ino and Choji are training and want you to take part of it. Defeat them and complete this request.

>>REWARD: 5,000 Ryo / Legendary Kunai x2

24. Promised Flower:

- On your way out of the Hidden Leaf Village, Sakura says Midori, your little fan has gone missing. To find her, head towards Uchiha Hideout and she will be on the way there. She talks with you and you return to the Hidden Leaf with your request completed.

>>REWARD: 5,000 Ryo / Gold Necklace x1

25. Karenbana:

- This request is given to you by Temari who is located in the Hidden Sand Village. She's talking to an older Gentlemen who doesn't give her the flower she wants. So in return, you promise to find the same flower for her. Talk to the man again and he will tell you the flower is located in an area with "Red Cliffs". Travel to the NOTHERN HIDEOUT by using a Wrap scroll, then head down 1 screen. The Flower will be right in front of the praying statues. However, Shikamaru and Choji say they want the flower for Ino. Defeat them, take the flower and complete this request.

>>REWARD: 5,000 Ryo / Bird Lime Amber

26. Ten Trials.

-Refer to the achievement guide as a solution for these trials. There are 10 battles which you must win, each one gets persistantly mode difficult. To obtain this request, you MUST first find all Ton-ton Pearls and Collect ALL cursed dolls. Then, an old guy will be standing where the Curse Doll Master was. He will tell you that each trial will take place on top of the Hokage's room. Complete all 10 to finish this request.

>>REWARD: 0 Ryo / Each individual fight gives it's own reward.

These are all the request, so, if I miss anything, or anyone has any questions about anything, feel free to leave them in the comments of message me personally. Also, please let me know if you downvote tell me why, because this guide took me a while to get all the information.

Happy Hunting!
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