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The Kid achievement in Super Meat Boy

The Kid

Find and unlock The Kid.

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How to unlock the The Kid achievement

  • JotaroRaidoJotaroRaido102,227
    23 Oct 2010 24 Oct 2010
    69 0 21
    This one is called "The Kid", and is awarded for unlocking The Kid from I Wanna Be The Guy. The warp zone is on 5-7 "The Fallen": It's on the right end of the stage, outside the second building, down near the bottom. You have to grab the first key, hoof it through the second building and out the window, then down to the warp before it closes.

    The warp zone itself contains, by the developers' own admission, three of the hardest stages in the game. Clear all three of them, and you have not only a cool 10g, but also one of the most useful characters in the game. ;)

    Here's a video of the warp zone (not mine), but be warned, the guy makes it look much easier than it really prepared for hundreds of deaths on these levels.

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    platinumpwnzor1st part is the only difficult one, and really only because the 2nd column going up requires very precise positioning on the back and forth wall jumps. Took less than 1 hour total, with about 50 min on the first part. The 2nd and 3rd part were easy since they are just testing your rhythm instead of precision jumping like on the 1st part.

    But overall, I thought this wasn't even as hard as the Skyscraper warp zone (5-1 warp.) After all, you get unlimited tries here, but only 3 lives per stage on non-character warp zones.
    Posted by platinumpwnzor on 07 Jun 16 at 05:08
    Czesio83second level and 3rd elevator cryi milon cheap dead and finaly pass to last up to the heavenlaughand dead on last spikeangryin this warp is one good thing, you have unlimite life not only 3 lives per level.
    Posted by Czesio83 on 09 Apr 17 at 19:48
    Devil Warr1orSo I just got this achievement..... I hate the developers of this game.

    It took me 45 minutes and about 400 attempts in total.

    1st level about 20 minutes and is the hardest for actual skill

    2nd level about 20 minutes as well, more about getting the timing down but torture nonetheless.

    3r level about 5 minutes and honestly, not that tough. Thumb started to be sore from double talking "A" button so much but finally got there.

    I'm average when it comes to gaming so I'd say if I can do it anyone can with enough patience. Having said that, this is the hardest achievement I think I've ever done. Good luck guys!!!
    Posted by Devil Warr1or on 06 Jun at 15:55
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  • demonWhistlerdemonWhistler232,345
    24 Oct 2010 25 Oct 2010
    31 0 3
    A tip regarding the run button. On the first stage you only need it for the larger jumps at the end. On the second stage you only need it for the big jump in the middle. But on the 3rd stage I used it all the time! It's easier to control without the run button so makes it a little easier imo.

    Don't know if this helps but on the second stage I found it good to use the elevator as a visual cue in regards to the spike for when to move. As the 2 middle ones are at the youtube video picture above before you play is a good place to run to the other side.
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    AlthaxYou don't have to use the run button at all on stage 1 or 2. I never touched it on those stages. On the third stage I had that right trigger (run) in a death grip the whole time though!
    Posted by Althax on 01 Nov 10 at 18:09
    bendominoThis is the best advice I've seen on completing these stages. While the run button is not needed for that first horizontal jump near the end, the extra distance makes clearing it much easier. The middle jump really does appear to require a running leap; I'd dispute that it's not necessary as the length appears to be too great, but perhaps it can be done with excellent timing. Still, why would you want to make the obstacles harder on yourself anyway?

    For the middle section of the third level, I found it easier to time my wall jump with the scrolling spike wall to outrun it entirely, but seeing how it's a relatively easy part anyway and an untimed stage, I'm sure many will be fine with just jumping over it same as the rest.
    Posted by bendomino on 09 Jul 11 at 13:04
    theimprovguyI figured this out on my own at some point, but yes, it makes a HUGE difference. Don't use run on stage 1 or 2, hold onto it for dear life in 3.
    Posted by theimprovguy on 17 Jun 16 at 20:30
  • MobblinMobblin47,364
    26 Oct 2010 26 Oct 2010
    19 0 2
    If you drop off the edge of a platform, you still have two jumps. On stage 1, I found it easier to drop off and then jump up to the left. At the end of the vertical walls, I jumped around that last column to the space against the wall before doing two jumps across the long row of spikes (the first jump being quite small so you miss the spikes above). I only used the run button for the very last double jump (being careful not to jump too high).

    The rest I completed very similarly to the video JotaroRaido posted. It took me hours! Good luck!!
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    WebChimp UKThanks alot, your tip for the last spike column about diving back to the left wall then going across the long run of spikes has helped me do the first level, now onto part two...

    Posted by WebChimp UK on 28 Oct 10 at 09:29
    i was going to post exactly what you said, about how you can double jump when dropping off... guess i'm not the only one who observes that stuff... i should have been quicker...
    well anyway good tips, positive vote from me.
    it only took me 1 hour and 20 mins, or somewhere around that.
    Posted by Metakingkirby on 28 Oct 10 at 22:33
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