17 Dec 20
17 Dec 20

All your Trace are belong to us achievement in Dead Space: Ignition

All your Trace are belong to us

Successfully complete all Trace Route hacks in any single player mode.

All your Trace are belong to us0
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How to unlock the All your Trace are belong to us achievement

  • JayourJayour909,965
    30 Oct 2010 08 Dec 2010
    12 0 0
    I personally found these the hardest of the mini-games, not so hard that I wanted to pull my hair out but certainly more aggravating than the other 2 types.

    Patience is key to the Trace Route games, sometimes you'll pull them off first time without the slightest bit of hassle, other times you'll find you're constantly bashing into walls or making other small mistakes which cost you the "race", however as there's no real consequence for losing, just keep at it and eventually you'll know the "track" well enough to know what to expect and the best places to deploy your power ups.

    Here are few tips you may find useful;
    • Try to make good use of the boost pads but don't overstretch yourself, as great as they are for getting a quick boost forward they're not essential, they're incredibly handy and a great asset
    • Use your power ups in "optimal" places, if you're going through a small gap, lay down the trap which will slow the enemies down, don't not use them but it's a good idea to have at least 2 of the boost power ups for the last stretch, just to help ensure victory!
    • The enemies are coded with an "elastic band" effect, which means even if you're a full minute ahead they'll just catch up faster, try not to get too annoyed by this because it also works for you in the same way, if you fall behind you'll catch up again!

    I've linked in some videos which break down the pathways and show you which mini-games you can expect to get on each path!

    * Credit to RoosterTeeth for the videos
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  • T0b3 ZEROT0b3 ZERO191,774
    15 Oct 2010 15 Oct 2010
    14 3 0
    This mode is considered the easiest of all three and I strongly agree. I didn't even fail once - at a total of 5 playthroughs.

    If you're having trouble, these tips might help:

    1. Always run over those boost surfaces, even if you'll run into something afterwards, it's still worth it.
    2. Don't bother using the A button, I didn't notice an advantage while using it, in fact it appears to slow you down even more than just scratching a wall a bit.
    3. When you've been outrunned by a white enemy, move on the white stripe they leave behind, this will give you a major speed boost, just like a slipstream.
    4. When you see green enemies directly behind you, always use the Y button.
    5. All other enemies can be taken care of with a barrier, which can be spawned by pressing the B button.
    6. The enemies will catch up to you and you can't do anything about it. Use that to your advantage - wait for an enclosed area and take care of all of them at once and use your B or Y button.
    7. Don't use up too much of your speed boost powerups, you might be outrunned a few seconds before reaching the exit.
    8. When you're using the A button, you will notice a wind-like wall which comes near you from the behind - don't let it touch you as it will instantly kill you.
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