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Fortress Absolute Victory achievement in Star Wars: Battle for Hoth (WP)

Fortress Absolute Victory

Complete all levels Fortress/Normal/Wipe Them Out

Fortress Absolute Victory0
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How to unlock the Fortress Absolute Victory achievement

  • Kenpachi97Kenpachi97
    11 Apr 2011 26 May 2011
    I was recently messaged about level 7 and 15

    A basic strategy for all levels is to create a switch path in which the enemy must back track through your units in order to go the other way. This is especially important for corporeal AT-ST units. You place a soldier unit to block the path. Sell and recreate in the other path etc.

    Level 7 - Start creating trenches in a zig-zag pattern filling causing the enemy to go up and then down. Fill these trenches with fully upgraded turret gunner units. At the rock that is in the center of the screen create your switch path at the top and bottom of the rock or have the switch path at the bottom of the rock and a path just before the opening in the two rocks to the right either should work. You can continue to line the path with more machine gunners. It is useful to also make some gunners air target priority for those tie fighters that come through. You may or may not need the x-wing station it is up to you on that one.

    Level 15 - Start by creating a trench along the bottom to force the bottom units to move left. This is also where the switch path is place a soldier unit under the rock to the right. Now build 3 fully upgraded ion cannons in a column to the right of the top enemy spawn point. Place trenches and soldier units in from of them for protection (the top one is on a rock so no trench). Now build two fully upgraded snow speeder and x-wing stations behind the ion cannon wall. Place a trench in the back from the top of the map running 1 space close to the rock where our soldier was placed. This is your switch path. Finally place one more fully upgraded ion cannon in the behind the trench in the middle for any enemies that get by. Note: it is extremely helpful to have all ion cannons on air priority since there are a lot of tie fighters present.

    For both levels the level should run smoothly til the end with the corporeal AT-ST units just keep causing them to walk back and forth between your units with the switch path and victory will be yours.
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    UnderkatThanks very much for posting this. Level 7 and 15 were the levels giving me the problems. I wasn't aware of the switch path strategy so when I tried level 7 it was a cake walk. Level 15 wasn't so easy as where you said have a column of 3 ion cannons above the trench at the bottom, I could only fit 2 but I improvised slightly and got there in the end :D Thanks again for helping me complete one of the most frustrating games ive ever played!
    Posted by Underkat on 30 May 11 at 08:38
    NJDuke007There is no way possible to put 3 ion cannons in a column where you say and put that trench at the bottom and still leave a path through. I get the general idea and all but you should fix that part.
    Posted by NJDuke007 on 20 Oct 11 at 19:28
    Cringer85just wanted to say that it's absolutely right, how Kenpachi writes it! you can and have to build all three ion cannons in a collumn. don't leave room between them, the switch path is to be build BEHIND your power wall consisting of the ion-cannons, x-wing and snowspeeders. works perfectly, just read carefully what he writes - to leave one space open in your L-trench from top right to left-down! Thanks!
    Posted by Cringer85 on 20 May 12 at 22:29
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