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You Run Barter Town achievement in Fallout: New Vegas

You Run Barter Town

Sell 10,000 caps worth of goods.

You Run Barter Town0
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How to unlock the You Run Barter Town achievement

  • Dumb M0nk3yzDumb M0nk3yz126,915
    30 Oct 2010 30 Oct 2010 21 Dec 2010
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    You can also get this if you gather 10,000 caps worth of stuff TOTAL in your inventory. Then go to the Gun Runners (near Freeside), and save the game. Sell EVERYTHING in your inventory to the vendor, and once you get the achievement, reload the save.

    *Note* I believe that you are initially only capable of selling 8000 caps worth of stuff to the vendor, since he only has 8000 caps. So, all you have to do is buy back some of your sold items (or his items, it doesn't really matter), and sell them once again to the vendor until you see the achievement pop up. Thanks to Vinicius Menti for pointing that out.

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    ZildingI'm not entirely sure this achievement is just about selling -- I think buying adds to your total too. I had the achievement pop when I was only buying some stuff in the transaction.
    Posted by Zilding on 25 Aug 11 at 06:03
    CASCADIAN1*glitched* I just sold 6 snow globes to Jane and then fast travelled to Gun Runners to buy weapon mods for the weapon mods achievement. When I bought 4 mods (valued at about $5,000) from the robot this cheev popped. I was like wtf.
    Posted by CASCADIAN1 on 11 Dec 11 at 12:50
    LockieYeah, buying does count for this. It just popped for me when I bought Gehenna at Gun Runners for around 14,000 caps.
    Posted by Lockie on 31 Oct 15 at 01:42
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  • WidestSunilWidestSunil165,260
    24 Oct 2010 29 Oct 2010 29 Oct 2010
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    I recommend you use the old Fallout 3 Repairing Trick. Boost your repair skill early (which is always wise) and repair and sell weapons for high gains. The Jury Rigging perk can help repair expensive weapons with inexpensive weapons, maxing cap gains.

    At the beginning of a game Tag the Repair skill and as you level pour skill points into Repair to get it to 90 ASAP. I suggest raising Intelligence to 7 at Character Creation and racing to New Vegas at the beginning (avoid sidequests, do main questline) to get to the New Vegas Medical Centre and purchase another Intelligence point implant at low level (giving 1 extra skill point at levels). Be sure to collect snowglobes on the way, the ones at Goodsprings, Lucky 38 Casino, Vault 21 and Old Mormon Fort are easy to get, and give them to Jane in Lucky 38 for 2000 caps each (these do not contribute to the achievement). The Comprehension perk can also help to temporarily add 20 points of skill for Repair and Bartering with their respective magazines (and many other things too). Try to get the Bartering skill to at least 50 as you level also.

    Collect the following weapons on your travels and keep them in a safehouse until you reach level 14:

    .44 Magnum Revolver (2500)
    10mm Pistol (750)
    Hunting Revolver (3500)
    9mm SMG (850)
    10mm SMG (2370)
    Sawed Off Shotgun (1950)
    Laser RCW (2150)
    Laser Rifle (800)
    Plasma Rifle (1300)
    Incinerator (1300)
    Rebar Club (500)
    Combat Knife (500)
    Super Sledge (3000+)

    The prices indicated in brackets are when these weapons are near 100% condition. These weapons are not too rare and many can be found on Humanoid enemies like Powder Gangers, Super Mutants and the various "Raider" gangs. Vault 3 can be a very good place to horde some of these weapons. They are also middle range weapons (there are better versions) so you shouldn't miss them if you sell them. Also collect every other weapon you can find to use with Jury Rigging.

    Whenever you collect one of the above weapons NEVER use one to repair itself (i.e. don't use a 10mm Pistol to repair another 10mm Pistol). When you reach level 14 take the Jury Rigging perk (need Repair 90). At this point you can use other weaker and less expensive weapons to repair these weapons you have collected (e.g. 9mm Pistol can repair a 10mm Pistol/9mm SMG/10mm SMG or the .44 Magnum). This will max the caps gains you can make when you sell.

    You can maximise a sale by wearing the Roving Trader Hat and Clothing (+5 to Barter with each = +10 Barter overall) and reading a Salesman Weekly magazine beforehand (+20 w/Comprehension). Always sell in bulk to conserve magazines.

    If you want to keep one of the above weapons for yourself do so (I usually collect Unique weapons for use). Don't bother to apply mods to things you will sell.

    I use Victors Shack in Goodsprings to stash gear as it has everything you need inside and nearby too. Up to level 14 sell Aid and Misc. items you know you won't use and that ideally has a value/weight ratio of 10+ caps.

    You can also apply this method to armour, but the gains aren't as large and armour does tend to wear out on a PC quickly. It is better to save armour for repairing armour you use with Jury Rigging throughout the game.
  • SaintsRecruitSaintsRecruit54,023
    07 Mar 2011 14 Mar 2011
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    This achievement really doesn't require any special trick. In my first run-through i had this achievement by the time i got to i-118 and by the time i was ready to pick a side in the war i had 200,000+ caps. Just get a companion early on to help with scavaging/carrying crap. Boone and ED-E are pretty easy to attain early each comes with roughly 210 lbs worth of storage. pick up even junk like tin cans. If you find better stuff later and before you can sell it just drop the cheap junk and pick up more expensive weapons, etc. It might seem like a waste to sell garbage at .7 per unit but it quickly adds up and if your not at capacity your just wasting free storage room.
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