Hack the Mojave achievement in Fallout: New Vegas

Hack the Mojave

Hack 25 terminals.

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How to unlock the Hack the Mojave achievement

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    Here is a list of about 35-40 terminals you can hack for the achievement. There are more but not nearly as many as in fallout 3. I'm guessing its maybe around 50 total terminals.

    Some of these require a high science level and I think 2 of them require 100 on lockpicking to open the door to the terminals. Both of those skills at 100 are recommended for the story anyway so I'd make sure you have those both at 100 before even hitting all these places :

    Goodsprings - Bar
    Goodsprings - School
    Primm - Bison Hotel
    Sunset Sarsaprilla Factory - (2) inside the building
    Crimson Caravan - Main office building
    Camp Golf - (2) in the resort house 1st floor
    Black Mountain - (2) in the main radio tower part & (1) in the prison building.
    Reppcon HQ - (3) on the 1st floor, (3) on the 2nd floor & (1) on the third floor. I found a total of (7) in this building.
    Camp Searchlight - (4) are located on the 4 turret placements in the main city. This camps location is near the bottom of the map towards the center. There is radiation in the area as well so have some Rad-X or Rad-Away handy while your roaming through the place.
    NCR Headquarters on the vegas strip (3 Total) - (1) in the Military police HQ & (2) in the NCR Embassy
    Helios One (1)
    Vault 3 - Living Quarters (2)
    Brotherhood of Steel Hidden Valley Bunkers (2)
    Hoover Dam (1)
    Vault 21 (1)

    There are more terminals but you only need 25 so pick & choose what ones you want to do from the list above. There are a few that you can find while doing quests so you may not need to hit some of these locations I listed above. Be warned that the NCR will basically hate you after hacking the terminals at the embassy so a fight will ensue more then likely. You may also piss off other factions on some of these terminal hacks as well so a suggestion is to do these towards the end of the game. When your about the make the choice for the different faction achievements you can just make a spare save and just fast travel to most of these locations and hack the terminals then go back and reload that save once you've gotten the terminal hacking achievement.

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    Games MasterThere are actually five turrets with five terminals in camp searchlight... Thanks for the guide btw!
    Posted by Games Master on 11 Feb 13 at 01:41
    HolyHalfDeadJust wanted to add that if you fail the hack (or unlock it with a password), you can't hack it again. There is a perk you can take that allows you to go back and hack it again, but if you fail that you are truely stuck. This means if you fail to hack too many terminals there won't be enough left to get the achievement, hence the Missable flag.
    Posted by HolyHalfDead on 14 Nov 15 at 00:29
    Turtle EyesJust a note, you can press B while on the last hacking attempt on a computer and then select the terminal again and it will have reset the hacking attempt. I've done this on Fallout 3, New Vegas, and 4 and have never wasted my perks on the one that lets you gain access again using this method.
    Posted by Turtle Eyes on 18 Jul 20 at 02:31
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    You have to complete the hacking minigame 25 time to unlock this.

    If you're having a hard time solving the password, use this solver to compute the correct password:


    There are not nearly as many terminals in the game as there were in Fallout 3 and the vast majority seem to be scattered throughout buildings.

    Some terminal locations, taken from a forum on x360a:

    Vault 11 - 2 (1 easy, 1 hard)
    Camp Golf - 2 (1 easy, 1 hard)
    Goodsprings- Schoolhouse and Prospector Saloon
    Primm- The Bison Steve Hotel
    Sunset Sarsaparilla Headquarters- Theres about 3 or 4 in there.
    NCR Embassy on The Strip- 2 in there, 1 in the building on opposite side
    Crimson Caravan Company- I believe there's one in main office
    Black Mountain- two in the bottom level of the radio station, 1 is in the prison building but its a very hard lock
    REPPCON HQ- 3 on first floor, one is very hard. second floor has two, one is behind a locked door, top floor has two, one is very hard.
    Hidden Valley Bunker- at least three or four in there.
    Helios One- One in the solar collection tower
    Vault 3- At least 4 or 5 scattered around the various levels
    Camp Searchlight- 4 or 5 located around the friendly turrets. One is a very hard lock.

    The following skill books will help you boost your Science skill if it is lower:

    Brewer's Beer Bootlegging: In the basement of the shack, on the table with the vial experiment, opposite the still.

    REPCONN Headquarters: Inside the headquarters, on a shelf inside the Gift Shop storeroom, near the Rocket Souvenirs.

    Nipton: On the mayor's desk, top floor of the Town Hall, next to the Programmer's Digest magazine.

    Camp Forlorn Hope: Inside Major Polatli's tent, in the far right corner, on a desk.

    Having 100 science will make the hacking of easier terminals quicker, as less options will be present, and will allow the hacking of Very Hard terminals.

    You can check your progress in the Pip-Boy by going to the Misc section of the Data area, then hitting Y to view the challenges, then moving the the Other Challenges page. The pertaining challenge is called Healthy Glow.
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    Full Primaladded some locations
    Posted by Full Primal on 05 Nov 10 at 22:41
    MissFuchsiaFireThat terminal solver is extremely amusing. Thanks for adding that! XD
    Posted by MissFuchsiaFire on 20 Nov 10 at 05:46
    Railer wKaI don't think the one in Nipton's Mayor's desk needs to be hacked :-(
    Posted by Railer wKa on 04 Jan 11 at 04:02
  • AllChristopheAllChristophe413,616
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    If you have Old World Blues, go to X-8 Research Center and take one of the test. During the test you will come across two locked terminals. Hack both and then complete the test. Return to the room where you select which test to take and retake the same test. You will discover that the previous terminals are lock again. Just rinse and repeat until you have the achievement.
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    Fuzzy Bear HugsFor anyone going back to 100% this classic game, I can confirm that as of May 28th, 2015, this method is still viable.
    Posted by Fuzzy Bear Hugs on 29 May 15 at 01:57
    S4v4geL3g3nd007Still working June 2018!
    Posted by S4v4geL3g3nd007 on 19 Jun 18 at 11:54
    ZyphorionIt's a good idea - but this is definitely not one you can do without quality gear. You have to kill a lot of enemies - that also respawn when the terminals do. Majority of terminals in the wasteland do not require battles. Really depends at what point in the game you are aiming for this (i.e. if it comes up in UHH). Early on, just do the speech, XP glitch at Camp McCarren so that you can get to 100 science.
    Posted by Zyphorion on 19 Oct 18 at 16:14
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