Artful Pocketer achievement in Fallout: New Vegas

Artful Pocketer

Pick 50 pockets.

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How to unlock the Artful Pocketer achievement

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    The shop keep in the Vault 21 has some bubblegum that for some reason doesn't get removed when you pickpocket her. Wait until she is leaning against the wall near the counter, hide partially behind it with a stealthboy on and then pick her pocket when it says hidden. Do that about 2-3 times, save the game and repeat. She'll catch you sometimes so just reload the save if she does. Took me 10 mins. You'll need to back out of the picketpocket screen manually each time you attempt to take the bubblegum if she doesn't catch you.

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    Void AstraI got the Achievement using this method but I waited until she took seat on one of the two chairs, if you fail and reload the save fast enough, she'll remain seated and you'll be able to steal the bubblegum again. Make sure to save every time you successfully steal from her.
    Posted by Void Astra on 01 Feb at 13:50
    GrassyTwoI found that all the gamblers down in vault 21 have the same glitch as the shopkeeper. So if you screw that up or dont want to keep saving go down into the vault and pickpocket everyone before they turn hostile.
    Posted by GrassyTwo on 13 Aug at 04:44
    BigzDigI just went to camp mccarren and pickpocket two items from each ncr soldier🤷‍♂️
    Posted by BigzDig on 24 Nov at 11:17
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    Another option I found extremely helpful, was using the same location, Vault 21 to pickpocket the bubble gum like others. Except I did it a little different. I only had a sneak on 64, and even using the stealth boy, I still was getting caught, no matter if she was sitting or leaning against the wall. Heres what I did.

    Get behind her and pick pocket the bubble gum. If successful press select to wait an hour. This will also "autosave" your progress. If you dont return to her inventory screen, meaning shes catches you, press "start" and reload the auto save. Rinse and repeat until the achievement pops.

    I found this way much faster plus as a bonus you wont lose and successful pickpockets by only saving after every 2or3.
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    CAWZYThis worked like a charm. I had about 4 luck and no stealth boy. I had very little times where she caught me. I agree with the others, do it when she is sitting down. Thanks for the tip!!
    Posted by CAWZY on 18 Jan 13 at 13:57
    Warboy925Finally got it, thank gosh! Girl was trying to piss me off by leaning against the wall when I only had 5 left...+1 from me!
    Posted by Warboy925 on 18 Mar 16 at 01:45
    LockieGood tip with the autosave! Much less hassle. I'm surprised she could still catch me despite me having 10 Luck, 100 sneak and wearing the stealth suit. With my stats I did the wait autosave every 5 bubblegums.
    Posted by Lockie on 26 Apr 16 at 01:58
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    You need to go to Vault 21 Hotel Gift Shop located at the end of the strip on New Vegas. It would be easier if you had a stealth boy. One isn't used in the video. What you do is find a girl named Sarah in the gift shop. In her pocket is some bubblegum that never goes away. Pick her pocket for the bubblegum, it won't leave her inventory, and it won't be added to you inventory, but it still counts. Manually leave the pickpocket screen, and save if it's successful. If you get caught, just load your save and try again. Keep doing this till you get the Artful Pocketer Achievement! :) Good luck!
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    WTG x RoCK STaRWhere's the video?
    Posted by WTG x RoCK STaR on 30 Mar 19 at 23:26
    HoffmanTheir achievements were removed from the site (accused of being a cheater) so they may have taken their video down, or it was removed from the site.
    Posted by Hoffman on 04 Apr 19 at 07:29
    Gus LivinlautWorked for me, cheers!

    - July 15, 2020
    Posted by Gus Livinlaut on 15 Jul 20 at 20:56
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