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Artful Pocketer

Pick 50 pockets.

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Achievement Guide for Artful Pocketer

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    The shop keep in the Vault 21 has some bubblegum that for some reason doesn't get removed when you pickpocket her. Wait until she is leaning against the wall near the counter, hide partially behind it with a stealthboy on and then pick her pocket when it says hidden. Do that about 2-3 times, save the game and repeat. She'll catch you sometimes so just reload the save if she does. Took me 10 mins. You'll need to back out of the picketpocket screen manually each time you attempt to take the bubblegum if she doesn't catch you.
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    Another option I found extremely helpful, was using the same location, Vault 21 to pickpocket the bubble gum like others. Except I did it a little different. I only had a sneak on 64, and even using the stealth boy, I still was getting caught, no matter if she was sitting or leaning against the wall. Heres what I did.

    Get behind her and pick pocket the bubble gum. If successful press select to wait an hour. This will also "autosave" your progress. If you dont return to her inventory screen, meaning shes catches you, press "start" and reload the auto save. Rinse and repeat until the achievement pops.

    I found this way much faster plus as a bonus you wont lose and successful pickpockets by only saving after every 2or3.
  • ricky horrorricky horrorThis gamer has had their achievements removed from the site
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    You need to go to Vault 21 Hotel Gift Shop located at the end of the strip on New Vegas. It would be easier if you had a stealth boy. One isn't used in the video. What you do is find a girl named Sarah in the gift shop. In her pocket is some bubblegum that never goes away. Pick her pocket for the bubblegum, it won't leave her inventory, and it won't be added to you inventory, but it still counts. Manually leave the pickpocket screen, and save if it's successful. If you get caught, just load your save and try again. Keep doing this till you get the Artful Pocketer Achievement! :) Good luck!
  • Railer wKaRailer wKa72,998
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    I'd say your best lifeline for getting this achievement is to have a slew of Stealth Boys on hand. Even with relatively low Sneak skill, a Stealth Boy is invaluable to have towards racking up your pickpocketing total. Stealth Boys can be hard to find in the Mojave Wasteland, but this entry on the Fallout Wiki should help tons: http://fallout.wikia.com/wiki/Stealth_Boy_(Fallout:_New_Vega...).

    After acquiring Stealth Boys, you need to get to some populated areas in order to rack up as many pickpockets as you can before the Stealth Boy wears off. Best bets are to go to the casinos on the New Vegas strip, or to other places such as the Great Khan Encampment or towns such as Novac or Primm.

    Last word of advice is to have Lily as a companion, for the "Stealth Girl" perk doubles the duration of Stealth Boys.
  • Asgaardian TyrAsgaardian Tyr209,437
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    Just as some people have stated that you can repeatedly pickpocket bubblegum off of the shop keep in the Vault 21 gift store infinitely, there are several travelers in the actual vault.

    Right down the second staricase there should be two groups of three talking amongst themselves, with high sneak or a stealth boy you can repeatedly move back and forth between them, saving after every group or two. Like the shop owner their items never disappear from their inventory so you can keep stealing from them until you get the achievement.

    Just be careful to save often, being caught will result in the entire group becoming hostile upon detection.
  • Plinking22Plinking22221,981
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    this worked for me:
    1) Go to Novac.
    2) Go to the mouth of the dinosaur and find Manny Vargas. You may have to wait a while.
    3) Pickpocket ammo from him one at a time until you have Artful Pocketer.
    This will not be so easy if you do not have at least one, preferably two, of the following:
    1) A high Sneak skill
    2) A Stealth Boy
    3) Autosave on travel (this is the default. Unless you have changed it, it's on.)
    Every few pickpockets, enter the door behind you to autosave. Then, if you get caught pickpocketing, let him kill you. It will reload from your autosave and you can continue with almost no inconvenience. If you have a companion with you, make sure there's no chance of them killing Manny. You can just have them wait in front of the store.
    To ensure your pickpockets count, you can wait for the words "You've lost Karma!" to appear without gaining infamy or just check in your Pip-Boy
    Thanks to Cyberwaste138 & RandomGameCrap
  • DiasdeGalvanDiasdeGalvan46,022
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    In the New Vegas Strip you can pickpocket Walter Phebus an unlimited number of times provided you are not caught. The way to get the achievement is to save the game while you're hidden next to him. Use a stealth boy you'll need to have at least two, Pickpocket him save every time you are successful and when you get caught just load up your last save rinse and repeat.

    Walter Phebus is located in the New Vegas Strip sitting on a concrete bench next to the LV8 building. Building has a Lucky 38 billboard sign right next to it.

    You might want to save it twice once for loading back when you fail a pickpocket attempt another for once you get the achievement load up that second save when you didn't have all that bad karma for pick-pocketing.
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